World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 992
For serveral days the Devil Monarch king died, attacks comprehensively, captures alive that several as far as possible the fellow who Heavenly Devil brings in!” The front door of that city opens, a troop person runs out from inside, sends out intermittent air/Qi sufficient roaring, the imposing manner is very majestic. Duan Chong hastily said to Shen Xiang: These fellows give me, you walk first!” Copes with Heavenly Devil Shen Xiang to be an expert, but copes with these ancient influence expert he not to be good, his Suppressing Devil Holy Power could not restrain these fellows. Yun Xiaodao they already and these Heavenly Devil slaughter. Your this crowd of false Evil Devil, do not think that nobody can restrain you!” Duan Chong fierce leap airborne, holds the wind like the dragon, hits to the elder level character who attacks, that invisible but actually very strong strength, flickers the platoon that elder becomes big hashed meat. Duan Chong brushes another dodges, appears, in one crowd is firing into Shen Xiang in front of their old man, treadons into the ground, sees only earth suddenly to have a greatly strengthened suction, these old man and Heavenly Devil have half body to fall into the soil suddenly! Purgatory Flame, this is Duan Chong very fierce martial arts! Blade of Purgatory, Chaotic Dance of Wild Flowers!” The Duan Chong both arms open, chest suddenly inflates, the body fierce vibration, tyrannical strength wells up, forms innumerably the knife edge of energy condense, is similar to ocean waves, half-length falls into the ground toward front these, move old man and Heavenly Devil sweeps across. Air/Qi blade edge of energy formation, the insane alienation dance is washing out innumerably, the place that passed over gently and swiftly, turns into a slice of meat to be broken, in that instantaneous, intermittent blood fog spout, these fell into the person and Heavenly Devil in ground are unable to move, is unable to use strength! Instantaneous, that many ancient influence elders and piece of Heavenly Devil were put down completely, only leaves behind the half body to fall into the soil, that scene is bloody, the Shen Xiang whole body sends coldly. This old fellow, a such bloody move, name unexpectedly is so elegant!” Zhu Rong sees that place flesh and blood, on the face a vomitive feeling: Does obeisance him to bestow, my at least several months do not want to eat the meat!”

These ancient influence high levels witnessed all these, the muscle on face is twitching crazily, the appearance of Duan Chong makes them unexpected, the strength is so formidable, only then before , Purple Moon Dean that died can resist, but that Purple Moon Dean actually strange death in Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang Holy Light inspires greatly, all around Heavenly Devil does not dare to approach, Yun Xiaodao they follow side him, does not need to get rid, can walk with ease in the Heavenly Devil group. Quack...... This magnificent scene my unexpectedly was late.” The laughter reverberation of sinister in between Heaven and Earth, appears along with this sound, between Heaven and Earth as if suddenly changed cold several points, the demon cloud in sky seethed fiercely, intermittent cold wind was assailing this bloody earth. Is Ghost Saint, hurries to run away!” The Duan Chong complexion big change, their rave is getting up to Shen Xiang. Cannot be inescapable, this little rascal has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, I must decide him!” Nearby Shen Xiang suddenly presents one to bring the topee, passing of whole face wrinkle to carry old man, this old man does not have the eye, there only then two cavities, look like are very scary, his sinister ghost qi lets Yun Xiaodao their complexion blanch! Old ghost, should not be dissolute!” Shen Xiang Suppressing Devil Holy Power rises suddenly, the golden multi-colored sunlight lasing of body came out, lets that Ghost Saint retreat several steps. Duan Chong hastily flushed at this time, but actually suddenly tied down by several ancient influence expert. You are Duan Chong, I recognized you to come, old Tomb Raider, suffered to death!” What speech is Flying Immortal Sect's elders, the strength is very strong, but is weaker than Duan Chong, but their several people collaborate, can with a Duan Chong war. Duan Chong is angry, but he impatiently also useless, these ancient influence expert collaborate, making him unable to withdraw! The Ghost Saint strength he is very clear, although Shen Xiang copes with the day Devil Monarch king to be very relaxed, but coped with Ghost Saint to be difficult to say. little brat, you dare in front of my Ghost Saint dissolute, I will make you understand that sometimes dies is also a very joyful matter.” Ghost Saint sound sinister is incomparable, a dry old devil claw searched toward Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang emits Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal immediately, making Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal is similar to the shield so is at the same time big, lets that town character to Ghost Saint, then formerly flushed! Ah! only hears Ghost Saint to send out sad and shrill calling out, recalls the horizon, as if the malicious ghost is born general, making in all person hearts be scared, the back sends coolly. You walk quickly!” Shen Xiang they said to Yun Xiaodao, although made Ghost Saint eat a moment ago was not small owes, but he knows depending on him in strength, even if uses Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal , can only constrain this Ghost Saint temporarily. This Ghost Saint strength is really fearful, Shen Xiang and Duan Chong have not calculated that this fellow meets suddenly to appear, is really a different number. Shen Xiang repels Ghost Saint, he that striking let in the Ghost Saint heart a moment ago terrified, at this time he fears to that strength, if not he saw that the Shen Xiang current strength was unable to display that Sacred Seal strength, he perhaps already ran away. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they also stress the accurate opportunity to leave, they know that will remain only to implicate Shen Xiang and Duan Chong. Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, fuses together Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal strength and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Ghost Saint throws to strike once more, that skinny hand suddenly turns into dense white bone claw, ghost qi winds around, grasps once more to the Shen Xiang's chest and head! Shen Xiang does not show weakness, swift and violent chops a blade, golden light spout from the knife, turns into roaring Golden Dragon, Golden Dragon appears, dragon mouth is nipping that Ghost Saint, after pushing Ghost Saint that humpbacked body, loses. Afterward Golden Dragon turns into one ancient town character! This town character is ancient character, is seemed like comprised of a dragon, although looks like with differing from originally, but this town character was the same with before, the nature was full of the spirit rhyme, as if in this character contained the day tunnel method to be ordinary, the might was infinite! Ghost Saint called out to fly, but Shen Xiang that blade also had exhausted a moment ago strength, all around knew how things stand hundred thousand Heavenly Devil by a moment ago that sacred incomparable light glow purification!

Shen Xiang was weak, but Ghost Saint does not have to be defeated completely, Duan Chong was still being diverted by several expert, is unable , even if rescues. Ha Ha......” the Ghost Saint sinister laughter transmits once more: Good brat, to be fierce enough, but you were too tender, if gave you again several hundred years, perhaps I a moment ago already played, now you died!” Ghost Saint turns into the blood red shadow, plunges Shen Xiang, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they returns immediately, wants to exhaust own strength to rescue Shen Xiang! In the sky the suddenly deafening sound rumble sound, sees only one to bring in the threatening huge black hand to pat, presses on that Ghost Saint! Devil Lord...... please forgive!” Ghost Saint exuded one to kill pig yelling, is hit afterward then by the black great hand that dropped from the clouds vanishes in puff of smoke. Shen Xiang looked has been shocked, this Devil Lord strength was also too terrifying, a palm killed that Ghost Saint! Had been finished, is the master of Heavenly Devil army, has not thought that will awaken this fellow!” The Duan Chong sound fills to despair and fear.