World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 985
Lu Qinlian as Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress, with the poisonous master, fears her in some Heaven World many expert, if knew that she has Devil Decaying Death Qi this type of thing, these will hate her for a long time person definitely immediately to get rid, therefore Shen Xiang did not fear that she will leak this secret, they have knowledge of the secret of opposite party now, in invisible have been forming a contract. Your this bead holds really many!” Shen Xiang transported many Devil Decaying Death Qi to go, but in still thought also many spaces. Perhaps for many years, only then you dare the Devil Decaying Death Qi preserve in the body! Words that you use, is certainly careful, was discovered is not jokes, the people who even if looks like Bai Ziqian this strength must flee far-away place!” Lu Qinlian said. „Is Bai Ziqian very strong?” Shen Xiang hear of her tones, resemble Bai Ziqian her be much more formidable. Naturally is very strong, she is my Senior, she is missing for many years to reappear Heaven World, creates the stir of Immortal Devil monster Three Great Heavenly Worlds, but does not know why she must kill Immortal King with Devil Decaying Death Qi, after that she issued a warrant for arrest by Three Great Heavenly Worlds.” Lu Qinlian sighed lightly: Otherwise I can compare notes with her.” That is Immortal King very fierce?” Shen Xiang also asked that he guessed that Immortal King that Bai Ziqian killed should be related with Bai Youyou, Bai Ziqian and Bai Youyou were reconciled by Shen Xiang, although the two sisters for many years relationship have looked like are very desolate, but the affection of heart of hearts is truly deep. Naturally fierce, that is in immortal King, although I was called Demon Empress, is only because I use poisonously unparalleled, I and Immortal King also has the 1st Stage distance compared with the words of strength, otherwise Bai Ziqian will not use Devil Decaying Death Qi to kill this Immortal King.” Lu Qinlian looks at the bead of Shen Xiang palm, the ray of that bead is getting stronger and stronger, showed that Devil Decaying Death Qi are getting more and more. Why this is also Devil Decaying Death Qi by the reason that Nine Heavens and Ten Earths forbids, was too terrorist, Bai Ziqian should a little be also away from the Immortal King rank, but must kill that Immortal King very not to be easy, only then used Devil Decaying Death Qi!” Lu Qinlian extends the white hands, said: Has filled, this suffices me to use long time! Can one time get so far as these many, but also is not really easy!” Lu Qinlian was very happy, although Devil Decaying Death Qi taboo, but many Poison Master have taken, but had not been discovered that but is not each Poison Master has the opportunity to get so far as these many.

Shen Xiang also obtained that grain of Sacred Lotus Seed, this transaction also makes him very happy, he has not lost anything. Should not find time you!” Lu Qinlian receives that bead, Yanran said with a smile. Naturally does not have, even if has found time, I can also go to Demon and Devil heavenly pit there to pick, there inexhaustible!” Shen Xiang has hit one: You may probably be careful this Devil Decaying Death Qi, do not kill itself, although I do not fear this thing, but I see many people killed by this thing.” Lu Qinlian said with a smile tenderly: These people you kill, has not thought that you are also one with the poisonous master, no wonder does not fear me! Right, I listened to Gu Dongchen saying that your here also sold pills, the place that my Bewitching Sound Paradise was at had many rare and precious spirit herb, the words that ate up directly, not having the pills effect to be good.” You can look for Danxiang Taoyuan's Hua Xiangyue, she is my Martial Nephew, is a very fierce alchemy master, you look for his time, said that is I makes you go!” Shen Xiang wants to let Hua Xiangyue and Demon Empress does well relationship, later Danxiang Taoyuan has Bewitching Sound Paradise to illuminate, these ancient influence do not dare to move. Was right, did you ask about the Bai Ziqian's matter to me for what? Do you know her?” Lu Qinlian is very curious, Bai Ziqian Heaven World many years ago is also famous, Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows. I occasionally pick ancient book, above recorded this to use Devil Decaying Death Qi with the poisonous succuba, therefore I curiously inquired, I want more appropriate use Devil Decaying Death Qi.” Shen Xiang has made up an excuse casually. This actually, many years ago Bai Ziqian has Devil Decaying Death Qi.” Lu Qinlian nodded: Later I run into her, can greet for you with her, you grasp these many Devil Decaying Death Qi, she is certainly interested in you.”

Lu Qinlian must protect that batch of spirits that she brings, has not chatted with Shen Xiang, together leaves this glen, but Shen Xiang must seek for Duan Chong they. Later has the opportunity to come our Bewitching Sound Paradise!” Lu Qinlian says with a smile. I feared confusing by your Little Fairy!” Shen Xiang Ha Ha smiles. When they must distinguish, sky dark clouds suddenly presses, sees only leader huge black strange beast to fall, is similar to a cross giant stone, pounds in the ground, sends out pēng pēng deafening sound, is only suddenly, the ground is piece of dense Heavenly Devil, is similar to the black tide surges general, rushes in a direction crazily. These thing do unexpectedly descend from sky?” Shen Xiang looks at the sky also in falling Heavenly Devil, is somewhat surprised. Um, the quantity are many, does not know that is how the stars, the overall strength is not weak, is several hundred thousand Heavenly Devil descends each time.” Lu Qinlian looks at the distant place: That side is not the place that our Bewitching Sound Paradise is, that direction does not have the influence to gather probably, but why will have these many Heavenly Devil in the past?.” I must have a look!” Shen Xiang needs to hunt and kill massive Heavenly Devil, the energy storage stone of Heavenly Devil within the body can make him promote True Qi rapidly. Be careful!” Lu Qinlian that is not worried about Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang can kill the day Devil Monarch king.

Shen Xiang hides in the dark clouds of upper air, looked that tread that is similar to number hundred thousand huge Heavenly Devil that the tide wells up crazily, the direction that these Heavenly Devil go, glittering an intermittent multi-colored sunlight, some people are fighting there. This aura is very familiar, is......” the Shen Xiang body trembles suddenly: Is Little Bald! He how here?” This is the Wu Kaiming aura, only then he fights there! Shen Xiang picks up the speed immediately, flies to that great war place, Wu Kaiming compared with him, but copes to want this Heavenly Devil words, he be more adept than many expert. Quick, he sees the Wu Kaiming whole body is the blood, just and a superhuman person fight, that person should be Heavenly Devil without doubt, but is Monarch King Level other. Little Bald hits the day Devil Monarch king, moreover some all around also these many small Heavenly Devil come!” Shen Xiang looks at that superhuman day Devil Monarch king, on this day Devil Monarch king has a azure black incrustation, high is very very thin, but that three arms are flexible powerfully, each hand has is long and sharp nail, is similar to one is ordinary the curved hook, is sparkling cold light. These three Heavenly Devil strengths are very intrepid, Wu Kaiming also can only be able to resist reluctantly, but comes along with innumerable Heavenly Devil, Wu Kaiming is getting more and more strenuous.