World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 991
But the Shen Xiang instantaneous flash, appears in that several startled old man behind, the crazy fierce True Qi turn into dragon strength, forms huge dragon claw, from airborne covers, simultaneously the ground presents one Tai Chi Dragon, attracts old man that these want to run completely is in-situ. Bang! azure dragon claw that lightning glow dodges crazily pats, that several old man by wild Dragon Force tearing, but the ground also presents the bloody vestige of the past of flesh and blood and lime soil mix! Shen Xiang, is you! Today I must cut you!” Wild hurricane blows from that firm city, is smuggling the angry sound. Feng Wusheng, said today is not decided can be you, Ha Ha, has to plant comes out!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing. A moment ago that sound was Feng Family Patriarch Feng Wusheng. He does not dare, outside several day Devil Monarch kings are waiting for him.” Duan Chong said while loudly laughing, then gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Butchers that several day Devil Monarch kings, that several little rascal look by me, don't worry.” Perhaps the day Devil Monarch king is very important in the Heavenly Devil army, butchers that several day Devil Monarch king to be able a fiercer fellow to direct!” Long Xueyi enters in that city with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, there is an astonishing discovery: Walks quickly, Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Flying Immortal Sect, do Profound Gate in inside, many ancient influence, their disciples fast from underground come out, they have hidden many people!” What?” Shen Xiang passed on to this news immediately to Duan Chong and Yun Xiaodao they, if only then Feng Family, Feng Family will certainly lose today seriously, what surprised people was, these many ancient influence unexpectedly gathered together. Duan Chong has not thought to be able like this, hurriedly said: I lead them to remove first, you cope with Heavenly Devil more agile than me, you blocked for serveral days the Devil Monarch king.”

Um, walks quickly! Here gives me.” Has Duan Chong to protect Yun Xiaodao they, even if were attacked by the day Devil Monarch king, does not need to be worried. Now many Heavenly Devil started to attack a city, crazy rewiring large formation of that city, if did not know that perhaps inside gathers many influences, Duan Chong must break large formation of that city. Long Xueyi listens secretly inside these people to talk, passes on to Shen Xiang: They do not plan to come out immediately, their large formation can insist a period of time, they also know that outside has several day Devil Monarch king, when they you were attacked by the day Devil Monarch king in exits again.” Shen Xiang emits invisible Divine Power, is fixing the eyes on that several day Devil Monarch king, guaranteeing Duan Chong can bring Yun Xiaodao they to leave safely. Suddenly, the person who bird day Devil Monarch king has the wing had discovered Duan Chong they, toward an upper air dive, Shen Xiang also immediately graze, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal that "Suppress (镇)" character reappears on his palm, Sacred Seal becomes by him very small, moreover integrates in the palm, as the matter stands will not be discovered. That day Devil Monarch king is very big, three people are so high, the whole body is the black vigorous and healthy muscle, the back has to make two powerful black wings, in the hand take a sharp red lance, both eyes is sending out gloomy and cold green light, when dives, but also runs out of a very strong evil aura. Shen Xiang suddenly appears in front of this day Devil Monarch king, this made Devil Monarch king of that day not expect, avoids and gets rid slowly already one step. Slow has resisted little, head had been hit a palm by Shen Xiang, moreover has golden color of palm size on the forehead town character! What is this?” On that day the Devil Monarch king in a terrified way had roared, afterward that on his forehead town character glittering left the pure and holy golden multi-colored sunlight, spread to his whole body instantaneously, later the Devil Monarch Wang Shuo da body of this day turned into the golden powder! Shen Xiang deeply has attracted several tones, although Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal has not increased, strength that but consumes was not small, screens out were many he strength, he just broke through luckily, within the body congealed 15 grains of Heaven Dan, otherwise he a moment ago that Sacred Seal trial struck can take away his nine layers skill.

„Is this move? Does a palm kill a day Devil Monarch king?” In the Duan Chong heart shocks incomparably, he is bringing Yun Xiaodao they to use the means of concealment to run away. Suddenly was killed a day Devil Monarch king by the Shen Xiang bang, this strength not only makes Duan Chong shock, the remaining three day Devil Monarch kings feel unthinkable, their strengths are very strong, must know that they are the resentment read very strong remnant soul to practice for many years to turn into, emerges in innumerable Heavenly Devil, becomes Sovereign, expert of humanity they also know that is any strength, before that Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean and master of Demon Empress this rank they did not fear, that but presents now, a palm killed their Sovereign on the bang! Shen Xiang has not understood that now is how a matter, but he actually admires Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, unexpectedly causes such fierce thing, when this Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal coordinates Suppressing Devil Golden Body and Suppressing Devil Holy Power uses, resists Demon and Devil, the might is very astonishing. Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fusion has a look!” Long Xueyi proposed. Shen Xiang is having this idea, immediately puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal integrate in his body, he can use with wishes fulfilled, must both's strength fusion naturally. He stares at a day Devil Monarch king of beast body person head, on that day the Devil Monarch Wang Zhengzai upper air was staring at him. Eats my blade!” Shen Xiang stands in the ground, pours into Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal that strength Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, to the airborne day Devil Monarch king detachment, the knife is emerging golden light, that day goes toward Devil Monarch Wang Shao, in that golden light, visibles faintly a dragon outlining diligently is becoming town character, when that town character has not formed completely, has hit on that day Devil Monarch king! Although has not turned into the character, but Devil Monarch king of that day was actually shot anything not to remain by that terrifying golden light! This brat was too weird, such fierce day Devil Monarch king unexpectedly by his one move of one!” Duan Chong exclaims. Had not succeeded a moment ago! Two day Devil Monarch king!” Shen Xiang is very clear that blade that divided a moment ago, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade does not have perfect to fuse, otherwise strength will be bigger, after all he is first displaying.

However the words of such use, making his True Qi consume quickly, compared with solely uses Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal to consume several times, therefore he received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! He thinks that only enough tidied up for serveral days the Devil Monarch king with „the Sacred Seal palm. The remaining two day Devil Monarch kings with the normal same size same shape, just skin are the purple blacks, looks like evil looking is fierce, in the hand is taking the black incisive lance! On together!” A hair blood red day Devil Monarch Wang said that grips tightly the lance, the body is turning into a shadow, dodges toward Shen Xiang. Two day Devil Monarch king suddenly appears around Shen Xiang, in lance rapid the thorn with hand to Shen Xiang, sees only the Shen Xiang's body to be pierced by two lances, blood crazy class, but has actually been short of some blood energy, this is Shen Xiang changes, confusing falsehood with the truth illusion! Realizes the incorrect time in two day Devil Monarch king, pats in their above Shen Xiang palm, a town flashes before from his palm, dazzling golden light that sends out makes the person unable to see clearly that is a character, only thought that is that group of very intense golden rays, these golden light that releases, making all around big piece of Heavenly Devil turn into the dust! Town character depresses, two day Devil Monarch Wang Shunjian is killed violently, forever vanished! In that city suddenly spreads the big laughter: Ha Ha, you kill the day Devil Monarch king to be easy, but copes with us not to be simple!” This is Feng Family Patriarch, the Feng Wusheng grinning fiendishly sound!