World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 987
Good, my Extreme Martial Sect must ask them to calculate this account!” Wu Kaiming has suppressed a lot of fires, if can unite many influences, must let Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Feng Family these ancient influence massive hemorrhage here. Peach Blossom Sacred Realm in the antique time, has not been in cahoots to betray Great Emperor of Ten Heavens with these ancient influence, is the neutralities, but now these ancient influence have wanted to tow launching Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, therefore in secret and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Great Elder relation, wants to beat Yao Shumei through this, who knows that Great Elder did Centaur completely to be destroyed completely here! Now Peach Blossom Sacred Realm is controlled by Yao Shumei thoroughly, but Peach Blossom Sacred Realm has with the meaning that Chenwu Mainland collaborates, these ancient influence were worried that later Peach Blossom Sacred Realm will become their enemies, will therefore plan in this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, except that. Shen Xiang rushes to the place that Peach Blossom Sacred Realm hides with Wu Kaiming now, Peach Blossom Sacred Realm under governing of Yao Shumei, has been very low-key, but the strength is actually very strong, can win over such ancient influence to resist these rebel remnant, is the matter that is worth very much. Distant place extends several li (0.5km) mountain continually, was being surrounded by one crowd of jet black Heavenly Devil, that mountain scene [lineage/vein] were protected by very strong large formation, these Heavenly Devil are unable to enter, but large formation actually little by these Heavenly Devil devour. Beast Heavenly Devil that cannot be counted, sends out intermittent sinister roaring hiss, in the mouth is spraying bunch of black evil auras, is shelling that large formation, the surroundings of entire mountain scene [lineage/vein] are these Heavenly Devil, if piles up one on top of another, is higher than that mountain scene [lineage/vein], looks makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. These many!” Wu Kaiming sees in the distant place, cannot help but hit one to tremble. Millions these many, it seems like were some people intentionally direct, it seems like they were set firm resolve to destroy completely Peach Blossom Sacred Realm!” Shen Xiang has not thought that the quantity meets these many, under the front a big place, is surges to roar beast Heavenly Devil, such as ** the sea is ordinary, cannot see the end. If Peach Blossom Sacred Realm can avoid this tribulation, it seems like with these ancient influence for the enemy, we also will be many a ally!” Wu Kaiming said that all sect and families in Human Territory, thinks here sooner or later will have great war, is these ancient influence wars!

These ancient influence ambitions appear slowly, now starts to annex and destroy some small sect, if given time, they certainly because of dominating this day will cut to kill these to resist their influences! Peach Blossom Sacred Realm can certainly evade!” Shen Xiang eyes is sending out strange ray, probably a big table whets the appetite banquet to be placed at present, him also dislikes these Heavenly Devil to be not enough now! Long Xueyi suddenly said: Looks at that side quickly, several people just flew from inside!” Shen Xiang looks following direction that Long Xueyi said that really saw several whole bodies were winding around a person of evil aura quietly from that Heavenly Devil sea to slide. These think that the fellow who Heavenly Devil attracted, cannot make them live going back.” Shen Xiang has trod several steps, several instantaneous flashes arrive at the sky of these people. „Are you Purple Moon Sacred Realm's?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Your that vexed Dean died in my hands, your this group of fellows did not understand that was more law-abiding.” Shen Xiang, is you!” A middle age startles greatly, Shen Xiang can kill their formidable Dean, in their opinion, the strength is very definitely strong. Shen Xiang emits five elements of True Qi, in the air condense leaves a thousand zhang (3.33 m) high mountain, releases two giant hands, wraps up that mountain, pounds fiercely toward that several people, at the same time, he behind also reappears innumerable are roaring the soaring to the heavens great river, making his condense leave very fearful might!

That mountain is similar to the Shen Xiang's hammer is common, was turned to pound fiercely by him, although looks like unwieldy, but the speed is not slow, but puts in an appearance, that several Purple Moon Sacred Realm's people were pounded to fall, press in the ground, binds together with these Heavenly Devil flesh and blood, but had not died. Shen Xiang releases Suppressing Devil Holy Power, dives, stepping on foot heavily on a chest of middle age, steps on directly breaks to pieces that person of breastbone, making that middle age send out a pitiful yell. You...... Heaven World's Purple Moon Sacred Realm has gotten down a great person, is bigger than Dean stronger, but also carries very fierce Immortal Beast, Shen Xiang, you wait for death!” That middle age sneers: You, if has put us......” I have killed your Dean, Purple Moon Sacred Realm will not have let in any event off my, did I put you to be what kind of? You think that can control Purple Moon Sacred Realm on your small small shrimp?” Shen Xiang jokes, the forehead projects several multi-colored sunlight, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, enters in these people of Sea of Consciousness, wants to inquire about that has about the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's news. But, Sea of Consciousness of these people have the ability of self-protection, so long as were invaded, can the destruction! Shen Xiang all around beast Heavenly Devil piles up, but actually does not dare to approach Shen Xiang, Holy Light that the Shen Xiang body releases, shines on them, probably fires them to be the same, some Heavenly Devil have drawn back a skin, but these do not have Heavenly Devil of spirit wisdom to be angrier, was roaring toward Shen Xiang unceasingly! The Shen Xiang both feet treads the ground fiercely, Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram suddenly that golden red cloud winds around appears, has a dragon to circle outside Yin and Yang Diagram, this is Tai Chi Dragon, can have a very terrifying suction, now Shen Xiang releases Fire God Art the fire of smelting again, so long as Heavenly Devil were attracted, will be melted refined into pure True Qi by him directly! Tai Chi Dragon of Shen Xiang under foot is getting bigger and bigger, suddenly becomes extends reaches thousand feet (333 m), all around all Heavenly Devil were given devour by Tai Chi Dragon completely, Wu Kaiming looks in the upper air that only thought Tai Chi Dragon of that shock is similar to a bottomless trench, after these Heavenly Devil were attracted, falls into inside completely!

Innumerable Heavenly Devil well up crazily toward Shen Xiang, once moves Tai Chi Dragon, by fire of burning down smelting, energy storage Stone Zhijie in within the body will be melted True Qi, emerges in the Shen Xiang's dantian! Is bigger!” Shen Xiang to pick up the speed smelts these Heavenly Devil, making Tai Chi Dragon of under foot huger, covers his surrounding area thousand li(500 km)! If he does not practice Fire God Art and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, is unable to build up these many True Qi all of a sudden, moreover his fleshly body has achieved Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, the interior of each meridians likely is the great river is ordinary, can absorb fast or spout massive True Qi! The Heavenly Devil quantity are many, the Shen Xiang this time devour speed has sufficed quickly, but needs a period of time to digest completely, this large quantities of Heavenly Devil was diverted at this time by Shen Xiang, although in the mouth emits toward Shen Xiang dense evil auras, so long as enters Tai Chi Dragon, will be purified! Peach Blossom Sacred Realm inside person has been preparing for with innumerable Heavenly Devil great war, their large formation have been shivering, but now suddenly is peaceful, this makes Yao Shumei cannot help but run the investigation.