World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1014

Dragon Vein only then Shen Xiang can control, now Shen Xiang is bringing Yun Xiaodao their several, enters the Evil Dragon Burial Ground deep place. Arrives at the middle, seeing that compared with the Subduing Dragon City also Yao Hongwei's city, Yun Xiaodao they deeply to be shocked. Elder Li, you lead them to stroll, now we this person, temporarily has not needed here.” Shen Xiang moves toward that palace to earth core, has Teleportation Formation to enter in deeply, buries the Dragon Vein place. Shen Xiang arrives at earth core, they have said a hello with Tie Li, then enters in that Dragon Vein mouth, calls that Dragon Pearl, controls Dragon Vein to transport strength to Subduing Dragon City! Subduing Dragon City inside formation already and Dragon Vein has established the relation, provides the vast energy along with Dragon Vein, Subduing Dragon City inside becomes Spirit Qi is rich, inside large formation was activated completely, the entire city has been full of a fearful imposing manner, breaks through these black Qi, is covering the four directions. At this time, Shen Xiang they led into Li Baojun and Zhu Rong deeply, before Tie Li , agreed that moreover under some made practice of place to person have the advantage very much. The Earth's Core Clan strength itself is very powerful, must know that Earth's Core Clan eats crystal stones adolescence to get up, moreover they here will handle all day also something to promote their strength, otherwise they do not have to establish that many grand cities with ease. This is Dragon Vein, that group of fellows will be no wonder breathless, they know that here has this type of good thing, but is not their!” Zhu Rong looks huge dragon head that crystal stones turns into, smiles was saying. You later with a Elder Tie study skill, initially their ancestors were known as Great Emperor of Ten Heavens Iron Lion Divine Army!” Shen Xiang they said to Yun Xiaodao, although Earth's Core Clan was cursed, cannot see the sunlight, their inheritance had not discarded, moreover Shen Xiang Earth's Core Clan is not only constructs and set up formation is so simple, they definitely have other methods! Shen Xiang guessed that Earth's Core Clan is the same with Duan Family, is skilled in many abilities, will otherwise not be called Divine Army!

The Earth's Core Clan people are very temperate, are easy to be together, quick was admitted by the Earth's Core Clan young people, moreover their also very surprised Teng Ying status, unexpectedly is Qilin Thunder Hawk, this makes them broaden the outlook, they stayed here were very long, had heard, did not have not seen personally. Shen Xiang and Li Baojun arrive at the ground, was discussing the Subduing Dragon City matter. Was matter plan that three territories discussed what kind of? Currently also has one month!” Li Baojun said. Now the people of majority of expert and big influence in Heavenly Thunder City, but Pill City still has wants to purchase the pills person, I thought that this will not affect the establishment of Subduing Dragon City, you arrange the alchemy master, arranges the good person, first opens our shops in Subduing Dragon City.” Shen Xiang said. I will invite some people to come Pill City to open the shop, we mainly seize the high level pill domain, low level pill or is under pill of step, like this I will not compete with them!” Li Baojun said that the high level pill market is also very big, the person who although buys are not many, but is expensive . Moreover the quantity of refining does not need that many. Dean, when the time comes will you make an appearance?” Li Baojun asked. „, Three territories will not discuss I to make an appearance again! When the time comes Subduing Dragon City should stabilize, other influences must attack me not to be easy, I now have annoyed Purple Moon Sacred Realm.” Shen Xiang said: „The Subduing Dragon City matter all gave you, I only in secret am looking when the time comes, if some people want to be disadvantageous to Subduing Dragon City, did directly!” Before Li Baojun, gathered many alchemy masters to help his alchemy, he was Dan King, alchemy technique is excellent, he will occasionally direct some alchemy masters, therefore many alchemy masters respected him, this also made Li Baojun relate on runs the pills business the medium small influence, majority are at present barely alive in Pill City, because entire Pill Association was suppressing them. Shen Xiang goes to Devil Subduing School, Zuo Zhenxuan holds the post of Dean now, can frequently with the Heaven World's expert relation, the strength is not weak, very much has the prestige in Human Territory.

I also think that you went to Heavenly Thunder City.” Shen Xiang quietly mixes in the Zuo Zhenxuan house. Zuo Zhenxuan is exercising martial arts in the courtyard, seeing Shen Xiang to arrive, he did not think that was surprised. You have done many important matters in Heavenly Thunder City! However after you, will have much troublesome, some people saw when you with these days Devil Monarch king fights, uses Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal.” Zuo Zhenxuan looked at knit the brows Shen Xiang , to continue saying: Above Suppressing Devil Temple has been seeking for Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, perhaps now in your hands, soon, they certainly will send for begging!” Said me to with you for the enemy?” Shen Xiang smiled. Is and these fellows is enemy! I now am only management entire Devil Subduing School, I do not need to compete for Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal to offend you for them!” Zuo Zhenxuan he he smiles: Obtaining Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal can become true Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master, therefore you should be Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master now, I must take orders in you, but the above these fellows will not recognize.” Old Zuo, I had said with you before, I must attend the matter that three territories discussed that did you still remember?” Shen Xiang comes this to make Zuo Zhenxuan recommend, before he obtained some news in Heavenly Thunder City, many ancient influence do not welcome Subduing Dragon Sect to participate in three territories to discuss. Remembers!” Zuo Zhenxuan nodded: That did sect that you are at achieve the condition?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Old Zuo, this sect is not popular.” This you could rest assured that I can speak on words in Human Territory, although Devil Subduing School not these ancient influence such glorious history, but if hits, we are very not necessarily weak.” Zuo Zhenxuan asked: Which sect is?”

Subduing Dragon Sect!” Zuo Zhenxuan has gawked, then took a deep breath: Very is truly unpopular, many ancient influence are calculating is capturing how jointly Evil Dragon Burial Ground, then carves up inside Dragon Vein!” Shen Xiang will join Subduing Dragon Sect, outside Zuo Zhenxuan point unconsciously haughty, Shen Xiang is these ancient influence did against, but Subduing Dragon Sect probably is also this, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion initially made in Pill City noisily, offended many formidable influences. Old Zuo, can you recommend to participate Subduing Dragon Sect? Subduing Dragon Sect enough qualifications?” Definitely suffices, the Subduing Dragon Sect unqualified words, participated in influence also few that three territories discussed! I can you jade token, but this jade token can only allow three people to enter the conference site!” Zuo Zhenxuan suddenly asked in a low voice: „What person Subduing Dragon Sect's is Dean? I am because is to your trust, therefore trusts your Dean, if when the time comes hits, do not slaughter innocents!”