World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 997
The Shen Xiang forehead is infiltrating the sweat slightly, he to make more mountains, already made Long Xueyi seek with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, he put the distant place Divine Power a moment ago, displays Form Displacement Shadow, moves to a big piece of mountain, this is the consumption are many his many Divine Power! I, so long as builds up this furnace, can rest a period of time, this furnace should be able to build up many grains to come!” Shen Xiang said that he must continue to support now, if not good, must borrow Long Xueyi's Divine Power. 10,000 mountain actually refines several grains, I also think that only refines one grain!” Teng Ying said. Naturally is not, I planned that now the one breath built up 30,000 mountains, this possibly is my present limit, requires ten days of probably, if the massive energy height compression, the quality will be higher, when the time comes branches out many grains again, can raise high the quality.” Shen Xiang thinks that then also has very huge project, cannot help but sighed. „If not this, will unable to consume the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory energy, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord will wake quickly, he should the repair injury now in the deep sleep.” Shen Xiang starts to discuss with Long Xueyi now, plans to borrow Long Xueyi's strength, reaches one's goal instantly! Shen Xiang eats up restores Divine Power pills, but restores not many, because his Divine sea is huge, moreover Divine Power be much higher than the Divine Sense quality, on him these restored Divine Power pill unable to satisfy him. dragon brat, lends me your Divine Power, I must emit three Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, speeds up the speed refinement, I worried that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord will be waking in this period, so long as consumes this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory energy unceasingly fast, can make the speed that he restores slow.” Now Shen Xiang more definite Heavenly Thunder Purgatory and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord have very important connection. Um, I help you seek for crystal stones mineral lode while convenient, built up massive crystal stones is most quickly is best.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang suddenly overflows white cloud, he induced Long Xueyi's Divine sea immediately, that inside Divine Power was the white, Divine Power compared with his, Divine sea compared with his big, this made him very surprised, now he can use Long Xueyi's Divine Power at any time!

He was not clear, why he can with Long Xueyi such smooth establishes the relation, borrows Long Xueyi's strength to be relaxed, according to the words of common sense, this is very difficult to achieve, he has asked Long Xueyi, Long Xueyi said before , has signed some type of contract with him, moreover takes possession in his many years, can accomplish. The mountain that Yun Xiaodao they several Illusionary Brilliant Furnace are swallowing has many places, but suddenly two great mountains were covered by the white light, unexpectedly presented two huge Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, but this is translucent white huge pill furnace, looks like seems like alchemic furnace that two giant icebergs carve! Simultaneously carries on three to build up! This makes in the Duan Chong heart shock the extreme, to his knowledge, must achieve these step to request to Divine Power to be very high, he thinks Shen Xiang could not support, who knows that actually probably suddenly ate Immortal Dan to be the same, Divine Power was stronger than before, was more vigorous. I first was familiar with this god technique before, now has resulted in similarly, but I am away from Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that degree also! I guessed that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens can the quarter into different spirit pattern on each, lets these herbs the quality be higher, refinement time, but also the use fiercer building up law, the speed is faster, the effect is better, moreover can carry on builds up!” Shen Xiang said that Heaven Refining Technique that he grasps now is only the superficial knowledge, if he can a more thorough study, have stronger Divine Power, refines tens of thousands mountains is only the small gift. Ten days, Shen Xiang has displayed many Form Displacement Shadow, transfers more great mountains, Long Xueyi's Divine Power is very luckily vigorous, can make him support now. At this moment, Illusionary Brilliant Furnace reduced, near the black lava pond, with the normal pill furnace same size, inside has one group looks like very blazing golden light fog, ray that sends out, making people think that seems several Sun fuses together such! But this group of light fog Shen Xiang condense tens of thousands mountains, have burnt to build up after mystical refinement method, had absorbed in this period also massive Spirit Qi, at this time was carrying on the final fining by Shen Xiang with Universe Fire. Old Duan, your if wanted ?” Shen Xiang asked.

Does not use, you eat well, I eat this rank pill to be useless now.” Duan Chong shakes the head. Shen Xiang sends out the dazzling multi-colored sunlight golden mist to analyze six groups that group, this is to Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong their six, the energy that inside contains were many, suffices them to build up long time. Big Brother Shen, don't you eat?” Yun Xiaodao looks that golden pill pellet forms gradually, this only then six grains, give them obviously. Shen Xiang said: Eats, but is not now, I must accelerate to make Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength consume, otherwise Devil Lord wakes up, we did not have the opportunity.” Six grains of golden pill pellet have formed, quality high, after leaving Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, is spraying [gold/metal] Rainbow, the aura is steaming, and is very heavy! Eats up quickly, speeds up time to build up, after your strength promotion, we attempt again together, looked that can break Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord to seal strength that we suppose.” Shen Xiang said: Now these seal strength already weak little!” For this reason, therefore Shen Xiang believes firmly, so long as builds up Heavenly Thunder Purgatory inside energy, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord strength will weaken. Yun Xiaodao several people of hastily eat up, body was winding around by golden mist, at this moment they soak in the black lava pond, receives Thunder Fire succinct, simultaneously by the huge pressure forcing that seal strength produces, this can a better help they digest that grain of pill.

Shen Xiang names this pill for Ten Thousand Mountain Pill, when can only carry on the mass destruction can use, if uses outside, will only cause the massive mountains to vanish, is not a good deed. Shen Xiang, you?” Duan Chong saw Yun Xiaodao several people to practice, then inquired. I resume the beforehand consumption first, I induced to the distant place have crystal stones mineral lode, that mineral lode Spirit Qi speeds up vanishing, thinks that is Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord is absorbing these Spirit Qi to restore to come.” Shen Xiang said. „Did you build up crystal stones mineral lode?” Duan Chong is startled to ask. Hehe, when I rest will say from now on again that I restore on absorption that mineral lode Spirit Qi now!” Shen Xiang smiles, sees only in upper air suddenly to have the sending out white light white fog together to shuttle back and forth, is conspicuous in the dark red sky! This white clouds are similar to the water column that spout from a place, shuttles back and forth from the distant place, then falls into the Shen Xiang's top of the head, was inhaled within the body to build up by him, is supplementing consumption Divine Power. This is very pure Spirit Qi, this is Long Xueyi Dragon Inhale Water achieves through her Dragon Clan secret method, this can also supplement that her consumption, she gives Shen Xiang taking advantage of Divine Power, was exhausted.