World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1002
Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder suddenly appears, making many influences Big Shot extremely pay attention, but they do not welcome Subduing Dragon Sect's to arrive, because most people want to hit the Subduing Dragon Sect's attention! White Tiger arrives at Heavenly Thunder City to go straight, quick through inquiring the news knew that some Shen Xiang's matters, he also can only wait for Shen Xiang to come out now, he knows many regarding that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, but he cannot determine that Shen Xiang can also come out. In Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, all over the sky Five Colors Cloud, this Tribulation Force is fermenting crazily, strength that extracts is comes in Zitian thunder Purgatory, such one, can weaken Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord strength effectively, if Tribulation Force lowers, Shen Xiang they must pay very serious price. If such does not do, they do not have the means to get out of trouble, moreover Shen Xiang had very big assurance to cross this Five Elements Heavenly Fire Lightning Tribulation! Five days passed by, Tribulation Force has not lowered, instead is continues to ferment, because Yun Xiaodao their several people defer to Shen Xiang's to do, carries on the limit compression True Qi in within the body, making their dantian internal energies hold many True Qi, eats up Shen Xiang to their Earth Profound Dan, they depended upon compression massive True Qi, unexpectedly have surpassed the limit! This was they do not dare to imagine before, they think that reached the limit to need to cross time Nirvana Tribulation to break through the bottleneck, can continue to promote the strength, but these time under the huge pressure, they have to carry on another challenge, an unprecedented challenge! Moreover they have succeeded now! They can feel time that Nirvana Tribulation lowers, but actually suddenly retarded now, moreover is ten days, this lets in their hearts is surprised, Five Elements Heavenly Fire Lightning Tribulation made their pressures very big, let alone now? Yun Xiaodao they look at Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang still closes one's eyes, but also is building up that grain of Earth Profound Dan, his grain they eat Zhu Rong is much fiercer. Big Brother Shen, if breaks through, is Nirvana Tribulation that brings in what kind of? Our six people have brought in twice, in addition Big Brother Shen this abnormal alchemy master, Old Duan...... his mother, can this be called peerless great tribulation?” Yun Xiaodao was whispering in a low voice. Shen Xiang previous peerless great tribulation of crossing was several thousand people initiates, but this time population were few, but actually initiated by a very rare opportunity, Nirvana Tribulation that they must face, the might perhaps not under that thousand people of great tribulation that Shen Xiang crossed.

Sees the Shen Xiang's body to shiver violently . Moreover the five colors multi-colored sunlight inspires greatly, the quantity of heat of sends out be hotter than sky Five Colors Cloud, Duan Chong their several person hearts shrank one fiercely next 1 Shen Xiang eats up there Earth Profound Dan, operation many divine art carry on the terminal velocity to build up, now he has not congealed separately in beast image Heaven Dan embryo, this means that he can initiate Nirvana Tribulation! Was good, this Nirvana Tribulation will be evidently fiercer, your 20 grains of Life Returning Pill!” Shen Xiang puts out a jade box, 11 distributes Life Returning Pill to Zhu Rong they. Shen Xiang has Life Returning Pill herbs, but he has not actually been able to refine, he has many, but long time came to be consumed by him, distributed after Yun Xiaodao them, his only remaining more than 50 grains! Five Elements Profound Dan, everyone 20 grains, are used to restore True Qi!” These pill are useless to Duan Chong, but Shen Xiang has given him two grains of Multiplying Pill, this is to save a life to use, can cross this Nirvana Tribulation smoothly, but must look at Duan Chong. Previous time can live in that thousand people of great tribulation , because one crowd of expert collaborate to resist some Tribulation Force, but I hide by them, can support! The Old Duan strength is very strong, Tribulation Force that front lowers he must support should not to have the issue, but that will also cause him to lose is very big!” Shen Xiang starts to deal with the plan of Nirvana Tribulation to say him now: Therefore cannot let on Old Duan from the beginning, but is we resists Tribulation Force, protects Old Duan! Cannot make Old Duan have any damage, in any event must support to the Tribulation Force strongest stage!” Tribulation Force often is the final time interval most intensive emergence, moreover is also very strong!” Shen Xiang this was according to his previous time crossed thousand people of great tribulation to experiencing.

It is well known, the Nirvana Tribulation also advantage, examines own strength, simultaneously quenchings own aspects, although Tribulation Force of first stage is also very strong, but I thought that we can also withstand!” Zhu Rong they nodded, rear Tribulation Force is strongest, they could not resist, might as well gave the section. „Before we experience , after Nirvana Tribulation of stage, definitely meets the severe wound, but when Old Duan for I resist, we can the condition regain the peak, in order to avoid Old Duan cannot withstand, then we are Old Duan win the time again, making him use Multiplying Pill to restore!” If on Shen Xiang does not have these many high level pill, he does not have such confidence certainly! These time is not only to cope with Nirvana Tribulation, but must cope with Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord to flee Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, this was their only opportunity! Old Duan, this time looked your!” The Shen Xiang facial expression is stern. Duan Chong nodded: If this time can become, perhaps I also will break through, for a long time does not know what Nirvana Tribulation is!” Airborne Five Colors Cloud suddenly has had change, light glow becomes more intense, Tribulation Force that releases is threatening, comes smothery, what is frightening, unexpectedly on Five Colors Cloud also presented a purple-red cloud, does not know that what strength that is! 3rd level tribulation only then this?” Yun Xiaodao knits the brows saying: Feeling is somewhat weak!”

When Duan Chong sees that purple-red cloud, one that the complexion brushes becomes very ugly: That purple-red did not say, but is an energy, once was called Rune Force in the antique time!” Rune Force! Hears these two characters, the Shen Xiang's complexion is uglier than Duan Chong, the whole body is the sweat! What is Rune Force?” Zhu Rong sees Shen Xiang and Duan Chong complexion, he was frightened: Your two, must endure!” Shen Xiang said: You should know that formation needs spirit pattern to construct, but when we usually set up formation, carves spirit pattern, only then, with crystal stones inside strength, or is other thing inside energies activates spirit pattern! But in the world strength, most suits activates spirit pattern, can display these spirit pattern strength completely, that is Rune Force!” This Rune Force was also called natural strength, large formation that forms naturally , because contains Rune Force, therefore appears very formidable, this is also many Formation Grandmaster long-awaited energies, we activate spirit pattern through various methods now, can only display spirit pattern half strength at most, but if there is this Rune Force, then completely displays, large formation that arranges is formidable!” Duan Chong nodded, is Duan Family Patriarch, he naturally is skilled to formation these, they rob a grave on frequently to break the formation, moreover seeks the grave also to see helps the set up formation topography.