World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 984
Bewitching Sound Paradise can be said as a Heaven Demon World very young influence, but actually at the height of power, actually is not only this crowd of spirits understands with the toxin, actually also has a very fierce character to support. In Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable that time, most lets the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable headache is a fellow surnamed Lu, it is said uses to be very fierce poisonously, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable is possible to restrain his toxin, founds Suppressing Devil divine art, can practice to be able Hundred Poisons Immunity Suppressing Devil Golden Body! Many years passed by, Suppressing Devil Temple also, person but who have Suppressing Devil Golden Body had not appeared, but appeared with poisonous very strong Lu Clan descendant, but also with the Suppressing Devil Temple public dispute, defeat Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master!” That Lu Clan descendant is a grandma, adopts Lu Qinlian that grandma to be Lu Clan descendant without doubt! My elder sister had sought for her many years, finally probably had found, what happened as for them, I was unknown.” Bai Youyou said. Sees Shen Xiang not to speak, Lu Qinlian said: „Are you exercising martial arts?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Um, Senior Lu, I want to ask your matter.” Lu Qinlian smiles lightly: „!” „Have you heard Bai Ziqian in Heaven World? Has her recent news?” Shen Xiang this is asks for Bai Youyou. Hears the Bai Ziqian's name, the Lu Qinlian complexion changed, bringing jade face suddenly of gentle smiling face to become very serious: Has heard, Legend she died 100,000 years ago, but suddenly appeared in Heaven World a while ago! I had bumped surface with her, the original that time important contract was good to dispute one time, but just met with her, came troop expert, was chases down her!” What? What matter has she handled? Was unexpectedly chased down?” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly has not the good premonition. She used Devil Decaying Death Qi to kill Heaven World's Immortal King, as well as that Immortal King many formidable and famous subordinates, almost extinguished strong presence on a Immortal World!” Speaking of Devil Decaying Death Qi, Lu Qinlian was staring at Shen Xiang, she knows that Shen Xiang filled under Devil Decaying Death Qi Demon and Devil heavenly pit to walk from that.

The Shen Xiang brow wrinkles tightly, Lu Qinlian Bai Ziqian has had an accident, he guessed correctly that is this result, because Bai Ziqian also had done long ago, but was compelled to Devil Decaying Death Qi hand over at that time. He suspected when Bai Ziqian initially left from One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain immediately had not returned to Heavenly Devil World, but went to Demon and Devil heavenly pit, has gotten so far as Devil Decaying Death Qi below! You have stayed under Demon and Devil heavenly pit right? Even if I and Bai Ziqian is not possibly able to stay below is so long!” Lu Qinlian sighed slightly: Wants with the toxin, nobody does not want to control Devil Decaying Death Qi, if I am Bai Ziqian, meets Devil Decaying Death Qi, will not let off absolutely! But now Demon and Devil heavenly pit Devil Decaying Death Qi is too heavy, is unable to approach including me!” Um!” Shen Xiang knows that this matter is not secret, initially witnessed that all these people have many, the time is long, naturally will divulge a secret. In Lu Qinlian beautiful eyes flashes through wipes excitedly , to continue to ask: You practice Suppressing Devil Holy Power, thinks that is obtained Suppressing Devil divine art, I had heard, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable can practice the true Hundred Poisons Immunity physique, relies on Suppressing Devil divine art, you!” „Do you want to make me help you make Devil Decaying Death Qi?” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, does not have the direct reaction Lu Qinlian issue. Lu Qinlian looked at all around, slight bow, whispered: Must have the repayment!” What has to repay?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: This is matter of unusual risk, if were known, our two both must flee far-away place!” You are the alchemy master, thinks you should the clear Sacred Lotus Seed value!” Lu Qinlian is not worried about the consequence, beautiful eyes glittering azure glow, is looking like is similar to two grains of illumination azure lotus seed.

Is main herbs, takes!” main herbs that Su Meiyao excitedly said, she said that is the refinement can let her and Bai Youyou restores the peak strength pills. I am words that the blue lotus turns into, I can congeal grain of Sacred Lotus Seed every 10,000 years, I currently have, therefore you do not need to worry that I will repudiate a debt.” Lu Qinlian looks at a direction, Yuemei micro pressed, said: Comes with me, some people are coming toward here.” Sacred Lotus Seed is Sacred Level herbs, is precious, Lotus Flower that only then becomes a ghost can form, she said not false!” Su Meiyao said excitedly: Has not thought that such quickly gathered main herbs!” Shen Xiang arrives at a charming glen with Lu Qinlian, here the log cabin, obviously is the place that Lu Qinlian comes to frequently, she entertains Shen Xiang to sit down, pours tea to pour water to Shen Xiang, then puts out grain of glittering from the wing celtis mouth azure light lotus seed! Shen Xiang looks that Sacred Lotus Seed is in a daze, is only by the azure light illumination of that pure and holy, his whole body is comfortable, moreover that grain that before ate up with counting hundred thousand Heavenly Devil refined into pill also accelerated to build up to melt. Quite fragrant!” The Shen Xiang's nose wrinkled, happily said with a smile. On the Lu Qinlian face is having tenderly snorted one of the smile: This is Sacred Lotus Seed, if you practice Suppressing Devil Golden Body, Devil Decaying Death Qi how you! In the past gave shelter to my grandma attacks Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable with Devil Decaying Death Qi and many strange poison, but a Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable matter did not have, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable has not gotten rid, that grandma admitted defeat!” How many Devil Decaying Death Qi do you need?” Shen Xiang looks at Sacred Lotus Seed on Lu Qinlian jade palm, put out a hand to take in the past, but Lu Qinlian has not stopped, whatever Shen Xiang with held appreciatively in the hand. This is one grain specifically is used to store up the Devil Decaying Death Qi bead, that grandma gives me, she and I said that if there is an opportunity to obtain, leave alone any three realms issues a warrant for arrest surely, can take many many...... Can the words, you help me pack! Sacred Lotus Seed is your.” Before Lu Qinlian, had been worried Shen Xiang will extinguish her Bewitching Sound Paradise with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, therefore has certain hostility to Shen Xiang, several times must get rid to Shen Xiang, is good not to have, otherwise she also will lose now has the Devil Decaying Death Qi opportunity.

Now Lu Qinlian knows that with the Shen Xiang cooperation is a very happy matter. Shen Xiang received that grain of transparent bead, smiles lightly, releases Devil Decaying Death Qi to come, to pour into that grain of bead from the dantian. Devil Decaying Death Qi does not have the color not to have the smell, but after pouring into that grain of bead, that grain of bead actually suddenly sends out light light glow, understands at a glance this bead specially to store up the Devil Decaying Death Qi refinement. Lu Qinlian is startled unable to speak, simultaneously, seeing Shen Xiang such to do, she can certainly guess correctly that Shen Xiang stores up Devil Decaying Death Qi in within the body, if she gets rid to Shen Xiang rashly, perhaps will be killed with Devil Decaying Death Qi by Shen Xiang! Before many , the matter that could not convince, could convince now, for example Shen Xiang assassinated to suspend more than hundred expert in Pill City overnight, if he had Devil Decaying Death Qi, can convince!