World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 990
Duan Chong brings Yun Xiaodao their six people to go to examine the practice achievement, teaches their Duan Family secret technique in the fight while convenient, just started to carry on is quite smooth, but since they held Heavenly Devil lair, has not felt better. Duan Chong also according to their Duan Family that type the ability that seeks the grave, airborne demon Yun Liuxiang analyzes the agglomeration of Heavenly Devil army in addition, Duan Chong is only the suspicion, who knows they arrive at time, unexpectedly has met many Heavenly Devil, moreover several fierce day Devil Monarch kings, therefore they pursued to the end and hit hard by large quantities of Heavenly Devil. If not Duan Chong must look after Yun Xiaodao they, definitely will stop and that two day Devil Monarch king fights, to break out of the difficult position, he has to leave behind some aura, can make Shen Xiang seek for their trail, so long as Shen Xiang arrives, they have the opportunity of counter-attack. Shen Xiang coped with for serveral days the words of Devil Monarch king, be much more relaxed than Duan Chong. In open land that quarry stone and many small rocky mountain compose, Duan Chong brings several little rascal to hide in inside, many Heavenly Devil in this open land is also seeking for them, is meanwhile broken in a big hurry the giant stone bang. Old Duan, this road is right? How to have arrived at the Feng Family den?” Yun Xiaodao asked that they planned and following Heavenly Devil army socialized, while and other Shen Xiang came, but after arriving here, Duan Chong suddenly said that he induced to some familiar aura. Duan Chong said: This nearby has the set up formation trace, I could see that is the technique that Feng Family habitually uses . Moreover the aura that their Feng Family cultivates is very easy to distinguish!” Bang! Ten zhang (3.33 m) high small rocky mountain was cracked-up by a black human form Heavenly Devil specific use, the crushed stone flies violently airborne, is similar to the raindrop normal landing to the ground. Damn, wants to exit to butcher really that fellow!” Zhu Rong scolded one lowly, emits True Qi that one type is hard to be induced, forms energy shield, resists crushed stone that these fall.

„The waste strength on these things, do not direct the Feng Family domain them who we must be, waits for these fellows to come out to deal with these Heavenly Devil, we seize the chance to sneak attack again.” Duan Chong said with a smile cloudy sadly. old ginger is hotter than young ginger!” The Xu Weilong nod said. If I have not misread, Feng Family should use their inherited that large formation plates, releases Illusion Formation, hides them here, I must think means to break the formation to be good.” Duan Chong said to Yun Xiaodao several people: You hide by this stone well, do not run all over the place, if were discovered that also do not counter-attack, for serveral days the Devil Monarch king was not you can cope.” Duan Chong just left shortly, Yun Xiaodao they see several people to fly from the front stretch of spacious open land, captures these Heavenly Devil attention. Lian Mingdong hurriedly said: This is the Feng Family person, they must lead away these Heavenly Devil, do not let them prevail, how hasn't Old Duan come back?” Bang...... Several million Heavenly Devil armies start to dash about wildly, pursues to the airborne that several Feng Family person. He, we fight!” Xiao Chou said that fight on fight, god vigor surging forward in within the body must well up to his double fist and both legs, then dashes about wildly in the direction that Feng Family that several people fly, he suspected that there is the place that Feng Family hides. The Xiao Chou step is similar to the giant is at the most ordinary, every step treads the earth to shiver, when he dashes about wildly, the earth is thunderous, rolling makes noise, that intermittent violent shaking, quick alarms these Heavenly Devil!

Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong are holding a very long great blade, overran toward that crowd of Heavenly Devil, sweeps away in the distant place, is only all of a sudden the person, cuts two halves huge Heavenly Devil. Xu Weilong is uses Lotus Island's secret method, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong under foot presents a lotus plate, this lotus plate can the rapid traverse, but can also restore Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong consumption strength, energy shield that releases also has strong defensive power, both sides he controls is carrying Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong kills in the Heavenly Devil army crazily, simultaneously little retreat, introduces the Feng Family hiding place the Heavenly Devil army. Teng Ying flies the upper air, turns into huge Qilin Thunder Hawk, the flutter that to the steel wing, such as the feather of sword is similar to the sudden downpour, with the astral wind lightning, sweeps away the Heavenly Devil army, several sub- sweep a big piece! After Feng Family that several old man see, immediately startled gets angry, can lead away these several million Heavenly Devil armies shortly, who knows that suddenly jumps several young people to fiercely attack to Heavenly Devil army one, enrages the Heavenly Devil army! How many little rascal isn't this Extreme Martial Sect's that? Heard that they were just chased, is then booing, we butcher them nothing.” A Feng Family old man sound is cold, toward the Zhu Rong dive under. Dead fatty, there is old fellow to your fight!” Lian Mingdong hastily gives Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao sound transmission: Withers this old fellow!” Does not have the issue!” Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao simultaneously should say. Lian Mingdong control lotus plate, is bringing Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong rapid traverse, meanwhile releases many white small Lotus Flower, making these small Lotus Flower strike to that Feng Family old man, although by that Feng Family old man parry, but these small Lotus Flower actually blow out intermittent white fog. Is now!” Lian Mingdong shouted, Zhu Rong and Yun Xiaodao jump down the lotus plate, flies at the extremely quick speed to that Feng Family old man, chops most a quickest blade respectively, cuts to kill that Feng Family old man in the white fog.

little bastard!” old man in upper air sees, immediately roars. Do not hit, comes quickly!” Xiao Chou shouted, he had been blocked by large formation at this time, his correct use Herculean Clan Violent Power bang hits that large formation. Several people rush to the place that Xiao Chou is at immediately, massive Heavenly Devil roar is rushing in them behind, although was killed a moment ago much, but in several million Heavenly Devil is actually not anything, moreover in the sky floats more demons to say at this time that many Heavenly Devil in the clouds fall from these demons, inexhaustible general, making Feng Family that several old man look at the whole face to be angry, the anger results in the binocular hyperemia, full is the blood thread. These little bastard are intentionally!” A old man double fist pinches giggle to make noise, then they overran toward Yun Xiaodao. Yun Xiaodao they the crazy bang are hitting that large formation, wants to break large formation. Several old fellow have gotten down together, be careful!” The Lian Mingdong reminder said that emits these small Lotus Flower, making small Lotus Flower from exploding, since explodes white fog, afterward they utilize secret technique of Duan Family concealment whereabouts, mixes in the Heavenly Devil group. Young fools, this large formation cannot break with the brute force, must use the brain!” Duan Chong big laughter suddenly transmits, afterward by urban appearance of high thick city wall surround suddenly. Shen Xiang also rushed at this time, that several old man attacked Yun Xiaodao a moment ago their, was watched by him, but he was not worried that at this time he also laughed: Feng Family old fellow, unexpectedly how many little rascal do not handle continually, what meaning do you live are also having? Made me end your lives!”