World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1008

In Heavenly Thunder City, many people witnessed that five colors huge cyclone removes light glow, sees this, many people are heavyhearted, because this has continued very long a period of time, explained that Shen Xiang they might cross Nirvana Tribulation very much, if Shen Xiang undying, later surely will come back with these ancient influence following hostilely. „The strength of granting came, the feeling are many!” Zhu Rong excitedly shouted, so long as breaks through, will obtain the strength of mysterious granting, until now nobody exactly knows the origin of this strength. Yun Xiaodao their several are peaceful immediately, builds up these strength, but Shen Xiang is alchemy, while integrates that five Heaven Dan embryo the strength of granting, making Heaven Dan form. giggle...... also had good thing to eat!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly sweetly, does not remember before , she at these matters that in Shen Xiang's Divine sea handled, moreover she has not told Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, but also threatened Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang not say. dragon brat, when we true comes one round?” Shen Xiang teased. Snort!” Long Xueyi said: Relax, when your Jade Dragon Bloodline great accomplishment, this Dragon Emperor will certainly pick you!” After they crossed Nirvana Tribulation with joint forces, Yuan Qi damages severely, the advantage that but obtains is not small, especially Yun Xiaodao their several, break through again and again, cultivation base surpasses Shen Xiang, only then Duan Chong does not have what harvest, because he already crossed Nirvana Tribulation, but looked that on his face is actually brimming with the gentle smiling face. After Shen Xiang enters Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, crossed the Nirvana three tribulations and four tribulations, the Third Tribulation time mistakes arising out of chance circumstances, was used Heaven Slaughtering Technique to fuse Tribulation Force by him, but also cultivates Heaven Dan to come ahead of time, when Fourth Tribulation, although danger(ous) heavily, was suffered by Tribulation Force in every possible way, but they very come finally, moreover by him remaining Tribulation Beast refined into pill, was his devour many Rune Force! These Rune Force to Formation Grandmaster, but supreme treasure, he devour were many at that time, can say that screens out 90% that five colors Tribulation Cloud inside Rune Force, therefore he has at this time. Before Shen Xiang, has displayed several Heaven Refining Technique alchemy, at this time refines this Tribulation Beast to be familiar and easy, therefore is smooth, quick concentrates two grains of five colors glittering pill pellet to come, then immediately has given grain of impatient Long Xueyi, after this small greedy dragon takes, has licked very much excitedly several, puts in the mouth. But Shen Xiang has not eaten up immediately, he must build up some strength of granting now, comes out in each beast image fourth grain of Heaven Dan concise.

In Heavenly Thunder Purgatory is still red cloud covers entirely the sky, piece of death Qi heavy, after beforehand great tribulation, the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory energy was weakened, Spirit Qi becomes thin, the space becomes weak. Shen Xiang has the confidence after the strength of absorption granting, leaves this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory! They are anxious at this time, they worried that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord will wake, here has such big matter, as here master, he must know. However what makes them feel relieved, they stayed here the half of the day, that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord does not have any sound, at this time Shen Xiang has absorbed the strength of granting completely, the time that he cultivates can make him be completed quickly. But Yun Xiaodao they are not good, they were equal to crossed twice Nirvana Tribulation continuously, the strength of granting, Shen Xiang estimated that they at least took ten days to complete! We exit now, should not affect you!” Shen Xiang said that he is worried to continue to get down again dull, that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord will wake. Um, now walks, will not hinder our.” Lian Mingdong said that Xiao Chou they nod hastily, leaves a matter that this damned place is they want most to hope. Shen Xiang looks at Duan Chong saying: Old Duan, walks together!” Duan Chong looked at all around that sores all over the eye Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, heaved a deep sigh, nodded. Shen Xiang puts out Space Elemental Bead and Heaven's Crown Gate, in heart some does not abandon, although at this time the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory space became weak many, but if must open Space Gate, will make Heaven's Crown Gate be damaged surely, if serious, later cannot use.

He transmits in Space Elemental Bead strength Heaven's Crown Gate, making the above ring gyrate, composes very formidable formation, is fluctuating the space, opens together Space Gate again. Do not want to walk!” The Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord upbraiding sound transmits. Shen Xiang sees a distant place emaciation, the build such as the man of firewood, the body to throw over the black robe, is bringing black astral wind, grazes toward them, speed very rapidness. Hurries, here gives me!” Shen Xiang to Duan Chong their shouted. Quick! I can cope with him!” Shen Xiang suddenly overflows white Qi mist, a thick dragon breath makes the person shiver, this time Dragon Force is more fearful, making people think that was facing an ancient times big dragon. Yun Xiaodao they in hesitant, but the Duan Chong whole face is firm, did not plan to step into Space Gate evidently. Did not walk does not have opportunity, when the time comes no one could get away, I will not die!” Shen Xiang looks at that to be in split open Heaven's Crown Gate: Subduing Dragon Sect cannot lack you!” Shen Xiang looks at Duan Chong, that look made the Duan Chong cannot help but mind shake, making him as if see anything! Old Duan, asked you!” Shen Xiang gives Duan Chong sound transmission: On me has Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, you do not need to be worried my!” Walks!” Duan Chong clenches teeth, releases a great strength, they thrusts Space Gate Yun Xiaodao, in that instantaneously him also!

At the same time, in the Shen Xiang hand that disc broke to pieces, Heaven's Crown Gate turned into the powder, angry Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord also just killed, in that skinny claw projected a blood red energy ball, hit to the Shen Xiang's head. Shen Xiang to rely on Long Xueyi's strength, had been promoted by oneself instantaneously, a rapid palm ejects, fills that evil and destroys strength blood-colored light ball to pat. The palm moves that blood-colored light ball time, evil strength suddenly explodes, sticks out suddenly one to obstruct the day the blood-colored red cloud, covers the surrounding area several thousand zhang (3.33 m), the evil aura four well up, acoustic shock like thunder. Snort!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, the body releases pure and holy golden light, Suppressing Devil Holy Power purifies these blood-colored evil auras completely, although he was shaken the hair chaotic dance by that strength, but he actually still such as the mountain generally steadily stands there. A Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord handsome face, becomes was the same with this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory at this time, death Qi heavy, moreover withered bloodless, looks like looks like a dry corpse, is somewhat scary. Before Shen Xiang, builds up that many mountains, the devour massive lands, finally also initiates great tribulation, has extracted many Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength, causes Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord now this appearance. This before Shen Xiang speculates is the same, Heavenly Thunder Purgatory and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord have close relationship! Your strength backed up much!” Shen Xiang revolution Suppressing Devil Holy Power is pasting in within the body, eliminates these to think evil his evil aura, this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord main goal, with this strength evil he. I same can kill you, I planned and other strength of fight several little rascal absorption granting, such I can also obtain many energies again, but has not thought that your unexpectedly can open Space Gate!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord said angry: I must eat you little! Although only remaining your, but your nutrition enough I restored appearance originally evidently.”