World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 996
The Heavenly Thunder Purgatory beautiful scenery ruined completely, these green mountain are bare one piece, but in these mountains is still containing rich Spirit Qi. Such that if they guesses with Shen Xiang, this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord have the relation, so long as consumes the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory energy, quite in consuming the Devil Lord energy, but this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory absorbs Spirit Qi to come from outside crazily, must know that outside lets, but Emperor Heaven, has the inexhaustible energy, the speed rapidness of Heavenly Thunder Purgatory absorption, can make up not long. It seems like I must speed up the time to build up to be many some pill!” Shen Xiang both eyes project the none remaining, looks that distant place that by the great great illusion magic treasure furnace is wrapping the great mountain, that mountain was built up by him instantaneously, inside Spirit Qi is not many, pill who builds up, the quality will not be high! Saw Shen Xiang to build up the mountain with huge Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, Yun Xiaodao they were exclaiming in surprise in the heart, if Shen Xiang came alchemy with this way frequently, did not need the material! After Shen Xiang builds up a mountain, thinks insufficient, has to control Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to transfer to a nearby mountain, will cover, then burns the refined into pure energy, fuses before the energy that mountain turns into. Big Brother Shen, how do you are deliver the flame?” Yun Xiaodao thinks very mysteriously, he side Shen Xiang, sensible temperature promotion, moreover in distant place that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is actually burning very exuberant raging fire, can burn down big rocky mountain flame! Now Shen Xiang uses truly is not the flame in within the body, now he in carrying on cheap refinement . Moreover the distance is also far, with own flame, although, but consumes greatly, controls with Divine Power is also very simple, the flame that now he uses is the spirit fire, he according to Heaven Refining Technique inside method, withdraws fire attribute Spirit Qi from Spirit Qi, will turn into the pure flame, pours into Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, such one, what he consumes is only Divine Power! Reason that Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Heaven Refining Technique puts together, that is because Heaven Refining Technique is very high to individual Divine Sense request, but Spirit Slaughtering Technique can practice the Divine Soul thing! According to Duan Chong that Heaven Refining Technique be much fiercer than Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, but Spirit Slaughtering Technique also can only be Heaven Refining Technique foundation cultivation technique.

Before Duan Chong has urged Shen Xiang, cannot display Heaven Refining Technique before others, but now is actually as a last resort, otherwise Shen Xiang will not use this heaven defying divine art in the Devil Lord domain. Illusionary Brilliant Furnace reaches as high as ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), is translucent golden crystal is likely ordinary, stands erect above the earth, the top of the head sky, looked at the past in the distant place, shocked grandly! Illusionary Brilliant Furnace most lower level is burning the raging flame, the middle is the great mountain that these were burnt to build up, under the Shen Xiang's refinement, several thousand zhang (3.33 m) high great mountain, will turn into the pure gaseous state energy, these impurities were patted completely, only leaves behind the best thing! The Illusionary Brilliant Furnace uppermost that matter can be used to congeal pill's Qi mist, but Shen Xiang thought that also insufficiently concentrates high quality pill, therefore he stores up there temporarily! This is because in Shen Xiang's Divine sea has the vast Divine Power support, luckily before him , a devour Divine Sense formidable day Devil Monarch king, making his Divine Soul enter into Perfection Realm, otherwise he is hard to achieve all these now! Three double-hour, he built up over a hundred mountains, the energy in these great mountains containing imagine compared with him many. He is first time with Heaven Refining Technique great mountain refined into pill, but this does not have what difficulty for him, but needs to release massive Divine Power, refines Illusory Ghost Eagle when him is easier. Now he can such smooth build up one after another, this was lucky before him , when refines Illusory Ghost Eagle experience that gains. „Didn't Big Brother Shen, have? 100 mountains.” Yun Xiaodao they were soaked in this black lava pond have a period of time, now has been familiar with that type to suffer, although cannot shriek and howl wildly painful, but actually crosses very aridly, they want a bit faster to finish such day.

Also early, you are thinking that these mountains are precious mountain are inadequate? Without many Spirit Qi, pill quality that builds up will not be high!” Shen Xiang said: Through such way pill who to build up the high quality, needs to carry on the energy compresses highly, repeated temperance! Is same on for example the hammering, must carry on a very big iron folds repeatedly thrashes, the impurity removes at the same time, reduces together the essence fusion, can forge the best fine iron, alchemy is also this truth!” „When is just like such as you practice, needs repeatedly extrudes together the True Qi fusion, making the quality promote, then through these high-quality True Qi development dantians, making the dantian turn into a good vessel, can hold stronger True Qi.” Zhu Rong said: Words if this had continued, the surrounding mountain was built up not to have by you not long, what when the time comes do you build up?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: When the time comes you knew, I estimated that at least 10,000 mountain refined into pill can have very big use, should be able to calculate Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan!” Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan! Shen Xiang can refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan now, this lets Zhu Rong they surprisedly, this is equal to the Dan King strength, their very clear Shen Xiang in the adolescence process of road of alchemy, this was really too quick! Shen Xiang sees their facial expressions, shakes the head smiles: If with the normal method, refines normal pill, I most can only refine Earth Level middle-grade, my present range Earth Level High-Grade also has the 1st Stage distance! pill who now I refine is not conventional pill!” For example super Iron Bone Dan that he refines, normally does not build up the law, but belongs to refine Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, now he uses mountain alchemy is also so. Duan Chong is exclaiming in surprise in side secretly, according to the Shen Xiang present alchemy level, that is great alchemist, quick can become Dan Ancestor, is in itself one is powerful, attacks to kill powerful martial artist, but actually simultaneously is the alchemy master of this rank.

10,000 mountains...... Nearby this at most is more than 1000!” Xiao Chou wants to break the head, cannot find out Shen Xiang to use any means solution this issue, other people are also same. In the past the half of the day, the sky became dark red, approached the night, the stars were blushed to cover, place that Shen Xiang they were, all around mountain did not have, was built up into Illusionary Brilliant Furnace by Shen Xiang completely, 2321, did not have, I could not see the distant place to have the mountain!” Yun Xiaodao said. The speed that Shen Xiang clears off vegetation from a hillside now is getting more and more fast, Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside is reducing the energy are getting more and more, now he continually consumes Divine Power to display Heaven Refining Technique. You opened the eye to look!” Shen Xiang is smiling, emits massive Divine Power, then has roared low and deep, sees only on all around that bare flat land suddenly to present big piece of pale golden Qi mist, covered in all directions, seems covering entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory. These pale golden Qi mist dispersing, all around suddenly presents the dense and numerous mountains, this makes Duan Chong they look stares at to be dumbfounded!