World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1015
The outside believes that Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean is very formidable! Zuo Zhenxuan is worried when the time comes to extinguish city anything. Hehe, I guaranteed to you that Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean when the time comes certainly will not make the dishonorable matter, we planned that raises to three territory quite useful opinions, has a look to have these fellows to want casually to cope with us.” Some Shen Xiang doubts asked: „Did Old Zuo, have that token to participate? What didn't need other?” Does not need, this recommends the sign, you take can enter the conference site, but the position is not very good, but enough you made the point matter.” Zuo Zhenxuan said with a smile. Zuo Zhenxuan said: Shen Xiang, I want to consult to have the matter about Devil Subduing Energy!” The Shen Xiang nod said: „!” Is tenth layer, Completion Realm!” Then, connection of between Shen Xiang tenth layer and Suppressing Devil Holy Power told Zuo Zhenxuan, moreover shared some him to sense the experience of tenth layer to give Zuo Zhenxuan, making Zuo Zhenxuan benefit greatly, must know that Suppressing Devil Temple above expert, cultivated Devil Subduing Energy not to have Shen Xiang this achievement, therefore Zuo Zhenxuan also thinks that Shen Xiang obtained Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal is also natural. Leaves Devil Subduing School, Shen Xiang arrives at Pill City, Li Baojun already in the Pill City sending out news, said that Subduing Dragon City has established, moreover many middle-and-small shops started to pack the thing, is about to leave Pill City! Duan Sanchang also in Pill City, moreover he also in secret promoted many people to leave Pill City, now Pill City is these large-scale pills shops hoodwinks the public, moreover sold the pills price unable to make the decision, kept already not any significance.

Intestines, have a matter I to tell you, hopes that you are mentally prepared!” Sees the Shen Xiang complexion to be so dignified, Duan Sanchang brings Shen Xiang to the secret room that in he lives. I found your grandfather!” Shen Xiang said. Duan Sanchang is excited immediately, Shen Xiang at these matters that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory handles, he knows certainly, therefore he has anticipated Shen Xiang to come back, now Heavenly Thunder Purgatory vanished, Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord was also struck to kill by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang also came back, but his grandfather has not actually come back, this made the Duan Sanchang complexion slightly change under. Your grandfather he......” Shen Xiang told Duan Sanchang the process: Old Duan will not die, his strength is so formidable, later can certainly come back.” Duan Sanchang has sighed deeply: Hopes so, you do not need to worry that for me, my Duan Family people are this, can know that the grandfather was also living that's alright, moreover became such fierce!” Shen Xiang has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: Subduing Dragon City can give to crash this Pill City quickly, we wait!” Hehe, Pill Association that crowd of old fellow are caught in one's own trap, in addition the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory matter, making their reputations worse, they also will find when the time comes perhaps various excuses to attack Subduing Dragon City, I must have a look at that Elder Tie formation but actually fiercely!” Duan Sanchang was not worried that Subduing Dragon City was attacked, he knows that now the Shen Xiang's ability, can gang up including White Tiger this existence greatly on. Subduing Dragon City black Qi vanished, a brand-new city bathes under the sunlight, grand vast, the vitality is vigorous, many people see in the distant place, impatient wants to enter a city to have a look, especially these want to purchase pills loose cultivator, they had been sufficed Pill City inside these high price pill.

Now many middle-and-small shops have moved in inside, starts to build own shop, over a thousand, this was Li Baojun for serveral days won over, moreover foundation was very clean, has not colluded with these ancient influence! Must want to open the pills shop in Subduing Dragon City, must result is approved by Li Baojun, therefore such one, these ancient influence will keep them out, after all this city is Subduing Dragon Sect establishes, wants to be how what kind of! Li Baojun also in secret the bosses with these shops reaches an agreement, making them lower some prices as far as possible, attraction more people came, so long as has such done, they can tax-free one year, Subduing Dragon Sect not miss crystal stones in any case now, they such do to give Subduing Dragon Sect drum up support! Because beforehand Danxiang Taoyuan continuously and Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion cooperation, therefore Danxiang Taoyuan can also move at this time, becomes in this few big shops, this will not affect the business of hole in the wall, but Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion sells high level pill in this, this has not affected to hole in the wall. For several days, in Pill City these by Pill Association has suppressed hole in the wall are left entirely, migrates Subduing Dragon City completely! Subduing Dragon Sect holds Dragon Vein, in Evil Dragon Burial Ground, although nobody knows that who now Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean is, nobody knows the Subduing Dragon Sect's special details, but they actually believe that Subduing Dragon Sect is very formidable, moreover is very sincere, at least will not look like the Pill Association that deceitful powerful. Pill Association basically is controlled by these ancient influence now, but the purchase pills community majority compare to hate these ancient influence, but Subduing Dragon Sect actually opposes with these ancient influence, now establishes this Subduing Dragon City, clarifies to resist Pill Association, therefore has great popular support, many loose cultivator in abundance come the support, then, Pill City at this time becomes empty! The pills majority that these ancient influence sell are high level pill, but these Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion have, before Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion in Pill City, can resist the entire Pill Association large-scale pills shop by own strength, therefore now the Pill City large-scale pills shop is abegging, Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion pill compared with that Pill City convenient some! Subduing Dragon City suddenly appears, lets gather at Heavenly Thunder City that crowd of ancient influence Big Shot is caught off guard, arrives at Pill City through Teleportation Formation, sees an empty giant city, these Big Shot are angry, unexpectedly dares some people so to provoke they!

Shen Xiang and Duan Sanchang on a Subduing Dragon City tall building, look at the following lively street. Now many influence withdrew from Pill Association, right now that crowd of fellow's prestige in Human Territory definitely will drop sharply, crosses a period of time again, we can recruit the disciple from Subduing Dragon City, but is certain very strictly!” Shen Xiang said. Duan Sanchang looks at city gate that direction, suddenly well: That side has one group of people, is Pill Association that crowd of old fellow? Does not know how Elder Li will process?” Hehe, might as well make them change to here to consider as finished the venue that three territories discussed that now came these many people!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Li Baojun learns of this news immediately, in City Lord's Mansion he, suddenly loudly shouted: Subduing Dragon City banned fly, if the stronger line flies, consequence ownself suffer!” Hears the Li Baojun words, many people on own initiative land on the ground, naturally, these aware people are see a play, but person who these plans continue to fly, is causes trouble! On this crowd of faces wrote all over: The father must fly, looked that you can take me to be what kind of?