World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1013
Shen Xiang arrived at Heavenly Thunder City, quick found Yun Xiaodao they, they left behind some ciphers in the city quietly, Shen Xiang Shen Xiang had found them following the cipher. At this time in Heavenly Thunder City discussed Shen Xiang to defeat the Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord matter, moreover ridiculed these ancient influence in every possible way, initially these ancient influence said that Shen Xiang died, some old fellow letter oaths said Shen Xiang broad and level, if can or comes back, how to be what kind, but says nothing now these matters. In the city loose cultivator is in the majority, these loose cultivator incomparably are hostile toward these ancient influence now, they initially may have many people deceived, was enslaved in inside, was plundered the person, was bullied, therefore these ancient influence now are unpopular, already some formidable and has prestigious formidable loose cultivator to start the stealth activity very much, planned that joins up massive loose cultivator. Shen Xiang their several people in a luxurious theater box of hotel, several people gather round big table of sumptuous cooked food, but does not have the appetite, because Duan Chong cannot come back. „The Old Duan strength is very strong, you do not need to worry that sooner or later some day he can be out of danger!” Shen Xiang said: „Our strengths place this new emperor day at present, anything is not! Although I can defeat Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, but that has big luck ingredient, if old fellow of humanity, perhaps I already died!” Shen Xiang has to restrain Demon and Devil strength and magic treasure, when copes with Demon and Devil, can cause very heavy damage to Demon and Devil, but trades to do is the words of humanity, that was very formidabe. Finished eating walks, perhaps our Subduing Dragon City have constructed, goes back to have a look! When the time comes I will make you receive the training in Subduing Dragon Sect!” Shen Xiang they have arranged the plans of some practice to Yun Xiaodao, making them follow Earth's Core Clan practice. Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao their six people step Teleportation Formation, left Heavenly Thunder City, arrives in Pill City, then walks from Pill City to Evil Dragon Burial Ground nearby! Our Subduing Dragon Sect in inside, the place that suddenly braves is Subduing Dragon City!” Shen Xiang has referred to from Evil Dragon Burial Ground overflow big black Qi mist, that is to let Earth's Core Clan can establish the city to release safely, under the sweep of these black Qi, nobody dares to step into. Yun Xiaodao somewhat excitedly said: Ha Ha, but I later Elder Yun!” Zhu Rong despised looked at his one eyes: Do not think that your this strength also does want to work as the quarrying a mountain elder? I work as also almost, later shouted me for Elder Zhu!”

Xiao Chou is grasping the fist, said with a smile: I do not work as the elder, must manage a pair of broken matter, I quite like fighting, or was responsible for punching the person, the elder non- elder does not matter!” I also think!” Teng Ying nodded, although he did not speak, but the whole body was the blood of fight. Such good, position anything is unimportant to me, can be the Subduing Dragon Sect contribution, or had the matter to make that's alright.” Xu Weilong focuses to look at Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong slantingly. I thought that I can manage!” Lian Mingdong smiled: I and Old Zhu manage, your four want to fight on together! Composes four big diamond!” Xiao Chou face earnestly said: I thought that we should unify hairstyle, for example shaves clean the head completely!” Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Chou and Teng Ying opposed immediately. Our three have the hair, why makes us same shave clean the head with you?” Yun Xiaodao has patted the skull of Xiao Chou: You should have a hair, your this skull can affect our four big diamond entire images!” A Xiao Chou face is not feeling well: How didn't you go to say his bald influence entire Extreme Martial Sect's image to Elder Wu?” Good, after this, discussed again!” Shen Xiang prevents them to quarrel with a smile. Shen Xiang has their several to walk into that piece of black Qi, black Qi resigns a road immediately, after walking the 1st Stage distance, they saw one by the black, but big iron wall tight surround city, the city gate is also the black iron makes, the knocker has two huge dragon head, moreover on the front door also has black dragon head of two growing up mouths, as if can momentarily spout very fearful strength, destroys all!

Although is somewhat dim, but they can still feel shock that this city brings! My suddenly wants to make City Lord!” Long Xueyi low mumble said. Good, you stay here to make City Lord!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „, Has not eaten.” Long Xueyi said: Others spoke thoughtlessly.” Yun Xiaodao their several people look at city wall and front door, has gawked for a long time! Although does not have that Pill City to be big, but, will be certainly livelier than Pill City!” Zhu Rong said: Pill City is scolded the stream of abuse now, moreover many people join up no longer to purchase these high price pills, if Subduing Dragon City can rise, provides enough pills, certainly can attract many people to come, even if Pill City reduces prices, but suddenly definitely cannot eliminate the hate of people heart!” When Zhu Rong is a profiteer, Shen Xiang first time meets Zhu Rong, by the Zhu Rong pit. Right, moreover I also add fuel to the flames, has made some petty actions in Pill City, making the reputations of Pill City these big pills shops worse, now only misses open city gate!” Li Baojun suddenly appears, he also heard to have about the Shen Xiang's news before, seeing Shen Xiang can come back, he has felt relieved. Shen Xiang introduced Li Baojun simply, Yun Xiaodao they already know that Li Baojun is very fierce Dan King, the pure Pill City Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion matter, they are clear, salute to Li Baojun immediately respectfully, Li Baojun is their elders. Elder Tie they?” Shen Xiang has not seen Earth's Core Clan.

Already went back!” Li Baojun moves toward the front door, the front door opens slowly, inside layout is the same with Subduing Dragon Sect, but many constructions change to the shop, moreover big palatial City Lord's Mansion, some places are the flat lands, after these land rent exit, others can defer to their way to construct. Elder Li, how did the pills aspect prepare?” Shen Xiang asked. Was similar, many alchemy masters who draws on are outstanding . Moreover the Danxiang Taoyuan aspect gave us to help much, if open city gate, but can also attract by Pill Association has bullied the middle-and-small alchemy influence, even also had the large-scale pills shop, these I have investigated!” Li Baojun said. Shen Xiang nodded: Was laborious you!” Yan Yanran and Lan Lan no longer, these matters can only a Li Baojun person be done. large formation of this city the prepare, completely is Earth's Core Clan does, moreover uses Dragon Vein strength, therefore is strong!” Li Baojun also feels very excited: Now only needs you to control Dragon Vein to transport strength, when the time comes puts in order Spirit Qi of city to be rich!”