World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1010
Starting off!” Shen Xiang float in the air, is similar to the executioner in Hell, although the body has incomparably dreadful Slaughter Qi, but is not evil, moreover makes Evil Devil in Hell be afraid! Dignified Divine Blade cuts to fall, as if announced that a life end of Evil Devil, this is Shen Xiang exhausts a blade that all strength chop! I will not die!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord suddenly laughs wildly, sacred Divine Blade must look like shortly, his body rising suddenly is big, becomes is similar to a hill hugeness, but Heavenly Thunder Purgatory also reduces in that instantaneous suddenly, because Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord is in devour Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength! Hissing! Divine Blade chops in Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord that huge body, cuts to fall one is similar to the great tree common thick arm, Shen Xiang bites the tooth tightly, in the heart is hating darkly incomparably, he has not thought that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord unexpectedly suddenly increases, but also devour most strength in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, having made him waste this exceedingly good opportunity! Ha Ha......” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord haughty laughs: You are truly strong, if you can adolescence to Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that altitude, certainly surmount his, but you did not have that opportunity!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord restored size originally, the arm of that paragraph also integrates the ground! I am invincible in this, you quite in my body, you cannot kill me now!” The arm that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord is cut off lives once more. These time was one's turn him to counter-attack! Your Slaughtering Heart gave to me to be good!” The black claw of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord extends, is similar to the lightning is ordinary, penetrates the Shen Xiang's chest, but also pierces Shen Xiang's Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, obviously this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord is worried about Shen Xiang to prevent, with strongest strength.

Bang! Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart suddenly explodes, had not been grasped by Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord! But the Shen Xiang's chest also sprays together black Qi, Slaughter Qi is similar to the volcano spout is ordinary, crazy splattering. Ha Ha, has not obtained was really a pity, but stresses the feeling of broken Slaughtering Heart to be very good!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord laughs. Shen Xiang could see that he only almost can kill Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord to the present, but is the spent force, closes right up against his Heavenly Thunder Purgatory to support, before was consumed many strength by him. Other haughty is too early!” Shen Xiang puts out together Primal Chaos Fire Token, this was his present only depending on. Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord suddenly screamed that he was not frightened, but was excited, that blood red eye filled believe is not staring Primal Chaos Fire Token in Shen Xiang's hand. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord said with a sneer: „Do you want to use to protect to advocate divine light to let my anchorage? You have been completely mistaken, although you can the anchorage I, but you actually cannot that time be able to kill me, I am undying, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang felt that own Slaughtering Heart has ruined completely, in the heart is angry, when he must integrate Primal Chaos Fire Token inside the blood, his suddenly has a very marvelous feeling! This is......” in the Shen Xiang heart suddenly one startled, this type summoned unexpectedly is God Slaughtering Hand has relationship. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord also perceived that at this time anything, feels that aura, his unexpectedly looks the color of fear.

Shen Xiang and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord suddenly looks to fluttering full Slaughter Qi airborne, because they can the clear feeling that thing come toward here now. White light suddenly slides, seems is similar to the meteor is ordinary, although is beautiful, but has one to make people feel that weak terror murderous aura, this probably is the stars that murders to turn into crashes general, falls from the upper air, unexpectedly Slaughter Qi completely devour that Slaughtering Heart of Shen Xiang that breakage produced, moreover short several instances! This is God Slaughtering Heart!” The Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord fierce face full is frightened, he is rumbling immediately to that spoken parts light the number fist, fist image like the sea, sweeps across just like the strong winds, fires into that [say / way] to explode is shooting terror killing the white light of potential! Although Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart was rumbled to break, but he exceptionally is excited at this time, he can feel clearly that God Slaughtering Heart is other half White Tiger Divine Weapon, in the past was borrowed by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, White Tiger thought that is hard to take, but now is actually an opportunity! He is treading Earth Shrinking Step, overran toward that spoken parts light with the quickest speed, but that spoken parts light unexpectedly also flies to shoot toward him! Shen Xiang can see that at this time clearly is the fine heart that is similar to the white jade washes to rub becomes, seems like that sacred chaste, but is such a thing, Slaughter Qi that releases, can deter three realms snake god Ox Gui! The speed rapidness that God Slaughtering Heart flies to shoot, to actually entered the Shen Xiang's chest in a very strange way, moves inside blood, quick fuses with Shen Xiang! In that instantaneous, Shen Xiang is similar to rebirth is ordinary, sees only his both hands above God Slaughtering Hand to brave an intermittent white light, along with the God Slaughtering Heart beat that Shen Xiang just fused, but glittering, that God Slaughtering Heart each beat, as if has been giving Shen Xiang very formidable strength, meanwhile releases one type to frighten the will of the people the murdering imposing manner! Universe Stars Seal!” Shen Xiang drinks, both hands wave, is holding any thing likely, makes an effort downward to pound general. But in the sky suddenly presents star that big piece of small stars compose, pounds fiercely along with the Shen Xiang's hand signal, the stars that this piece of small stars compose are terrorist, pound falls, produces strength to lock Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord.

When Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord avoids with the quickest speed, this Universe Stars Seal still appears in the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord top of the head! pēng pēng pēng! The stars great seal of suddenly landing, pounds Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord maliciously, moreover pounds deeply not to see the bottom the earth big hole, as if pounded to put on the earth was the same, the might terror, making in the Shen Xiang heart exclaim in surprise again and again. This move was he just fused God Slaughtering Heart to sense, but also only then this move, he suspected that perhaps in God Slaughtering Heart has the sensibility of some Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens borrowed this God Slaughtering Heart to White Tiger, perhaps to play the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique might strongly. Your unexpectedly obtained God Slaughtering Heart!” The Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord whole body is the scary purple black fissure, bruised and lacerated, looks like revolting, he just deeply did not see the bottom under big hole to come up from that a moment ago Shen Xiang that move, making him injure heavily. This thanks to your!” Shen Xiang sneers, once again displays Universe Stars Seal. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord flies to leap up immediately toward Shen Xiang, he knew about this Universe Stars Seal probably very much that thinks this will not be pounded, because such Shen Xiang will also be affected. However, he has not thought that Shen Xiang suddenly vanishes, but Universe Stars Seal suddenly appears in the position that Shen Xiang vanishes, clashes horizontally toward him! This was Shen Xiang has displayed Form Displacement Shadow, has traded the position own position and Universe Stars Seal!