World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 989
The fragment of white stars falls in ground instantaneously vanishes, is only short several suddenly, the huge incomparable white stars vanished in the front of people, but Shen Xiang aura actually gallops to spurt to be thin, making people think that he is that stars core. Shen Xiang also immerses at this time during Heaven Slaughtering Technique that naturally operates, the five beast image growing up mouths in within the body, drink like a fish True Qi that is welling up crazily, true element grains all from beast image fly to shoot, float in place above, forms Big Dipper Diagram, because of this Big Dipper Diagram, will be making Shen Xiang borrow the earth a moment ago strength, stars stiffly pulls, and crushes, entire stars strength Devour! His dantian is similar to a stretch of world is at this time ordinary, the ground was Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, Big Dipper Diagram, the four directions and center is five huge beast image, the world beast has formed, probably was Earth Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Slaughtering Technique is the same with Beast Slaughtering Technique, but Spirit Slaughtering Technique in Divine sea, but Beast Slaughtering Technique had not found now, but Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art and Divine Art of Four Symbols actually can probably replace! Makes him after sensing Heaven Slaughtering Technique, the dantian has the so huge change! At this time changes has not completed, along with the mutual revolution of Big Dipper Diagram and Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, absorption True Qi are getting more and more, but after five beast image inside true element grains turn into Big Dipper Diagram, becomes empty, these five huge beast image had the weak ray, but now becomes very jet black, does not know when must be able to awaken these five fierce beast image. But along with Shen Xiang the crazy devour energy, five beast image within the body respectively condense leaves three groups of very big Qi ball now, making five beast image suddenly shine light glow , when this time brightness unexpectedly compared with before had true element grains must shine a lot, this let Shen Xiang is very the accident, because he does not know that this was good or bad. This is brat doing? He has not found time that crystal stones mineral lode, but has absorbed that stars, does he achieve? Has he cultivated very profound Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique?” The Yao Shumei item contains exceptionally, looks Shen Xiang that brilliance four shoot. Tai Chi Dragon formation diagram suddenly of Shen Xiang under foot slowed down, probably soon stopped being same, moreover light glow also dark gloomy many, contracted along with Tai Chi Dragon formation diagram slowly, Shen Xiang light glow was also getting stronger and stronger, making the person unable to see his body, only thought that was one group of glares. In Shen Xiang dantian five beast image, these Qi ball draw in crazily, absorbs fast that stars remaining strength! suddenly, in the Shen Xiang's dantian sends out Dragon Tiger simultaneously roar and Vermilion Bird Black Tortoise Qi Howl, as well as among that Divine Elephant grand roaring, five beast image probably suddenly lived in that instantaneously was the same, made the Shen Xiang whole body fill strength! In five beast image, each has three grains of beads, the color is various, is sending out the five colors riotous multi-colored sunlight, illuminates the entire dantian world!

Heaven Slaughtering Technique stops revolving, Shen Xiang wakes up, he shocks, he had not felt that five beast image have so rich vitality, this will bring more formidable strength to him. little rascal, your monster, can you possibly now condense leave Heaven Dan to come? That is Immortal can have thing that you now also not only a grain, but is 15 grains!” Long Xueyi shouted insanely, she was hard to imagine this is real. Shen Xiang one startled: These beads so are no wonder familiar, actually is Heaven Dan!” Some Long Xueyi envy said: Your present strength should be Nirvana three tribulations, the stars of that landing should turn into Tribulation Force to cope your, who knows that directly was actually built up by you!” If I crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, each beast image separately did have nine grains of Heaven Dan?” Shen Xiang rouses: This Heaven Dan was also too small a point!” Also considers too small? Or you give me several grains, I decide Imperial Dragon Clan also only to practice double Dragon Pearl at most, your this small monster unexpectedly can practice many grains!” Long Xueyi envies very said. Shen Xiang does not have to think one crossed Third Tribulation time unexpectedly is this, now his strength has truly been increased, what makes his depressed is, Heaven Slaughtering Technique a moment ago smoothly was also revolving vanished all of a sudden. Wu Kaiming sees Shen Xiang dull standing, in that piece was truncated on the flat lands of several skins, then shouted: Young Martial Uncle!” Shen Xiang recovers, dodges arrives at the Wu Kaiming side, is startled Wu Kaiming and Yao Shumei had a scare.

Hehe, Madame Peach Blossom, we met, you and your daughter's fragrance is similar!” Shen Xiang is thick facial skin fierce took a deep breath, making Yao Shumei smile tenderly snorted one. Yao Shumei has wanted to chat with Shen Xiang, although has met several, does not have the opportunity to speak in detail, but looked like has not needed to discuss anything now. Excuse me, did not have to the lane your domains, I could not control at that time!” Shen Xiang gives the Yao Shumei apology. This does not have anything, you have also helped our busy!” Yao Shumei said hastily. Young Martial Uncle, were you doing a moment ago?” Wu Kaiming asked: „Can you also make the star?” Shen Xiang said with a smile difficultly: I a moment ago in crossing Nirvana Tribulation, my present strength have not been able to make the star, but, actually!” What? You in transcends tribulation?” Wu Kaiming had a scare, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan are also so, because they are away from Shen Xiang to be very near, such distance will be very easy to be involved. Relax, aren't you are all right?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Wu Kaiming seems saved from death same relaxed, in heart has criticized Shen Xiang two, unexpectedly in this case transcends tribulation.

Madame Peach Blossom, you gather with our Chenwu Mainland together, like this is safer, waits and holds Senior Brother to discuss that we crusade against Purple Moon Sacred Realm again they!” Wu Kaiming said. Yao Shumei complexion sank, nodded, Purple Moon Sacred Realm they bring in that many Heavenly Devil, to let some day of Devil Monarch kings appears, this makes in her heart very angry. Shen Xiang said: Copes with the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's words, you exit to cope, in this gives me! Do you get rid to be what kind of here? Must vent spleen with them outside hostilely!” Where I will have a look at the Heavenly Devil source to come from! We cannot here, I perhaps not hit you for a lifetime sleepily, but copes with these anything day of Devil Monarch king is not the issue, said goodbye!” Shen Xiang had some features, his devour that many Heavenly Devil, have been able to feel that these Heavenly Devil are some resentment reads precipitates here for many years, absorbs the massive pure Spirit Qi formations, multiplies the flesh and blood, has strong strength, if transformation succeeds, but can also become the day Devil Monarch king. Looks at Shen Xiang to go far away, Yao Shumei and Wu Kaiming lead a large quantities of Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's disciple to leave rapidly. Not only Shen Xiang must seek for the Heavenly Devil agglomeration, but must look for Purple Moon Sacred Realm these influence that Heavenly Devil directs to give others to put to trouble, if, he also wants to go to the Heavenly Devil agglomeration to look for several day Devil Monarch king, then replies in kind, lets Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Feng Family these evil and cruel influences also tastes that taste. Shen Xiang dashed about wildly for two days in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, looks following these demon cloud thickest places, but does not have what harvest, but he actually found has the great war trace, is Duan Chong they stays behind. Old Duan belt that group of fellows are everywhere chaotic noisily, does not know that their present strengths are what kind of?” Shen Xiang following the remaining weak aura, seeks for Duan Chong they, these aura are also Duan Chong intentionally stay behind, otherwise he did not discover.