World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1004
Isn't a quite big stone? Isn't the flame exuberantly? Fierce?” Xiao Chou such as the thunder sound, reverberates in the world, shakes the ground to shake. That can destroy a continent's giant stone to pound to fall at the extremely quick speed, becomes ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high giant Xiao Chou also wields to bring the fist of invincible Divine Power, welcomed to the giant flint! Although Xiao Chou increases, but compares to that giant stone not worthy of mentioning, at least Shen Xiang they use the quickest speed to escape, is unable to flee the range that this giant stone presses! Bang! The great fist and giant stone bump into, immediately the earth shook and heavens spun shook, Five Colors Cloud in sky tumbles crazily, the flame burning hot on that giant flint, but the god fist of Xiao Chou fell into that stone the middle, at this time looks like, that giant flint is the same with the day, changes Xiao Chou of body giant contrasts actually appears very tiny! Gives me to break to pieces!” Xiao Chou rave, in the hand is gripping tightly fist suddenly dodges, that such as day common giant flint suddenly had the crack, in the crack also has golden light! Xiao Chou went crazy at this time likely generally, another fist pounds, the double fist back and forth unceasing bang hits that is descending the giant stone. hōng hōng hōng! Rumble sound continuously, that giant stone a moment ago by a Xiao Chou fist bang crack, but the fragment that these fall is very giant, but was also destroyed by the chaotic fist of Xiao Chou, turns into giant mountains, along with strength that explosion produces, scatters to the four directions! Xiao Chou has panted, quick changed the actually appearance, this time he consumed very greatly, looked at his thin and pale appearance, looked like presses out to do was the same. Restores quickly!” Shen Xiang nodded to Xiao Chou, the terror that Xiao Chou hides kills to incur, although can only use very short time, but the destructive power was very formidable, if later Xiao Chou adolescence gets up, goes to the bang to hit others' entrance with this method, who blocks pursues?

Now Shen Xiang understands why the Herculean Clan ability shakes Imperial Dragon Clan, before causing Long Xueyi, very repugnant Herculean Clan! Herculean Clan turns into the giant, the big dragon in these great person eyes, is similar to the small insect is the same, moreover Xiao Chou can also become greatly! This is the Herculean Clan genuine fierce place! What is?” Yun Xiaodao asked that at this time their pressure was very big, the first round was the stone that resulted in greatly does not make sense, if outside, enough destroyed Chenwu Mainland, let alone above that type of terrifying flame. Is Fire Lightning, who gets up?” Shen Xiang replied immediately. I come!” Teng Ying whole body lightning glow sparkles, but also spout [say / way] fire Qi, his body presented a blue scale, but also presents pair of fiery red behind him, is similar to the diamond common firm giant wing! This Teng Ying has not turned into Qilin Thunder Hawk does not have, but releases to protect the body the scales, meanwhile has that formidable wing, looks like looks like wearing armor formidable youngster, will be the same in the battlefield rush. Day Fire Lightning lowers, this is Heavenly Fire, the might and Shen Xiang all urges Universe Fire that sends to be equally formidable, moreover is bringing the golden crazy thunder, chops to hit instantaneously, overawes eight sides, the potential presses the world. Teng Ying also turns into a lightning, exits from the ground-level ejection, is almost flash's matter, he and attained the lightning to run upon, burst out intense golden light, has covered the trim world generally, that exploded is welling up the energy, making that crack earth to turn to well up! Came!” Shen Xiang shouted, Teng Ying had just kept off day Fire Lightning, was shaken by that strength flies, but now lowers together, he meets the approaching enemy immediately by the potential of thunderclap, fights with the fists to day Fire Lightning, extinguishes the day Fire Lightning tendency bang. „!”

Teng Ying one time has not met the approaching enemy, uses strongest strength, the present is only two strikes, makes him feel that one receives a continuous attack of expert to be common at risk of life! I break!” The Teng Ying flutter the wing, was welcoming to that the crazy thunder of several overcoming! Shen Xiang they gather together, therefore these lightning must attack, descends from their sky, a person can keep off! Condor, I helps!” Xu Weilong jump gets up fiercely, straight chops to hit to the sky, but below day Fire Lightning shoots, the speed is not slower than Teng Ying, is turning the meat fist, hits to that day Fire Lightning! pā! The Heaven-shaking thunderclap sound as if can tear sky general crack, Xu Weilong and Teng Ying unexpectedly receives two terrifying day Fire Lightning separately, Xu Weilong is humanity, the fleshly body intensity does not have Teng Ying to be strong, the fist was bruised and lacerated, braves intermittent Qi mist. Fire clay strength consumed completely on a moment ago that giant stone, but present day Fire Lightning should be the lightning way!” Shen Xiang just said that also crazy Thunder Xili crash-bang overcomes, intermittent thunder cry has the incomparable terror pressure to raid, Five Colors Cloud middle suddenly presented black hole, strength of huge portion terror releases from there. On!” Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and Lian Mingdong leap airborne, prevents day Fire Lightning to divide to hit, Shen Xiang and Old Duan tidy up these strongest Tribulation Force in the rear. Rare book Heavenly Thunderfire, is similar to the waterfall same falls in torrents, as if contained the lightning strength world to present a hole altogether, strength completely welled up! Yun Xiaodao their several people collaborate, show very formidable strength, although on everyone the wounds of some varying degrees, but this cannot make them flinch, moreover their blood of this time whole body has seethed with excitement, regards as the archenemy this Nirvana Tribulation!

Crazy day Fire Lightning of double-hour, hits the whole body body their several people burned black, dripping with blood, but they are still straight the back, is resisting crazy fierce day Fire Lightning, Shen Xiang and Duan Chong and is restoring Xiao Chou is watching under with rapt attention, they had not been affected by day Fire Lightning! As the thunder cry sound reverberation of last day Fire Lightning dissipates in the world gradually, between Heaven and Earth becomes is peaceful, Zhu Rong their five people have been scarred, strength in within the body has consumed almost. Eats up Life Returning Pill, following gives me!” Shen Xiang said that afterward is staring at that Five Colors Cloud middle black hole, that is the nature large formation heavy center. Natural large formation of mysterious Rune Force construction is formidable, if Shen Xiang, must resist front that two waves of Tribulation Force not to be perhaps easy. What then can be?” Shen Xiang does not dare to treat it lightly. Heavenly Thunderfire, moreover must be stronger than a moment ago.” Duan Chong complexion big change: You must be careful, this time day Fire Lightning with was different a moment ago!” Shen Xiang felt that mysterious and fearful strength! Is Rune Force constitution Thunder Formation!” Shen Xiang suddenly sees glittering lightning purple-red formation to descend! „Will his mother, how present this type of thing?” The Shen Xiang's complexion is very unattractive, this Thunder Formation also drags the golden red silk thread to connect Five Colors Cloud together, Five Colors Cloud will provide strength to this Thunder Formation, making Thunder Formation more fearful!