World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 983
Sees Duan Chong and Yun Xiaodao they not in Lightning Lake, Shen Xiang is worried that at this time this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory occurred so changed, understood at a glance was these Purgatory Heavenly Devil appears. Shen Xiang with remembering, flies toward the city that loose cultivator establishes, when he arrives there matter, the city turned into stretch of ruins, everywhere the corpse, these corpses are some grotesque black giant beasts, does not have the corpse of humanity. Over ten thousand corpses, are these these Heavenly Devil?” Shen Xiang stands in the upper air, raises arm, the palm is upward, sees only airborne presents a white cyclone, the Heavenly Devil corpse of ground is covered by pale white light glow, afterward walnut white stones float from these Heavenly Devil corpses, flies into completely airborne, emerges in white cyclone that Shen Xiang releases, Shen Xiang contains the stone of rich energy to fuse together these over ten thousand, will melt a refined into granulose pill. This is not Heaven Refining Technique, is only the energy storage stones of these Heavenly Devil within the body same, he slightly reduces to smelt simply. He that grain of Dantun entrance , the boundless pure energy in his within the body shunt, by revolution Fire God Art, being made the dantian turn into Blazing Dantian, these energy more further smeltings, turns into True Qi, emerges in five beast image, concentrates true element grains! These Heavenly Devil are really the good things, if can kill were good, perhaps I can cross the Nirvana three tribulations in this inside!” Shen Xiang said pleasantly surprised that in this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory has rich Spirit Qi and massive crystal stones mineral lode, these Heavenly Devil turn into through these energies obviously, but they display in pure strength in within the body through evil art condense, will make them is evil the evil aura. Shen Xiang following some remaining aura, gets down finally, he discovered that here Heavenly Devil has, if can find one crowd, he possibly like was also concise a grain of pill to eat a moment ago! Across big mountain scene, Shen Xiang heard the intermittent gloomy beast roar . Moreover the ground is shivering slightly, he displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, sees only the distant place to know how things stand the grotesque ominous beast that a hundred thousand size varies, is pursuing ten charming moving females, understood at a glance that is Bewitching Sound Paradise's Little Fairy. That crowd of Heavenly Devil are very wild, prevents after their front mountains were passed by them, will be razed, moreover their speed is also quick, chase stubbornly in that more than ten spirits, the strength of that several spirit is also good, was counted hundred thousand Heavenly Devil pursues to the end and hit hard at the same time by this, unexpectedly can also counter-attack, although can kill dozens Heavenly Devil each time, but does not have what function.

Another direction, broadcasts the sound of intermittent fierce struggle. Demon Empress in that side and a fierce Heavenly Devil fight!” Long Xueyi said. This Demon Empress may know the Bai Ziqian's news, I help her be common, perhaps she can tell me something.” Shen Xiang dashed toward that several spirits, in the air is treading Earth Shrinking Step, several sub- arrive at these spirits. Is Shen Xiang!” Has charming female tenderly shouted of snow Baihu fox tail, Shen Xiang suddenly appears, making them feel that is scarier than the Heavenly Devil army who behind that counts the hundred thousand terror. Fellow misses, I grow these Heavenly Devil not to be scary!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not need to be worried that I am help your!” Shen Xiang has been rumbling a fist to the upper air, golden light gushes out from his fist, vigorous Suppressing Devil Holy Power was released by him, float in upper air, afterward turns into mysterious complex circular large formation. large formation revolves, inside spirit pattern flicks, each time glittering devour all around Spirit Qi, making large formation release more terrorist Suppressing Devil Holy Power. Shen Xiang flies the large formation middle, lifts up high both hands, seems lifting that golden light shining large formation, he releases Suppressing Devil Holy Power in within the body, drinks one stuffily: Devil Subduing Heavenly Thunder Formation!” Golden large formation dodges, the lasing leaves golden crazy thunder, is similar to the sudden downpour chops dozen of treads generally, in the pā lā sound resounds one after another, golden lightning of crowded terror, is illuminating the dim sky, the billowing thunder cry sound shakes the earth, innumerable Heavenly Devil exude to whin in thunder cry.

Bewitching Sound Paradise that several spirits see this, is startled opens that beautiful pink lips, that wild golden lightning makes them feel the heart to tremble, frightens their beautiful face changing colors, they fear to that Suppressing Devil Holy Power. The trim earth was being flushed by crowded crazy thunder, below is similar to lightning Purgatory, leader Heavenly Devil whins to drop down, this counts hundred thousand Heavenly Devil to restrain Demon and Devil Suppressing Devil Holy Power as well as Suppressing Devil Qi Formation facing Shen Xiang that type specially, does not have the strength of resistance, was killed instantaneously. The Heavenly Devil army had been handled all of a sudden by Shen Xiang, the Heavenly Devil corpse of ground piles up, Shen Xiang with previous time is the same, uses formidable Divine Power, takes the energy storage stones of these Heavenly Devil within the body completely, concise becomes a grain of pill, swallows in the entrance! At this moment, Demon Empress rushes, she in the distant place knows that Shen Xiang arrived, that Suppressing Devil Holy Power only then Shen Xiang has, sees the Heavenly Devil corpse everywhere, in her heart relaxed, Shen Xiang not to their person fight. Demon Empress wears the simple green skirt, although she is somewhat distressed at this time, but looks like still that the simple and beautiful person, Shen Xiang heard that her main body is a blue lotus, the monster that the plant turns into is uncommon. Nearby this did not have Heavenly Devil, you a bit faster returned to Immortal's cave to go!” Demon Empress was saying to that several spirits. Is that fox awe of head looks at Shen Xiang, then with other spirit tender dī dī expressed gratitude after Shen Xiang departed. Really ungrateful, person who I have rescued your, didn't you ask me to go to your Immortal's cave to do?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, his whole body braves the pale white light fog at this time, he is building up hundred thousand Devil Yuan pill who just swallowed down. That is only our temporary refuge shelters, if we can or exit, you can come Bewitching Sound Paradise to be a guest at any time, we welcome certainly your.” Demon Empress looks at Shen Xiang with a limpid beautiful eye, at this time she to Shen Xiang not any vigilant.

This was you said that when the time comes do not catch up with me to walk that's alright.” Shen Xiang smiled. Naturally!” Demon Empress also shows amiable gentle smiling face: Many thanks you rescued our Bewitching Sound Paradise's Little Fairy a moment ago, I must guarantee that nearby our Immortal's cave does not have Heavenly Devil, therefore I have to go on patrol in this nearby.” Demon Empress, heard that you is a blue lotus turn, should you have a name?” Shen Xiang such asked that also wants to have a look at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou knows this Demon Empress. Demon Empress has gawked slightly, first time some people dare such to ask her name, but she and step repugnance, smiles to reply: Naturally has, I melt the turn into a human shape time is a little girl, at that time was a grandma gives shelter to me, I was surnamed Lu along with her, named Qinlian!” Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao suddenly calls out in alarm. Su Meiyao exclaims: Grandma surnamed Lu, this Demon Empress background is not small! Although we do not know her, but that grandma we recognize!”