World Defying Dan God - Volume 10 - Chapter 999
Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi are using Divine Soul to exchange, and nobody hears their dialogs. Was your brother little rascal occupies my big convenient to be right, humph, humph!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted, was then entering in Shen Xiang's Divine sea. Shen Xiang's Divine sea has dried up, in the middle is his some spiritual unsatisfactory Divine Soul, looks like and he is equally big, moreover badly is smiling wear a look, looks at that young girl appearance, white Female Dragon of devil stature walks at present. Long Xueyi is digging the small mouth, arrives at side Shen Xiang, tender sound track: What's wrong, is must on this Dragon Emperor driving you be good? I delivered, you also think that my fight was inadequate?” Shen Xiang has swooped immediately, takes off the Long Xueyi's clothes, but the Long Xueyi's body was actually being covered by a white light, making him unable to see these wonderful attractive things, but he can actually touch with the hand obtains, this makes him always feel that is not that crisp. Hee hee, this is only Divine Soul, what does not represent your to be competent, moreover my Divine Soul compared with your great strength, you think really you can act in a self-serving manner to me?” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Do not be rampant!” Shen Xiang falls down Long Xueyi, has rubbed two on him, then pushes directly into, the union of Divine Soul with is just different, although feels has, but always thought that has been short of anything that he imagines. Do not play, you must a bit faster restore Divine Power. This is only the contact of Divine Soul, sense of reality little, how I teach you to carry on Spirit Gathering now, achieves the goal that you want.” Long Xueyi sees on the Shen Xiang face that some facial expressions of losing, cannot help but giggle smiles. In the Shen Xiang mind presents 1st Stage chant sutra, at this time he felt that own Divine Soul and Long Xueyi's Divine Soul melt together, at this time he and Long Xueyi very marvelous feelings, are beyond description, that make them feel in brief very strange. Must start, enclasps me!” Although Long Xueyi maturity were many, but the body very tender Xiao Ling jade, just spoke these words in her, Shen Xiang lowers the head to hold her tender and delicate red lips, then somewhat crude extends the tongue.

Well!” Long Xueyi revolts immediately, has nipped the Shen Xiang's tongue gently, wants to make Shen Xiang give way before difficulties, who knows that this actually causes her fragrant tongue to tie down by Shen Xiang. Long Xueyi's tongue tender and slippery soft, selects to drag down in Shen Xiang's, stopped the revolt gradually, but to the relieving, is avoiding Shen Xiang! As Shen Xiang goes in the tongue thoroughly, she did not have the leeway of avoidance, but has along with Shen Xiang, the Xiao Xiang tongue and Shen Xiang twines together. Although this is Divine Soul, but Shen Xiang actually plays especially exciting, at this time by him according to underground tender and delicate young beautiful woman, but a dragon turns, moreover stature fiery, although sense of reality is short slightly, but this is makes him have a very intense conquering desire. little rascal, was careful that I bite to death you!” Long Xueyi breathes heavily tenderly was saying that white hands are pinching the Shen Xiang back meat. Where do you want to nip my?” Shen Xiang looks that brings Long Xueyi that charming is getting angry slightly, said with a smile very much evilly. In Divine sea that unknowingly, Shen Xiang that dries up, suddenly wells up massive golden Divine Power, Divine Power rapidly is restoring, but he had not thought one have made anything, was only a moment ago and Long Xueyi kiss, while defers to revolves that chant that she said. Long Xueyi purses the lips: Made you occupy big convenient, next time I must ask for!” Shen Xiang is holding this fragrance soft exquisite luster of the skin, is rolling in the Divine Power sea, said with a smile: Welcome you to use this way to ask for at all times, kiss, you do not have what loss again in any case, under us already......” Long Xueyi grins coldly snorted, then collects on own initiative the small mouth, on the side of the tongue and Shen Xiang wadding entangle, the tooth once for a while is also nipping the Shen Xiang's tongue.

The Shen Xiang's main body in black lava pond, in the room of Long Xueyi's main body in Hidden Jade Ring, just her main body crazily is still eating some spirit herb fruit and flowers, is used to restore own Divine Power, simultaneously helps Shen Xiang rapidly restore Divine Power through Spirit Gathering Technique, and nobody knows that their Divine Soul are entangling in the fervor wadding, moreover affected the main body, enabling their flesh and blood to have some response with emotions. Half double-hour, Shen Xiang's Divine sea had been fulled floaded operation by golden Divine Power, the Long Xueyi character and style ten thousand farmed white Shen Xiang one, light lightly snorted, then left his Divine sea. Shen Xiang woke up, has opened the eye, discovered one also in that black lava pond, all that a moment ago and Long Xueyi made, such as the dream such as was drunk, probably had a fond dream to be ordinary, illusory, but also was very real, that feeling made him taste, moreover made this time spirit very full. This matter did not permit to say.” Long Xueyi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, expression hidden bitterness, making Shen Xiang remember this white Female Dragon that different kind charming. Can come frequently?” Shen Xiang anticipated very asked. Wants not to think that do not visit me usually such, but I am not a casual dragon!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted, but on that fine face micro is red. Hehe.” Shen Xiang smiled, at this time Earth Swallowing Technique is still carrying on, big piece of crystal stones mineral lode is built up. That huge pill furnace of Shen Xiang top of the head starts to shake, proved strength that inside smelts reached the limit that he controls, now he has to stop the devour earth, all strength for congealing pill. Had beforehand has refined the experience of Ten Thousand Mountain Pill, this Shen Xiang progressed very smoothly, quick caused six firn white pill to come, he named as Earth Profound Dan this pill!

Then he must continue to refine, moreover must improve the speed, in a short time the devour massive earth, give itself to refine grain of quality extremely high Earth Profound Dan. Before him that crazy devour, the earth is similar to the current of water is common, from rushes him in all directions in it place, therefore these stem from surface crystal stones mineral lode also to move toward him, before his devour half crystal stones mineral lode, currently also has the larger part, moreover will then also swallow several! Ten Thousand Mountain Pill that before Yun Xiaodao they built up melted, has eaten, now they are trying to attack the bottleneck, if successful, when the time comes they also and so on will cross Nirvana Tribulation. Shen Xiang completely sends in his top of the head that gigantic Illusionary Brilliant Furnace remaining that half crystal stones mineral lode quickly, receives to burn to build up in inside, meanwhile continues to display Earth Swallowing Technique, earth devour, turns into the gaseous state energy the earth, pours into Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, treats as herbs for alchemy. Not long, his Divine Power consumed, but Long Xueyi has been lending him Dragon Force, Long Xueyi's Divine Power was also used many, now she has to help the Shen Xiang restoration with that Spirit Gathering Technique again. Long Xueyi arrives in Shen Xiang's Divine sea once again. Honest point......” Long Xueyi, although said that but finally she and Shen Xiang become very dishonest, they are infatuated with the beforehand that strange wonderful feeling, quick entangle on the absorbed wadding......