World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1012
Shen Xiang defeats the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord fact on pendulum at present, when the people have not discussed with enough time, several purple light from airborne have delimited, understood at a glance that is Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Centaur, moreover is expert, Shen Xiang cuts their Dean and Son of Heaven in inside, Purple Moon Sacred Realm to defend own face, must certainly take Shen Xiang's. „To move my apprentice, does not have the gate!” The Huang Jintian anger shouted one, saw only black light suddenly to pursue Purple Moon Sacred Realm that several expert together. Turns into two giant palms black light, releases a mysterious and terrifying aura, as if must tear the sky to be ordinary. This pair of big hand made one has been similar to the movement of tearing thing, saw only sky suddenly to crack, terrifying strength flew violently, hit to that several Purple Moon Sacred Realm's expert. Evolution!” The White Tiger pupil shrinks, then vanishes in same place, arrives at side Shen Xiang instantaneously, then worked on Shen Xiang immediately to vanish, although many people were staring at Shen Xiang, but actually nobody saw the White Tiger form, the system thinks that Shen Xiang vanished with any secret method suddenly! Huang Jintian, you harbor Shen Xiang, what do you mean?” Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man exclaimed, Shen Xiang ran away, moreover a moment ago was an once in a thousand years opportunity, if were not Huang Jintian stops, perhaps they can in the air attack to go well. He is my apprentice, how I can look that he was bullied by you! Your this group of bastards, think that I have feared you really?” Huang Jintian had not feared really that he that frightened many people a moment ago. The Shen Xiang person ran, moreover before Purple Moon Sacred Realm, loses is not small, three territories discussed to near, the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person does not want bar on this crucial point and Extreme Martial Sect, they knows, once angered Extreme Martial Sect, quite and entire Chenwu Mainland for enemy, but Chenwu Mainland and Peach Blossom Sacred Realm and Bewitching Sound Paradise formed an alliance, it is said Devil Subduing School also stood Chenwu Mainland, therefore Purple Moon Sacred Realm can only clench teeth to endure now. From a Heavenly Thunder Chen very far hut, Shen Xiang restored, but his present physique is formidable, is not grain of Life Returning Pill can recover completely. Shen Xiang slept, after waking up, goes out of the room, seeing White Tiger to sit near a wooden table, reads a book. Strange, God Slaughtering Heart how in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory?” White Tiger sees Shen Xiang to come out, the doubts said. Shen Xiang has not thought that White Tiger meets to come out, looks at this middle-aged person of undistinguished appearance, he heart lives to dread immediately, although he obtained complete White Tiger Divine Weapon at this time.

At that time I also thought very accidental, Senior has said that half White Tiger Divine Weapon in Emperor's Tomb!” Shen Xiang said that initially he thought Emperor's Tomb not in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, but White Tiger said Emperor's Tomb in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, half White Tiger White Tiger Divine Weapon also in inside. Shen Xiang understands now why White Tiger will say God Slaughtering Heart in Emperor's Tomb, because this also will be the heart of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, where Great Emperor of Ten Heavens will bury, this heart where! Therefore I said strangely! It seems like I also insufficiently knew about Qi Shi something, Emperor's Tomb possibly not in ten Heavenly Saint mountains, or...... Emperor's Tomb will move!” White Tiger said very unreliably. White Tiger complexion suddenly sinks, said: Your this did brat, use my appearance swindle and bluff before? What matter have you also done with my this appearance?” Shen Xiang has hit, said: This...... I initially used all of a sudden, then not to have am using!” Was right, Younger Sister Lan and Yanran they how?” „, Their potential are very fortunately big, I will do my best, stimulates their potential!” White Tiger had not investigated that again Shen Xiang pretends to be his matter, somewhat curiously asked: „Do you defeat Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord? Although this fellow barely manages to maintain a feeble existence to live now, but the strength is also unworthy a little!” Shen Xiang smiled, then told White Tiger matter process. After listening, White Tiger sighed one: Then this Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord also really asks for trouble, your Heaven Refining Technique used extremely!” Extremely?” Shen Xiang told White Tiger the matter process, wants to have a look at White Tiger to have many understanding to Heaven Refining Technique. White Tiger expression suddenly becomes very severe: In the past...... Qi Shi is because uses Heaven Refining Technique excessively, will therefore have such matter, he can be said as also Heaven Refining, defeat also Heaven Refining! You must consider the use, this is not jokes, because you in quite in massively are stealing the day strength! When this is also why the alchemy master crosses Nirvana Tribulation, Tribulation Force especially formidable reason!”

If some beasts anything's building up not anything, but you, if builds up the sea, to clear off vegetation from a hillside and build up the day, to build up the stars...... The excessive words, your trouble was big, when the time comes I could not help you, initially Qi Shi such played!” Shen Xiang hears to be lost in thought that he perceived in the world to have one type divine beast that has unexpectedly White Tiger this rank is more formidable, White Tiger appears such weak before them, then he? To be tinier! Senior, I have a friend, he comes out from Space Gate in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, but actually......” White Tiger understands immediately is any matter, he shook the head: Enters in the chaotic space, I do not have the means that very difficult to find him in inside, where that inside space turbulent flow can rush to him instantaneously does not know.” Shen Xiang sighed one, the Duan Chong strength is not weak, he can only in the heart pray that Duan Chong can live, then finds the way to come out from these chaotic spaces. I must stroll in all directions, after a period of time I will go to Pill City, when the time comes you should be able unable to find me.” White Tiger said. When the time comes does not need to go to Pill City, goes to Subduing Dragon City!” Shen Xiang said. White Tiger nodded with a smile, then leisure goes out of the small garden, vanishes in mountain forest, but Shen Xiang changed the appearance, immediately goes to Heavenly Thunder City, he will think Yun Xiaodao they in Heavenly Thunder City. Shen Xiang did not have Heaven's Crown Gate, at this time cannot surmount the space immediately, can only tread Earth Shrinking Step to hurry along. On the road, Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi: dragon brat, have you quite selected?” Long Xueyi said full of vigor: Has been all right, has eaten a thing, was already good!”

Has eaten a thing?” Shen Xiang curled the lip, in his mind presented this big breast dragon to shake chest that to the big rabbit, sits wolfs down to eat massive spirit fruit in the ground. Yes, I can fight now again 300 rounds!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Strips off the clothes and I fights?” The Shen Xiang accent said with a smile. Snort, even if, you cannot fight! little rascal, I told you seriously, you were my Spirit Gathering, left too haughty! Even if actually obtains my body, you also difficultly obtain my heart, this Dragon Emperor will not be casual will be moved to a humanity.” Long Xueyi very seriously said. Shen Xiang long „”, then asked: How can I be able to obtain your heart?” Long Xueyi thinks that said: Gives me to be delicious, the time is long, perhaps I can move to you!” Shen Xiang laughed, this small greedy dragon could not leave him, because his here has the good thing of not can be fed up.