World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 982
„Is this thing a person?” Shen Xiang surprised stands, then looked at this giant stone chamber, discovered that has a crystal box in the middle, box inside has stele together, that stele looked like obtained exactly the same of Earth Slaughtering Technique with initially him! „It is not, is Evil Spirit, should be the spirit that Lightning Lake breeds, because the accumulated grievances are too many, becomes Evil Spirit, this Evil Spirit frequently appears in many Danger Zone!” Bai Youyou said. This Evil Spirit strength is very strong, was only the fist wind hit to fly a moment ago Shen Xiang, he saw Shen Xiang to stand, exuded one to roar, turns into a lightning to clash toward Shen Xiang, that terrifying speed was hitting in this stone chamber the air/Qi of strong lightning, aroused thunder cry. Bang! Shen Xiang that just stood fought with the fists by that Evil Spirit, heavily flew to hit on rock wall, his chest was braving black Qi, black Qi sent out faint trace the sound, lightning glow sparkled. Evil Spirit had just given a Shen Xiang thunder fist, turns into a lightning, attacks toward Shen Xiang. Wicked livestock!” Shen Xiang hastily avoids with Earth Shrinking Step, however this Evil Spirit maliciously has pounded a fist on rock wall, wild strength makes this stone chamber shiver. This stone chamber is not simple, did not have any fissure by such a Evil Spirit attack frequently, is really hiding the Heaven Slaughtering Technique place. Shen Xiang determined in that crystal box is Heaven Slaughtering Technique, if must obtain Heaven Slaughtering Technique, first has killed this Evil Spirit. Evil Spirit sees Shen Xiang to shunt, is angrier, turns around to attack toward Shen Xiang. „!” Shen Xiang sees Evil Spirit to come to the fist to him, he does not have avoids again, Dragon Force wells up from the body, attacks on the fist, full is being the fist of wool meets the approaching enemy to that Evil Spirit.

Two fists bump into violently, the strength wave shakes, explodes an explosive, Shen Xiang and Evil Spirit is shaken by that strength flies, hits on rock wall in pairs. The Evil Spirit rave, whole body glittering purple evil looking lightning glow, body unexpectedly suddenly is inflating, that black muscle becomes fiercer, above is also exploding blue veins, then clashes at a quicker speed! Does not have the time and you make!” Shen Xiang chest a golden light dodges, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal suddenly flies, boundless Suppressing Devil Holy Power pours into Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, making this Sacred Seal very huge, is similar to a cauldron, prints the mouth to fly to that to Evil Spirit that comes. Evil Spirit just must move Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, that town character suddenly dodges, flies to shoot from Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, that sends out golden pure and holy town character is similar to a standing net, covers on the body of that Evil Spirit. Evil Spirit was pressed by "Suppress (镇)" character of that illumination on the body, was similar to is suppressed by formation, mounts on rock wall, how regardless of he struggled, is unable to work loose. Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal that town character crystallization that but the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable lifetime studies, although is only a character, but is similar to contains a world, Shen Xiang or the first time are used to attack, moreover takes away his many strength, at this time he has almost not come to a stop! Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal becomes the fist is so big, was held by him in the palm. Good fierce thing, this thing copes with Demon and Devil, is equally matched with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is really one generation of Heavenly Venerate, this and other fierce things, gives up to give others.” On the Shen Xiang face full is the awe looks at that Sacred Seal. That Evil Spirit had been blown, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal releases town seal as if can suppress all Demon and Devil, that Evil Spirit has struggled all of a sudden, the body starts by that town character imprisonment stubbornly, cannot use strength. Shen Xiang relaxed, hastily controls one's breathing to restore strength, then grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, cuts to kill this Evil Spirit! This fellow refined into pill, although looks like not delicious, but I want to taste.” Long Xueyi said.

This Evil Spirit is so formidable, is used for alchemy to be truly good, Shen Xiang displays Heaven Refining Technique immediately, built up this Evil Spirit. Previous that Illusory Ghost Eagle makes Shen Xiang feel this pill's strength, this stage, compared with eating pill of these herbs refinements must be effective. But this time built up Evil Spirit, the progress is not that smooth, this Evil Spirit is wild lightning turns into, pill who wants refined into one grain to eat is very difficult. Finally he can only give up, changes to refines pill who Heavenly Lightning Dan that type can attack, compresses together Evil Spirit within the body wild lightning strength, when concentrates a grain of pill, the fight throws the detonation, can have very formidable might. This for him is very simple, because does not eat to the person, is very good to refine, can eliminate many steps. Quite a while the time, he builds up grain of gray pill pellet, he fills to destroy lightning strength pill to name as Evil Spirit Burst this grain of belt. Has not thought that Heaven Slaughtering Technique really here, is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens hides personally here?” Shen Xiang fights with the fists in that crystal box, but was actually rebounded by strength, shook him to spit a blood. Idiot, if casual can be broken by you, that Evil Spirit already took.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. I think that I have practiced Earth Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique can attain with ease!” The Shen Xiang undying heart, put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, jump in the past, to that crystal box was being a blade. The explosive of bang! The Divine Blade fierce shake, that buzz the whining noise turns into low and deep dragon roar, but that crystal box actually still perfect, does not have including the trace.

The storm is not good, he has to come softly, emits Divine Power, seeps that crystal box, is reading that stele inside thing, just moved stele in his Divine Power, stele has a white light on fierce glittering, breaks that crystal box! Is so easy!” Shen Xiang somewhat is actually accidental, he uses the hand to stroke on stele these ancient and tiny writing, then starts to shift in his mind stele inside thing. After completing all these, Shen Xiang said with a smile: Really is Heaven Slaughtering Technique, so long as I collect Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, I cultivated to be able twice the result with half the effort, although can also practice alone, but actually cannot finish thoroughly.” Knows how to leave here?” Bai Youyou asked. Relax Sister Youyou, I can leave here now!” Shen Xiang walks into the center of stone chamber, emits Divine Power, stone chamber center glittering a white light, then he appeared on Lightning Lake. In that Heaven Slaughtering Technique had saying that how that Lightning Lake did form?” The formation of Su Meiyao to that Lightning Lake is very curious. Has, that is the natural stars, but afterward by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens after the transformation, was used to deposit Heaven Slaughtering Technique, was discovered afterward possibly, but these people cannot go, so long as makes a barrier seal, has that counter chaotic space.” Shen Xiang said. At this time the sky is dim, the dark cloud is billowing, the evil aura is steaming, between Heaven and Earth full is evil looking murderous aura, he frowns saying: This what's the matter? How were these evil auras same as that day Devil Monarch king?”