World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 995
Shen Xiang knows that Duan Chong very much knew about the history of losing, his hastily asked: Old Duan, how many do you have to understand to this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory?” Understands not many, here is Heavenly Thunder demon clan the place of control, what Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord was in the past ten big Devil Lord is strongest, therefore he invited other nine Devil Lord to come to here to ambush Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, finally another nine Devil Lord died, only then Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord can live, he has wounded Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but where he also very went to......” Duan Chong to say him to know that these that this and beforehand Huang Jintian said almost. Duan Chong knows, is the same with Duan Chong, after listening, Yun Xiaodao they clap and cheer, because that helped Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord ancient influence in the past, finally unexpectedly was brought to work as the shield by Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord. Said that these Devil Lord are the deliberate slaughter days? Haven't they formed the slaughter day alliance? Finally was really also succeeded by them.” Shen Xiang sighed, not only killed Celestial Emperor, but also made 10th-layer Heaven decompose. Duan Chong shakes the head saying: This I am not clear, Emperor Heaven is not easy to destroy completely, moreover after Great Emperor of Ten Heavens severe wound, does not represent him whatever butchers, he also has strength to construct Emperor's Tomb to himself, has handled then also many matters...... Decomposes as for Emperor Heaven, was decomposed by whom, what important matter during that time also had? This is the answer that our Duan Family has looked.” Shen Xiang looks at all around mountain, is green, but actually turns into one piece to lose plant now, before here Spirit Qi not, was so rich, this is not because here turns into Purgatory, but this. Gives his feeling is, this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength slowly weakens. I thought that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord have the relation, this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord restored certainly the injury in the deep sleep, but was actually awakened by us, he is in a rage with the big strength suffers us, who knows that makes him consume very seriously, therefore this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory will become death Qi heavy, suffered my strength to drop.” Shen Xiang's speculated that also wins the Long Xueyi approval, she and Shen Xiang's insight is very keen, can feel clearly this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength is dropping. Said that we did have the opportunity to exit?” Zhu Rong excitedly said, for serveral days for him was the nightmare, but this truly let his become stronger, this was lucky that beforehand Duan Chong has taught their practice sutra, can, when was suffered, came practice using the pain. Shen Xiang nodded: But also wants long time, moreover we must promote strength, when necessary, we must contend with Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord!”

Duan Chong sees Shen Xiang eyes glittering the wisdom ray, hastily to ask: Said that what you do have to plan inadequately?” Now they are soaked forcefully in the black lava, although being insufficient makes them send out one to call out now intermittently, but that pain also makes them very uncomfortable, they do not have enough strength to get rid of this black to melt Yantan now. Naturally has, now starts to promote the strength, weakens Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord strength while convenient, this fellow estimates in the deep sleep, we certainly can when the time comes rumble to break here space to exit!” Shen Xiang is confident, when necessary: We must face Nirvana Tribulation! This place is very strange, is not in Mysterious Realm can avoid Nirvana Tribulation likely, our present together, if who breaks through, must result is affected!” Thinks of Nirvana Tribulation, Yun Xiaodao they several faces were green, especially and Shen Xiang this monster together, they know that Shen Xiang's cultivation base be higher than them, moreover itself so heaven defying, Nirvana Tribulation definitely will also be very fearful. What fears, doesn't have Old Duan?” Shen Xiang said with a smile very optimistically. Xiao Chou is painstakingly green the face forced smile saying: Master, you are the alchemy master, such changes...... Abnormal, Nirvana Tribulation is not definitely weak, the Old Duan strength is so formidable, will only draw on stronger Nirvana Tribulation, we depend such nearly, died!” Relax, can cross, didn't you say? I am the alchemy master, I have enough pills to restore the injury to you, isn't Life Returning Pill?” Shen Xiang this caring, he instead has not hoped that Nirvana Tribulation comes more violent, quite makes them use the Nirvana Tribulation promotion strength. Then quickly gives us now pills of promotion skill, for example Five Elements Profound Dan anything, has Heaven Level pill also to come 200-300 grains.” Zhu Rong hurriedly said.

200-300 grains of Heaven Level pill? You think that is the soybean! My grain of Heaven Level pill does not have.” Shen Xiang despises visits him quickly, he has certainly, but does not want to stare by this Little fatty. Shen Xiang, did present range three territories discuss shortly after? According to your disposition, you must participate in three territories to discuss, you make Subduing Dragon Sect, is this reason, right!” Lian Mingdong said with a smile. „Does dead student, you also keep thinking about my these high level pill?” Shen Xiang has also smiled. Shen Xiang, you did not say that makes us a bit faster promote the strength? Now takes, I have not eaten Heaven Level pill!” Teng Ying said. Shen Xiang looks at Teng Ying, in the heart is criticizing Long Xueyi, White Dragon and Qilin Thunder Hawk is the antique one type, has the gluttonous problem! Zhu Rong, Yun Xiaodao, Xu Weilong, Xiao Chou and Lian Mingdong eye braves the none remaining to look at Shen Xiang, hoping Shen Xiang can put out a wicker basket Heaven Level pill, then they can like eating the bean eat Heaven Level pill to promote the strength crazily. Relax, you do not need to eat Heaven Level pill I also to make you promote the strength rapidly, but you must eat another thing.” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth curl upwards slightly, sinister smile. Zhu Rong sees the Shen Xiang deceitful facial expression, swallows the saliva: Shen Xiang, my present hearty appetite just picked, do not destroy my hearty appetite, before Old Duan that move of any Chaotic Dance of Wild Flowers, making me see that the meat wants to spit!”

Little fatty, has the opportunity I to make you see to be fiercer!” Duan Chong laughs, making on Zhu Rong their faces feel sick, unexpectedly is fiercer! Shen Xiang looks at not far away a mountain, at this time Duan Chong had guessed correctly that he must they eat to any Zhu Rong, his suddenly has smiled. Although with that move, although practices is not the good thing, but truly can eat . Moreover the effect is at least same as Earth Level High-Grade Dan, even close Heaven Level pill.” Duan Chong said with a smile. Shen Xiang emits vast Divine Power, covers that mountain, formidable Divine Power gathers together, revealed that the golden multi-colored sunlight, turns into one to load a mountain huge pill furnace! Sees among that translucent golden pill furnace to load a mountain, Zhu Rong they, although is very shocking, but actually immediately understands that Shen Xiang must eat anything to them! unexpectedly must eat the stone and mud to them! Shen Xiang in must display Heaven Refining Technique, eats here mountain and pill pellet of earth refined into grains of implication pure energies, not only gives Zhu Rong them to eat, he must eat!