World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1007
Duan Chong has not answered the Yun Xiaodao issue, because has not needed to reply at this time! five colors Tribulation Cloud condense together, ultimately forms a whole body to brave the five colors Fire Lightning great cow! This good build and normal cow are common, the frightening place, is this cow that terrifying five colors Fire Lightning, as well as that two look like can go against the broken day the buffalo and cow horns! „Is this thing vivid?” Shen Xiang asked. No, is Tribulation Force turns into, but is very strong, moreover there is a certainly spirit wisdom, generally appears in very strong great tribulation, but I can cope.” Duan Chong waves, one group of black Qi mist overflows, condense leaves a black sickle. Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao they were taking care at this time, five colors Tribulation Cloud were turning into Tribulation Beast, if cut to kill Tribulation Beast, they crossed this great tribulation. The Tribulation Beast hot cow rushes toward Duan Chong angrily, the specific use hits, moreover is spraying five colors flame and lightning, is very terrifying. This cow void is running, can the shattering space, the shattering earth, arouse air waves. Duan Chong grasps a black sickle, movement technique is vigorous, ingenious avoids dashing of this crazy cow, passed over gently and swiftly from this good carrying on the back, but also to Ox Beihua a blade, has been shearing together the deep trace, causing strength of the five colors Fire Lightning spout from the good back. Shen Xiang gets a sudden inspiration, immediately displays the Dragon Swallowing sea, comes strength of devour that five colors Fire Lightning, not only so, his also revolution Earth Swallowing Technique, starts devour all around earth, the refined into energy, will accelerate to resume own consumption, can consume Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength. Tribulation Beast felt immediately Shen Xiang in devour its strength of Five Elements Heavenly Fire thunder, is roaring to overrun to Shen Xiang immediately, but Duan Chong stops immediately, shoots the sickle in hand, shoots at Tribulation Beast! After this Tribulation Beast perceives, fierce turning the head, opens Ox Zui, making that enter to enter in its mouth the blade sickle, afterward dashes about wildly toward Duan Chong, the cow hooves are treading void, shakes an intermittent terror strength, could see that this Tribulation Beast is angry. Duan Chong has coped with Tribulation Beast obviously, knows that these Tribulation Beast habits, seeing Tribulation Beast to clash with lightning speed, he ingenious moves aside, but Tribulation Beast thinks can hit Duan Chong, therefore that also gushes out very formidable strength to the buffalo and cow horns! In the Duan Chong hand presented a black sickle, this is he uses energy condense obviously, but is fearful, delimits the back of Tribulation Beast very much with ease, rips open together hole, making inside energy splatter.

Old Duan is consuming his strength!” Shen Xiang said that if his dantian is formidable enough, he also really wants to swallow this Tribulation Beast, but he cannot withstand. Now he devour Tribulation Beast strength, having made him feel that own Blazing Dantian could not contain, causing him to stop displaying Earth Swallowing Technique, moreover must build up this Five Elements Heavenly Thunderfire to be difficult, once builds up, can obtain very vigorous strength. We, if crossed this Nirvana Tribulation, even if crossed five to plunder!” Yun Xiaodao said. What? I crossed four tribulations!” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, he has not thought that Yun Xiaodao their strength unexpectedly promotes such quickly. Hehe.” Smiling of some Yun Xiaodao haughty, but thinks that Shen Xiang that terrifying battle efficiency, in his heart also sighed one. Junior Brother Shen, if crossed Nirvana Tribulation, how we can exit?” Zhu Rong asked. This Heavenly Thunder Purgatory space was weaker, I think that the time I can break, transmits us, but must emerge very big price, perhaps will ruin my advantage good magic treasure.” Shen Xiang sighed lightly, but Heaven's Crown Gate the use very big thing, at this moment, he can only sacrifice Heaven's Crown Gate. Sometimes Duan Chong and that crazy good fierce struggle, he will be ripping buffalo and cow horns, but this Tribulation Beast can grow quickly! The attack of this Tribulation Beast is terrorist, moreover they attacks to Shen Xiang repeatedly, but they were avoided by Shen Xiang, at this time on Tribulation Beast the flame was getting more and more weak! Luckily your devour many Rune Force, otherwise this Tribulation Beast had already destroyed completely us, on this fellow does not have formation, the strength was weaker!” A Duan Chong blade blade is weakening this Tribulation Beast strength, requires certain time, this was Tribulation Force that only saved. Old Duan, gives me, I this fellow refined into pill!” In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hurriedly said, moreover emits one to be able just to hold this good Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. This is not easy, this cow is not good to cope, you at least must make it honest, you can alchemy!” Duan Chong shakes the head to say.

Trapping Beast Technique!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, Illusionary Brilliant Furnace covered that Tribulation Beast immediately, but quick was broken through by that Tribulation Beast. „It is not easy, I weakened strength of this fellow to say first again.” Duan Chong continues truncation to come out Tribulation Beast strength with the sickle. Shen Xiang has congealed the one breath: I try again one time, I will use strongest strength!” He had used a moment ago some Divine Power, tests that Trapping Beast Technique, this Trapping Beast Technique in Heaven Refining Technique, the function is burning to build up the tense to live some fierce beasts. This time, he uses all Divine Power to display Trapping Beast Technique! Illusionary Brilliant Furnace covers that to batter the crazy cow, afterward dodges golden light, this cow fierce collision on Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that translucent golden color fire walls, hits Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to shake, making the trim earth tremble fiercely. Duan Chong and Yun Xiaodao their several people have gawked, has not thought that Shen Xiang can trig this crazy fierce Tribulation Beast, what makes their excited is, this Tribulation Beast will perhaps turn into a grain of pill! Turns into pill!” Shen Xiang smiles one lowly, the double palm emits intense Universe Fire, after entering Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside, he according to the Heaven Refining Technique above law of burning building up, making Universe Fire more intense, otherwise is hard Tribulation Beast that cremates this Five Elements Heavenly Thunder Fire Tribulation strength to turn into. Duan Chong relaxed, has wiped the sweat of forehead, but he has not come out laxly, because that Tribulation Beast still proceeds along no particular course in inside, every time dashes to erupt very formidable strength, lets the person was worried very much that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace will be hit to disperse. However Shen Xiang has the confidence to stand firm very much, Divine Power that but he consumes, because that Trapping Beast Technique consumes Divine Power very much! Bastard, do not want to resist! Wants the bang to extinguish us, has not thought that will fall to this fate!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Duan Chong and Zhu Rong they are very speechless, Shen Xiang this alchemy madman, unexpectedly gave to build up Tribulation Force, this was the heaven defying behavior, they thought since ancient times perhaps also only then Shen Xiang has handled this matter.

Only then Duan Chong knows that what Shen Xiang uses is Heaven Refining Technique, can build up the world myriad things, Shen Xiang grasped a superficial knowledge now, so was formidable, if completely grasps, how astonishingly? Illusionary Brilliant Furnace glittering the five colors dazzling multi-colored sunlight, that Tribulation Beast has not been dashing Illusionary Brilliant Furnace again, Tribulation Force starts to dissolve, in Shen Xiang with the refinement of ingenious method, turns into one type to be able pure five colors strength, floods into the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace place above, can concentrate evidently quickly pill! His mother, this is really the good thing, many several were again good!” Shen Xiang can feel that five colors strength to be good. Your if wanted ? Now must concentrate pill!” Shen Xiang they said to Yun Xiaodao and Duan Chong. Yun Xiaodao they regarded one mutually, then shook the head. Duan Chong sighed lightly: This type of thing leaves you to eat!” We feared that could not enjoy, looked like, although good, but will be very certainly terrorist.” Shen Xiang has not thought that big glutton Zhu Rong unexpectedly will say this nonsense. The five colors cyclone was divided into two groups by him, he planned to Long Xueyi one grain, before after all, he has pushed this big breast dragon on Divine Soul, must give others to select to compensate anything.