World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1009

Shen Xiang calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, he just broke through, the strength promotion are many, but at present this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord strength backs up, he wants to try to cut to kill this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, otherwise he is unable to leave here. You, because that old fellow can leave here smoothly? That several little rascal actually, but that old fellow was used strength to curse by me, I think him, when enters Space Gate, certainly will be inhaled in other chaotic spaces, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang is angry immediately, in the heart had shouted Old Duan, then a blade cuts to Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, bringing steaming Suppressing Devil Holy Power, Divine Blade to roar just like angry Golden Dragon! At this time Shen Xiang plays incisively the Angry Dragon Cut might, the imposing manner of erupting, is similar to several hundred angry dragons is furious general, is bringing overwhelming strength. This blade is quick and fierce, is bringing roaring of angry dragon, originally Ha Ha Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord was also blown, when that imposing manner covers, but also makes him feel that really one is facing an angry dragon. „To kill me, you are tender!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord demon searches, unexpectedly grasps to that is bringing the knife edge of Divine Blade, although above Suppressing Devil Holy Power makes Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord feel that is very uncomfortable, even is somewhat uncomfortable, but his is powerful, will not be injured by this. A blade of Shen Xiang this crazy fierce prestige anger, suddenly stopped, unexpectedly by Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord with hand keeping off! I will certainly kill you!” Shen Xiang roared, sees only in mouth spout golden Suppressing Devil Holy Power, but also formed one town character. Sees this to be as deep as a well, is having one type scared town character, the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord complexion is dignified, hastily loosens Shen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is sideways town that” shunts that to pound character, strength of this character is extremely formidable, he does not dare to resist rashly. However Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord actually underestimated that control of Shen Xiang to Suppressing Devil Holy Power, he just shunted, that "Suppress (镇)" character was received by Shen Xiang, afterward is treading Earth Shrinking Step, toward Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord rush over!

Evil Devil, suffers to death!” Shen Xiang suddenly calls Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, releases strongest Suppressing Devil Holy Power, pours into Sacred Seal, making Sacred Seal is similar to a hill, from airborne pounds to fall suddenly, presses on the body of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord. The great seal pressure falls, as if also makes this stretch of earth receive very huge wound, pounds several deeply not to see the bottom the huge fissure. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord roared, unexpectedly has driven out Sacred Seal, leapt airborne, on the face full was the scowl, because his head was pounded De'ao next. I will shear little your meat, I cannot make you die comfortably.” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord said with a sound of unusual sinister terror that saw only sky suddenly to present many black bats, was similar to piece by piece black dark cloud, from floated in all directions, covers the trim sky! Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord raises an arm high, innumerable bat suddenly in sky dives, flies to his arm! His arm probably is the endless abyss is common, these bats move his arm, the above body will immediately turn into the black, is similar to the liquid is ordinary, these bats integrate inside completely. Shen Xiang releases Suppressing Devil Holy Power, wants to scatter these bats with these light glow, but does not have any effect, afterward he thinks that these bats are not the genuine bats, but is one type strength that turns into the bat, hides in the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory deep place, specifically is the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord critical moment uses. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord skin suddenly turns into black person, the tooth lengthens, the back also presents a bat same wing, an eye turns into the red, appears very evil, the air/Qi of his Evil Devil, is frigid incomparable, even if True Martial Realm martial artist, perhaps facing the air/Qi of this type of Evil Devil, will immediately lose the conscience, qi deviation. Shen Xiang controls Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, to is changing Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord of body emits one greatly town character, is bringing sacred incomparable strength, has shelled the past, as if can suppress in society all Evil Devil. Drinks!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord roared, in the mouth spout blood-colored tide surge, blocked that "Suppress (镇)" character to pass.

Shen Xiang frowned, that "Suppress (镇)" character unexpectedly was pushed, he grasps the hilt, Dragon Force and Suppressing Devil Holy Power fuses together, emerges the knife. Evil Devil!” Shen Xiang shouted, grasps in the palm of blade to gush out shakes golden red cloud, that is strength that in Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal of his palm spout, integrates in Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! Absorbs the person mind dragon roar to transmit easely, is being full of the sacred prestige, Golden Dragon is similar to the golden lightning, dances in the air from Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, afterward the entire dragon body turns into town that” golden flower four shoot character, fires into "Suppress (镇)" character that beforehand that was pushed, two "Suppress (镇)" character overlap, golden flower dodges fiercely, irresistible, breaks through that blood-colored tide surge all of a sudden, hits to is absorbing strength Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord! Bang! Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, stops absorbing strength in great surprise, pair of jet black huge devil claw appears, as if came from Hell Evil Devil, hits to that dragon "Suppress (镇)" character! Whish! Intense a golden light dodges, illuminates by the jet black earth that the innumerable bats cover, the bat that these evil strength turn into was evolved instantaneously, these bring the red cloud of evil aura to vanish! Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, evil of suppression world! „” The Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord violent anger, his arm by the scrap, the purple black blood class came out, he turned into a whole body at this time is jet black evil looking flesh and blood Evil Devil, is ugly and fierce, body the air/Qi of Evil Devil is stronger! You think that this can kill me? Delusion!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord suddenly laughs wildly, continuous strength suddenly from emerges his body in all directions, the arm that he was cut off a moment ago recovered fast.

The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified, this Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength naturally can make Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord absorb at will, therefore he must strike to kill this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord to be difficult, he is just to depend on Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal and Long Xueyi's strength now is supporting, how long he could not insist! It seems like can only like this!” Shen Xiang forehead suddenly dodges, sees only him behind to reappear Great Earth Mountain Sea Diagram, that is one piece is roaring the sea, has ten thousand huge green mountain in the sea, but sky also suddenly presents light glow that Big Dipper Diagram innumerable stars send out to devastate, with round bright moonlight. The Earth Slaughtering Technique topography, Heaven Slaughtering Technique Heaven Imitation, in addition vigorous incomparable Divine Power, at this time the day God of the Earth these techniques of three killing merge into one organic whole! Slaughtering Heart is beating crazily, each beats instantaneously almost ten, making on Shen Xiang's spout one intermittently is being similar to storm murderous aura, covers in all directions, forms one to kill the territory! God Slaughtering Hand appears in both hands, the hand grasps Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Dragon Force fusion, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal waits for the opportunity to act. suddenly, his back Great Earth Mountain Sea Diagram and sky Big Dipper Diagram suddenly fuses, turns into a beam of light, injects his body, making him have incomparably formidable strength in that instantaneously, the strength of that murdering, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord this Evil Devil felt to tremble!