World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 988
Yao Shumei flies from the mountain range, sees to cope with these Heavenly Devil in not far away Shen Xiang with unsurpassed divine art, is extremely cannot help but surprised, on the beautiful face full is pleasantly surprised, Suppressing Devil Holy Power that Shen Xiang cultivates is these Heavenly Devil most fears, Shen Xiang copes with these Heavenly Devil with this strength is similar to pinches the ant to be ordinary. Thanked you to come very much!” Yao Shumei arrives at side Wu Kaiming, very said grateful. Does not need to thank me, Young Martial Uncle should be is also compensating your Peach Blossom Sacred Realm.” Wu Kaiming smiled: It seems like we did not use fight, here looks at that's alright.” Some Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Great Elder and strength good elders cannot come back, guesses that knows is related with Shen Xiang, therefore Wu Kaiming will say. Great Elder colludes with the bystander, wants to let the path that Peach Blossom Sacred Realm walks into a Old Ancestor opposition, although they died to Peach Blossom Sacred Realm lose are very big, but also makes Peach Blossom Sacred Realm not need to beset with a crisis in temporarily.” Yao Shumei helpless sighing, because also has same strength in Heaven World's Peach Blossom Sacred Realm. A true element grains grain of then grain of Shen Xiang within the body shines, in dantian five beast image are similar to by several great rivers is connected, True Qi floods into inside crazily, opens to hold True Qi true element grains, the speed very rapidness! Speed is not very fast!” Shen Xiang thought at this time dantian builds up the speed unable to follow to absorb the True Qi speed. At this time, unknowingly, in his mind suddenly reappears to transport merit sutra, making his suddenly think one under a piece of clear and bright nighttime sky, watches the innumerable stars migrations to be the same, transporting merit sutra that in this time mind reappears, in Big Dipper the way by the sky appears, innumerable stars during migration, constructs mysterious large formation, making strength have various responses, a line that sometimes several stars continually become is together spirit pattern. This Big Dipper Diagram contains the nature Great Dao charm, Shen Xiang is falling into quickly, in five beast image innumerable true element grains by own dantian, in vast sea of stars according to Big Dipper Diagram was arranged! He knows that this was his suddenly triggers induced the Heaven Slaughtering Technique turning point, this was very rare opportunity, cannot let off easily, he just obtained Heaven Slaughtering Technique, can comprehend some main point, this made him exceptionally excited.

Shen Xiang under foot speed suddenly of Tai Chi Diagram revolving slowed down, but actually as if integrates the earth to be ordinary, making the person look like has a charm of not being able saying that resembles this Tai Chi Dragon is the earth breeds general, at the same time, the airborne demon cloud was attracted completely, clear and bright nighttime sky suddenly appears, the innumerable star light shine in the earth, but the strength of stars enters in the earth, by Tai Chi Dragon suction! „Is Young Martial Uncle doing?” Wu Kaiming stares, his suddenly thought that present Shen Xiang appears illusory, probably and world fusion is ordinary, but that Tai Chi Dragon becomes greatly, has extended to the under feet of all around all Heavenly Devil. Instantaneous, all Heavenly Devil fall into Tai Chi Dragon, but Shen Xiang within the body builds up to melt True Qi crazily, the exhaust gas that was removed spout from the body, exudes an intermittent call! This...... He is absorbing between Heaven and Earth strength probably, the to rely on earth absorbs, was too terrorist!” Wu Kaiming ** said. Yao Shumei sees Shen Xiang not to stop absorption all around Spirit Qi completely, cannot help but worries, because their Peach Blossom Sacred Realm is stationed here, but under this also has piece of crystal stones mineral lode. Wait / Etc., he is not absorbing Spirit Qi probably.” Wu Kaiming suddenly looks up the sky, sees only giant meteorites to descend. Withdrew your Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's disciple quickly, Young Martial Uncle goes crazy!” Wu Kaiming suddenly sees huge white stars to crash from the sky, shouts wildly. Yao Shumei was also startled the complexion to be pallid, this type strength that makes the stars of star territory, only then Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique can accomplish, in the ancient influence old book on the record has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique quite fearfully from the sky summons this type of thing. The forced induction of stars Shen Xiang at this time through his formidable Divine Power, through shining, a comparison by the stars of ground attracting!

Yao Shumei goes to withdraw mountain range inside disciple immediately, that white stars had not been made luckily easily, probably is resisting Shen Xiang's strength! In the distant place, people stare greatly the eye, looks that can destroy continent's huge white stars to descend slowly, that has restrains by force, cracks the ground. Mu Jialan beautiful eyes looks at all these, in the heart is uncomfortable very much, Shen Xiang some time ago in Pill City, the strength and she was also only both have equal share, met these Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven also to make concessions, but she thought now she supported ten moves to be good. The technique of devour stars heaven defying, only then past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens has done, now can witness, has been scared a big piece of person! Shen Xiang both eyes brave the white light, raises head to look at that huge white stars, roars, shook the fist to pound to that white stars, vast Dragon Force gushed out, turns into a giant dragon fist, hit to that white stars. Bang! If the mountain giant dragon fist pounds on the white stars, vast energy wave, in a circumference of several miles razes the mountain extremely, that mountain scene [lineage/vein] that only then Peach Blossom Sacred Realm is at also construct. The white stars by a fist disintegration, Shen Xiang had not been seen this, another fights with the fists! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shen Xiang knocks out the fist, but also used Devil Subduing Energy nine layers, making the Dragon Force disciple increase multiple, that powerful, as if must move to be the same the day, every fought with the fists, made the people shock! But he also can only make some powder dust that white stars, before Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, that mountain scene [lineage/vein] that is at had also been given to destroy by an intermittent air wave at this time, change into the flat land. The strength that Shen Xiang shows at this time, has far exceeded his own level, because this is not his strength, but is he in to rely on earth strength, must rumble to break this stars, making into fragment, then devour! Pounded over a thousand fists continuously, white stars superficial suddenly has had several fissures, ray Myriad Dao, that intense ray was similar to innumerable the sharp sword, as if must pierce the time, the lasing from these cracks came out. Bang! An explosive shakes the galaxy, the shattering earth, as if entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory must be been ordinary by this deafening sound tearing, vibrates the soul of everyone! Sends out stars fierce splitting of dazzling white light, explodes small stones, all falls in ground that Tai Chi Dragon, turns into incomparably boundless True Qi, emerges the Shen Xiang's body! Shen Xiang thought that own practice way must have the significant change, did not tell his path like former Huang Jintian, this is also because among suddenly senses the transformation that Heaven Slaughtering Technique had, in order to lets him transform successfully, Earth Slaughtering Technique, Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Slaughtering Technique that suddenly birth strange strength he cultivates, drags down stars from the starry sky, but also to rely on Earth Force, bang broken stars!