World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1003
Sees Shen Xiang also to compare to be skilled to formation, Duan Chong is actually very accidental, Shen Xiang is young, understands these many, this is rare, many people lived were very long, cannot be skilled in these many things like Shen Xiang. What then Rune Force does appeared representing?” Yun Xiaodao looks in the sky these purple-red cloud layers, is integrating in Five Colors Cloud slowly. Shen Xiang looked at Old Duan, sighed gently: Means great tribulation that we face, might present nature large formation, to strengthen this large formation, therefore Rune Force appeared! We can see in sky piece of Five Colors Cloud to present some spirit pattern quickly, afterward composes large formation, at that time was the time that great tribulation arrived at!” Lian Mingdong asked: Said that large formation was very fierce? What nature can be?” Shen Xiang and Duan Chong shook the head, Duan Chong said: Has not known, but is very likely attacks to kill large formation, is in itself the strength of to rely on Five Elements Heavenly Fire thunder, in brief very strong that's it!” Possibly five colors Heavenly Thunderfire is most formidable Tribulation Force at present, will therefore present Rune Force, constructs nature large formation, if it's going to be like this, must need the massive energy support to be good, still will consume many Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord now wakes up, is unable to prevent all these.” Duan Chong said. Outside Heavenly Thunder City, many people saw that huge Heavenly Thunder vortex turns into five colors is because in some people are crossing Nirvana Tribulation, brings in Five Elements Heavenly Thunder Fire Tribulation, this ominous tribulation mentioned in many ancient influence old books! Now many people can guess correctly that has not died in inside Shen Xiang and the others, moreover draws on this Five Elements Heavenly Thunder Fire Tribulation! General Nirvana Tribulation, again was also only such, Five Elements Heavenly Thunder Fire Tribulation few appearances, only if were several thousand people, tens of thousands people gathered together, just several people must cross Nirvana Tribulation to appear, but such, at most was thousand people of unrivalled great tribulation, Five Elements Heavenly Thunder Fire Tribulation little appeared! Five Elements Heavenly Thunder Fire Tribulation needs to ferment for five days five nights, but now already past six days, Five Colors Cloud has not diverged, this initiates more person's suspicions, generally crosses Nirvana Tribulation is also only a day, Five Colors Cloud has not diverged, the people think that Tribulation Force is also fermenting!

They many personally gather together, is unable to draw on this great tribulation, although also has fierce old fellow in their side!” Gu Dongchen looks very puzzled to Huang Jintian, wants to have a look at Huang Jintian to know anything. According to the view of Purple Moon Sacred Realm that group of people, that old fellow of their side is very strong, the strength endures to compare Demon Empress!” Yao Shumei said that Duan Chong gets rid, they at the scene, Feng Family, Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Flying Immortal Sect's people had not seen at that time. But that cannot, since ancient times, this matter occur much in Heaven World, I have one time not to be careful, entered a junior to cross the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation range, at that time had not initiated strong Nirvana Tribulation.” Demon Empress shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang is a alchemy master, Nirvana Tribulation that the alchemy master must face is very strong, moreover he is a very heaven defying fellow, perhaps they toss about anything matter to come in, possibly is they when transcends tribulation, pulled not to be uncertain that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord!” Hua Xiangyue said. If pulling Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, but also has the possibility really!” Huang Jintian nodded! Outside from all walks of life were guessing that Shen Xiang they can live coming back, these letter oath broad and level Shen Xiang did not have hope ancient influence, now worries that they initially saw side Shen Xiang to have strong old fellow, moreover is very familiar, if they can live coming out, then will be very disadvantageous to them! Five Colors Cloud appeared for ten days, at this time Shen Xiang they can see in the cloud layer of upper air, continuously is presenting purple-red spirit pattern, nature large formation is starting to construct. Shen Xiang and Duan Chong steadily look that they want to sense anything to come, after all this is large formation that naturally forms! Five Elements attacks to kill not entire, lacks the [gold/metal], only then wood, water, fire and earth!” Duan Chong concentrates the forehead to say.

In water has the ice, in wood has the wind and thunder, Fire Lightning, the earth fire, ices the wind, moreover spirit pattern of one group of many energy fusions, this nature large formation is very simple, but is very formidable!” Shen Xiang said. Duan Chong nodded, although Shen Xiang is simple, but that regarding Formation Grandmaster, actually this point is not simple, if no very rich spirit pattern knowledge to take the foundation, is very ugly. Why doesn't have the [gold/metal]? The [gold/metal] is also in the strength of Five Elements quite strong one, in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, the [gold/metal] manages to murder!” The Shen Xiang doubts said. Right, should have, added on some spirit pattern in several places 90%, had what mistake to be inadequate?” Duan Chong also very has doubts. Final several spirit pattern simultaneously outline, Rune Force integrates in Five Colors Cloud, will provide abundant strength to these spirit pattern, big piece of Five Colors Cloud suddenly seethes crazily, in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, the trim earth is shivering, earth suddenly was restrained by force to cover by one, the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory vast earth had many cracks. Must come!” Shen Xiang exclaimed. Also at this time, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord that suppressed their strength to vanish before, they can leave that black lava pond! Old Duan in the middle, our surround Old Duan!” Shen Xiang said that although they at this time do not have again by the strength suppression of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, but they had actually been blocked by Tribulation Force, is unable to flee. Shen Xiang their several people encircle a circle, Duan Chong stand in the middle, he will also be ready, in order to avoid when Shen Xiang they cannot endure can get rid.

Unsophisticated fire!” Shen Xiang sees sky suddenly to fall is similar to a continent giant stone, looks like seems like burning the giant stars. This giant stone is flat, suddenly from that big piece of Five Colors Cloud appears, above is burning the dreadful flame, that the speed rapidness that presses, attacks restrains by force, causes the big land complete disintegration that Shen Xiang they are, making them have to float. I come!” Xiao Chou bellows, whole body golden light is shining, looks like he of youngster appearance, body suddenly inflates, but sees only suddenly, becomes is similar to a ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high great mountain! Shen Xiang and Zhu Rong they see, has tarried instantaneously, Xiao Chou this time appearance, is similar to carries the giant of sky! Ha Ha, this is a Herculean Clan unknown secret!” Xiao Chou laughs, the sound is similar to thunder cry. This time Xiao Chou is not a virtual image, he becomes such greatly, the body is vivid, similarly is also containing very huge strength, his giant fist gushes out golden light, looks like probably is he fierce Yang Zhua in the hand general.