World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 998
Long Xueyi can absorb massive Spirit Qi from crystal stones mineral lode of distant place, but the quantity are not many, cannot follow Shen Xiang's to build up the speed, therefore he can only eat up some high rank spirit herb to restore. Yun Xiaodao their several people entered the practice condition, their environment are bad, but has not actually affected them, instead can better disciplines their mood. Although Shen Xiang grasps many high level spirit herb, but he does not have to build up these spirit herb abilities, if puts in pill furnace to burn down, in vain will only waste spirit herb! Spirit Qi that in high level spirit herb contains is unusual, moreover is hot tempered, the quality is higher, more is hard to surrender, let alone and other hot tempered herbal Spirit Qi fusions. His present Divine Power can arrive to control the Heaven Level low-grade herbs stage, alchemy technique that but he grasps actually cannot arrive at that stage, only if he can grasp 4th level Multiple Refining Simulation Technique, this can let refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan. Shen Xiang is absorbing massive Spirit Qi, revolution Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, builds up the become god strength these Spirit Qi, fills Divine sea. Three days passed by, he is full of vigor, but Long Xueyi used for day to restore, she only needed to eat some spirit fruit, can rapidly restore to come, this point Shen Xiang could not compare her. Can start to clear off vegetation from a hillside?” Duan Chong teased, now he will not be surprised, because he looked numbly. Naturally is not, I built up greasily, now I must build up!” Shen Xiang after the consumption, felt extremely Divine Soul Realm has promoted, although is very small, but this type can realize obviously the promotion can be said as very huge. He cultivates Divine Dao so not to be quick like Long Xueyi this Imperial Dragon, therefore his present Realm is hard to promote, only if goes to devour these to practice Divine Dao to have a period of time Divine Soul, or is seeks for some high level God Refining and so on pill, otherwise must progress very much has tried hard, he was too not worried in this aspect, because he thought that wants the Spirit Slaughtering Technique further comprehension, can perhaps advanced by leaps and bounds Builds up?” Although Duan Chong does not know how Shen Xiang must build up, but he already gently took a deep breath, because he knows that quick can broaden the outlook.

Shen Xiang emits Divine Power, sees only Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that a huge [gold/metal] white multi-colored sunlight turns into to appear in the front hundred zhang (3.33 m) places, this Illusionary Brilliant Furnace still and mountain is generally giant, but this time is the golden color and white multi-colored sunlight is taking turn, translucent, can see in pill furnace This time he still borrows Long Xueyi's strength, this can make his Divine Power stronger. Comes!” Shen Xiang controls Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, making the black lava pond that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace covers them to be , the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace three feet touch, has not pressed them, moreover that strength that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord releases is still suppressing them, keeping them from leaving this lava pond Earth Swallowing Technique!” Shen Xiang Divine sea inside Divine Power suddenly wells up crazily, pale golden Divine Power turns into Qi mist, is similar to the water the ripple is ordinary, assumes the circular to rush in all directions. The water ripple that Duan Chong sees these to well up golden Qi mist that forms, although is rippling, but does not ripple outward, but contracts inward! Earth unexpectedly is centered on the black lava pond that they are is contracting, Duan Chong can see ground many pits from the distant place rapid traverse, now he understands that Earth Swallowing Technique is any reason! The ground by mysterious golden mist devour that Shen Xiang releases, then flows in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, undergoes the method refinement of Heaven Refining Technique in inside, can build up to turn into pill, is better than time the beforehand devour energy. If so, Shen Xiang did not need to move the mountain of distant place, so long as the devour earth centered on him, mountain in all directions will move fast, when the time comes was not only these mountains, massive crystal stones mineral lode, Shen Xiang this move was really too terrifying! This Earth Swallowing Technique is in Earth Slaughtering Technique one method, is the same with Earth Shrinking Step, but needs very strong strength and Divine Power and with together, forms one type to smelt the earth instantaneously strange strength!

True Qi of his within the body has met standard, but Divine Power is not good, if not Long Xueyi's Divine Power fuses with him, he is unable to use this move! This also after him and Long Xueyi's Divine Power fusion long time, can perfect be mutually harmonious, making him control this formidable Divine Power to achieve thoroughly, now he can achieve, but is very strenuous. Uses Earth Swallowing Technique to come the devour Heavenly Thunder Purgatory earth, this can consume Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength quickly, can make Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord be hard to revive in a short time, moreover can refine quality better pill, Shen Xiang estimated that they digestion can build up Ten Thousand Mountain Pill before Yun Xiaodao, can make them eat up this pill one after another. Duan Chong said: This matter makes these little rascal keep secret surely!” Shen Xiang nodded: What my present devour is only depth reaches 3000 zhang (3.33 m) ground, if in shallow layer crystal stones mineral lode, I can also build up directly, can present one, was enough!” Has used for two days, Shen Xiang on devour many many earth, moreover makes him bump into crystal stones mineral lode, at this time his Divine Power has consumed almost, if not Long Xueyi is eating many spirit herb in inside, is unable to make up. It seems like I, only then with that move, helping you rapidly restore Divine Power, your own consumption can rapidly restore with pills, but Divine Power was not good!” Long Xueyi complexion suddenly enforces With what move?” Shen Xiang sees a Long Xueyi face earnest appearance, is very curious. Spirit Gathering Technique, my Divine Soul compared with your, the speed that I restore is quicker than you, if my Divine Soul and your Divine Soul together, I can help you rapidly restore to come Long Xueyi to say.

That has not used quickly! You have this move, why doesn't use earlier?” Shen Xiang said pleasantly surprised that he has not tried and Long Xueyi's Divine Soul fusion, now is only Long Xueyi lends him deep sea inside Divine Power at most. Snort, others are only good not to consider that clear if wanted such does!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. What can also consider? Hurry up, that medium crystal stones mineral lode in me at present, I needs massive Divine Power to display Earth Swallowing Technique to swallow crystal stones mineral lode.” Shen Xiang urged. Spirit Gathering Technique, is our Divine Soul unions, your idiot!” Long Xueyi honk the mouth was saying: When the time comes I enter your deep sea, my Divine Soul strips off the clothes and you make that! Although is not on the human body, but others good and bad is a girl, this life important matter must give careful consideration!” After Shen Xiang hears these words, something on body has curled upwards slightly! Especially thinks that with Long Xueyi this big breast dragon makes that time, although is only Divine Soul is doing, but also the person was excited! Xueyi, this matter truly needs to give careful consideration, if not the circumstance is stern at present, I will also consider one. Now I put in great inconvenience myself, making you occupy convenient, Mu Selong comes quickly!” The Shen Xiang badly bad laughter spreads to the Long Xueyi's mind.