World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1005
Facing this wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, actually terror Thunder Formation, Shen Xiang cannot move aside, will otherwise be affected in the following person, before Yun Xiaodao them, has resisted many Tribulation Force, is seriously injured, now he cannot flinch. Shen Xiang thinks Rune Force has outlined large formation, hidden enters in Five Colors Cloud, has not thought that now actually meets suddenly to appear! Thunder Formation appears, attacks the speed of killing is not quick, it can be said that leisure pounds, does not have very intense aura, but Shen Xiang actually feels very huge pressure facing this Thunder Formation. In Thunder Formation has abstruse ancient spirit pattern, contains is letting Great Dao strength that the person trembles, Shen Xiang double fist Dragon Force suddenly Tiao, rumbles, when pounds to Thunder Formation that this attacks, the sprint strength that erupts, hits the space to shiver! Dragon fist hitting of pair of strong ferocious maliciously to this Thunder Formation center, but astonishing appeared, Shen Xiang has not rumbled to break this Thunder Formation, after his strong fist moves Thunder Formation, inside wild Dragon Force dissipates immediately! Moves the Thunder Formation instance, making him feel that one hits probably on the soft quilt! But Thunder Formation has stopped instantaneously, continues to prompt forward, speed suddenly becomes quick, fierce entered the Shen Xiang's body! Quite fearful!” Shen Xiang has called out in alarm one. Can explode in your within the body?” Duan Chong saw a point anything, his words frighten Yun Xiaodao their complexion to be pale, that Thunder Formation strength they can feel, if enters in person his body, explodes in inside, that is very danger(ous). Shen Xiang had not replied that his body is shivering, he is revolving oneself strongest strength, wants to block to build up that to drill into his body inside Thunder Formation. Without enough time!” Shen Xiang's responded, although is quick, but that Thunder Formation wreaks havoc in his within the body.

„” Shen Xiang has sent out painful calling out, sees only his to have chest suddenly to explode, explodes a blood hole, terrifying purple lightning explodes to shoot together from inside, purple lightning has delimited the sky, as if a between Heaven and Earth purple fissure, lightning strength of that terror, making the person tremble. This had not finished, although Thunder Formation explodes in the Shen Xiang's body, was compelled major part lightning strength by Shen Xiang, but many remaining strength are also wreaking havoc in his within the body. Came happen, I am curious to Rune Force, just can build up!” The Shen Xiang pain must be sweating profusely, in his heart drinks one fiercely, revolves his practice several divine art, the coordination with each other, controls strength flowing of his within the body, wreaks havoc Rune Force of his body to absorb these completely! Wild lightning strength was compelled completely by him, remaining, only then these Rune Force, can say that his fleshly body had been ironed by that Thunder Formation a moment ago, integrates his body, then through mysterious strength, opens large formation, absorbs outside strength to wreak havoc he! Shen Xiang chest blasted out that blood hole is alarmed, Zhu Rong they look in the heart to worry about, them think that Shen Xiang will put out good spirit herb to restore immediately, but those who make them be flabbergasted, Shen Xiang not only has not eaten up pills, that blood hole also voluntarily repairs at quick the extremely speed. Be careful, here we go again!” Duan Chong shouted, prepares to get rid. I can deal with come!” Shen Xiang called out, afterward the growing up mouth, attracts vigorously, immediately has a very huge suction, day after day airborne Five Colors Cloud melts the turn into dragon volume, with that Thunder Formation, has attacked toward his mouth. This is Shen Xiang fuses together Engulfing Devil Art and Dragon Inhale Water, evolves turn into dragon to swallow the sea, is used to carry on massive devour.

Comes to me!” Shen Xiang seeps Divine Power to that black hole of Five Colors Cloud center, induces to many Rune Force, then increases strength, planned that comes in these Rune Force devour completely. Thunder Formation that flies to shoot was swallowed in the entrance by him, afterward sticks out suddenly one crack, the purple light intense lightning projects from the Shen Xiang's mouth together, this Thunder Formation has not injured him once more. This fellow, unexpectedly in devour Rune Force!” Duan Chong has gawked, if he, copes with that Rune Force constitution Thunder Formation, certainly must spend many times, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly swallowed. This also continues, Shen Xiang also aspiration purple-red Qi mist from that Five Colors Cloud middle black hole, before that hidden enters cloud layer inside Rune Force! Shen Xiang is unable to build up these Rune Force, moreover he does not plan to build up, this specifically is used for set up formation strength, these Rune Force like Devil Decaying Death Qi, were compressed together by him, stores up a corner when dantian, must use takes again. Rune Force, so was long from Shen Xiang crazy devour knew, this let Duan Chong their growing up mouth, this where was crossing Nirvana Tribulation, this clarified is eating Nirvana Tribulation! Perhaps if Devour many Rune Force, can make this Nirvana Tribulation weaken! When Shen Xiang devour about half double-hour, in the Five Colors Cloud level suddenly has transmitted a dull thumping sound, five colors multi-colored sunlight glittering gets up, the fog surges, is similar to rainbow general gigantic lightning chops together suddenly, hits to Shen Xiang! During Shen Xiang is surprised, the response is swift and violent, a fist strike said the five colors great thunder to that!

Bang! The five colors lightning was been loose by the Shen Xiang bang, but a Shen Xiang's arm full is the fissure, the sleeve on arm is also shattered, bloodstains are alarmed, blood directing current, that said obviously a moment ago lightning is how terrifying! Five Elements Tribulation Lightning! Almost this I got rid.” Duan Chong complexion sank, stern incomparable, could see that this Five Elements Tribulation Lightning is terrorist. Old Duan, wait / etc., I thought that we can also support a period of time!” The Shen Xiang words just fell, in his top of the head suddenly exploded dodges dazzling five colors light glow, the trim earth seems covered by this light glow, making the person be similar to places one to flood the five colors light glow space, but the middle of sending out ray was dazzling, letting the person is unable to look straight ahead. Bang! Billowing thunder cry follows on somebody's heels, the momentum is scary, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, sees only in big piece of Five Colors Cloud suddenly to project five colors lightnings, the tendency hits completely to Shen Xiang, making people think that this Five Colors Cloud by a beast of prey of enraging, crazy was being divulged the anger to Shen Xiang likely at this time! This Five Elements Tribulation Lightning no small matter, shoots down suddenly completely on Shen Xiang's, frightens Yun Xiaodao their complexion to be pallid, because of the five colors lightning of this terror, can destroy all in society likely general, they are worried about Shen Xiang very much by the deducting powder. In that moment, Shen Xiang truly thinks one had been finished, his devour massive Rune Force, have enraged this piece of Five Colors Cloud, in the instance that innumerable Five Elements Tribulation Lightning hit, his body surface suddenly overflows golden light, one set of golden formidable, the imposing manner dreadful armor appears! Although there is Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, but he by this innumerable Five Elements Tribulation Lightning knocked out, pounding of heavily was fallen on the ground.