World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1011

Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord has not thought that Shen Xiang will use this move, had been pounded by Universe Stars Seal, at this time he is not only fleshly body received the enormous severe wound, within the body is also same, what is more important, he has consumed many strength! Heavenly Thunder Purgatory reduced, at this time looks like, only then a city is so big, moreover Heavenly Thunder Purgatory that now survives was also destroyed changes beyond all recognition, does not have the vitality, strength drained most probably, means that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord any strength has not absorbed now. Clashes Shen Xiang to the distant place, is similar to together the thunderclap, is wielding Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, releases the "Suppress (镇)" character deep meaning from Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, the strength fusion that two types restrain Demon and Devil, forms huge Golden Dragon "Suppress (镇)" character, is similar to precious mountain, from airborne depresses, pounds maliciously on the body of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord. Ah! the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord anger shouted that with that only skinny jet black claw, exhausted strength, broken that Golden Dragon "Suppress (镇)" character bang, his arm was also broken simultaneously, the black blood was leaving to overflow from his breaking arm. If were not you have consumed Heavenly Thunder Purgatory strength, I already can pinch you! Other haughty, what you can be defeated is only I weakest time!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord suddenly is calm, this makes Shen Xiang have one not good premonition. In world does not have that many, if!” Shen Xiang cold Chi, Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Dragon Force connection, forms payment for shares white terror strength, during is crazily fierce is having a pure and holy flavor, is full of the destruction the aura. He two steps steps to Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, brandishes the fist to call on the body of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord. The fist wind like the dragon, was roaring with raw hate, Shen Xiang be relentless hit on the body of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, with an exploding fist of pair of powder going crazy fierce strength, a fist another fist was wreaking havoc the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord body. If you do not surround us, you cannot like this!” A Shen Xiang fist pounds on the mouth of Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, breaks that sharp tooth. You could not kill me!” Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord body suddenly turns into piece of black Qi, submerges in the earth: I want in dire straits you, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang stamps the earth, breaks the earth, afterward float arrives at the upper air, puts out Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, making Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal is similar to a great mountain, then controls Sacred Seal to pound crazily in all directions, making the space have very intense shake, moreover that "Suppress (镇)" character strength is also very terrifying, especially to here evil strength. Whenever Shen Xiang rumbles "Suppress (镇)" character with Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal time, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord exudes a labor pain shout.

I will certainly take revenge!” The Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord sound drills into the Shen Xiang's mind mean, Shen Xiang suddenly felt that space power is wrapping him. This Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord unexpectedly must transmit him! Now puts me to walk? Late, I have killed you to walk again!” Shen Xiang makes Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal greatly, becomes this very small Heavenly Thunder Purgatory covers completely, if pounds, the consequence is dreadful. Town!” Shen Xiang bellows, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal Holy Light glittering, "Suppress (镇)" character descends, is similar to extinguishes the demon together runes, depressing slowly, entire Heavenly Thunder Purgatory is shivering, every large or small stone was restrained by force the disintegration by that completely. After Yun Xiaodao they enter Heaven's Crown Gate, discovered that Duan Chong does not see, at this time they fall in a barren hill, if did not have Shen Xiang to constrain Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord before, they cannot come out safely, if Shen Xiang and they enter Space Gate together, that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord will certainly break the space with strongest strength, when the time comes they must die completely! The place that at this time they fall, can see that Heavenly Thunder cyclone clearly, but now was smaller, they know the Dao Qi spin the size to mean anything! In Heavenly Thunder City many people are also staring, especially White Tiger, he felt anything, moreover was also very shocking, because he has not thought that Shen Xiang can hit with inside Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord does not know one's place, but finally Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord was restrained probably also! This vortex fast is changing is small, that can Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord be defeated? Inside exactly what happened?” Shen Xiang in inside, perhaps Shen Xiang just and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord great war!” „Did Shen Xiang defeat Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord? That crowd of ancient influence old fellow were not the letter oath said broad and level that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord had injured Great Emperor of Ten Heavens? That is very formidable existence, to be how possibly defeated by Shen Xiang?”

Heavenly Thunder City has wide divided opinions, but Big Shot of many big influences put down living on hand at this time, hastily looks for a best position, looks at the change of distant place that cyclone, the person who most cares about is Gu Dongchen they, was these strikes one's chest to say Shen Xiang must die person without doubt. That cyclolysis!” Person startled shouted. Originally huge incomparable, covers ten thousand li (0.5km) huge cyclone, started to reduce before, but now actually suddenly vanishes! In the instance of cyclolysis, dazzling golden light shoots, lets the eye suddenly fresh pains of many people, they only felt that a very sacred aura raids, afterward an earth trembles, Heavenly Thunder City has many grounds to be shaken the split open person. Golden Holy Light vanishes, the people see to appear in immediately far in two person's shadows spatial, one is to grasp the handsome man of overwhelming power azure broadsword, another is whole body covered with blood, appearance fierce Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord. Can see clearly this person, immediately dumbfounded! Shen Xiang is fighting with Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, moreover compelled Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord to receive Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, means that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord was compelled the hopeless situation, was ruined including Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, was this what kind strength? Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord pants, the body braves black Qi, he received final Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, strength strengthened, but the situation is not very optimistic, his suddenly was similar to the ghosts and demons dodged toward Shen Xiang generally, meanwhile grasped to the Shen Xiang's chest, wants to make God Slaughtering Heart that he dreaded pulling out inside that! Form Displacement Shadow! Shen Xiang displays this move immediately, by the giant stone exchange position of own ground, in Black Tortoise Divine Art also move of Form Displacement Shadow, but is actually inferior to Imperial Dragon Clan Divine Ability edible! Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord grasped has broken to pieces that stone, but Shen Xiang actually arrived at the ground, upper air suddenly lowers a very fearful pressure, but the earth was also shivering.

Shen Xiang overflows massive Suppressing Devil Holy Power, he at this time and Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal fusion, it can be said that to rely on Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal strength, although has the enormous harm to the body, but now he also only then this can kill Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord. I, only then final strength!” Long Xueyi at this time becomes somewhat weak, before the sound did not have, that life Qi/angry, Shen Xiang knows certainly that makes Long Xueyi consume excessively, does not have the advantage to Long Xueyi to him. Finally struck!” The Shen Xiang sound is dignified. Heaven and Earth Suppressing Devil Seal! Shen Xiang integrates in Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal own strength, integrates in Divine sea, releases Divine Power and Suppressing Devil Holy Power, uses the techniques of three killing! Sees only ferments that release pressure strength suddenly in sky turns into huge "Suppress (镇)" character, golden thunder fiery is dodging, winds around in that huge "Suppress (镇)" character, but earth that shivers, at this time also tears, the ground reappears "Suppress (镇)" character that golden red cloud winds around, is like that huge like a city. Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord at this time in this day place a middle of two "Suppress (镇)" character, he by terrifying pressure locking, that strength seems the natural formation, restrains Demon and Devil strength specially, is pressed by the aura that these two "Suppress (镇)" character release in Demon Empress of distant place at this time very uncomfortably, the tender body was soaked by the fragrant perspiration! Other Demon and Devil are no exception! After world two "Suppress (镇)" character appear, at extremely quick speed, in flickering to check merges together, afterward space, two "Suppress (镇)" character and Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord along with golden flash, dissipate in the world! Long Xueyi's strength withdraws, Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal also separates with Shen Xiang's fleshly body, after Shen Xiang grain of Life Returning Pill puts in the mouth, then weak on the ground! He has defeated Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, in Heavenly Thunder City a silence!