World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1016

Before, in Heavenly Thunder City was calm many ancient influence in the schemer to Subduing Dragon Sect fight, now the appearance of Subduing Dragon City, has routed Pill City at one fell swoop, accelerated implementation of this plan, this means these ancient influence before three territories discussed must to Subduing Dragon Sect fight! This regarding allow Douren, this is the major drama, cannot miss, with buttocks of troop Big Shot behind, comes great war that watches this to be able to go down in history! Many people believe that today will certainly have great war. Subduing Dragon Sect occupied Dragon Vein, but other influences, no matter many does not have any means to rob, orally was shouting at most anything is unfair, does not have what practical action, after all Evil Dragon Burial Ground is not jokes, Demon Empress almost because the Evil Dragon Burial Ground fragrant disappearing jade damages. The people see the palatial atmospheric in the distant place Subduing Dragon City, knows why Subduing Dragon City can defeat Pill City, that imposing manner, rich Spirit Qi of that rank, is many big cities is not only able to compare! Continues to fly to the Subduing Dragon City people are the Pill Association people, there are ten Dan King, Big Shot of ten influences, as well as dozens these elders of influences. Since White Sea Sacred Realm Zhao Yixuan was received by Ji Meixian is female slave, entire White Sea Sacred Realm becomes very low-key, in secret is developing, although occasionally will emit several to cope with the Shen Xiang's ruthless words, but basically does not have what motion. Snort, did we fly to be also what kind of? Your Subduing Dragon Sect really goes too far, does not give a thought to morality and justice, robs our Pill City business, making our Pill City almost be destroyed in a moment.” Fellow of this speech is Flying Immortal Sect's Dean Wu Xu, Pill Association Association Master is concerned with Flying Immortal Sect, therefore he is angry, the benefit that because he gains in Pill City is very rich. Gives me to get down!” Li Baojun angrily said, stimulates to movement Subduing Dragon City formation, in a twinkling, entire Subduing Dragon City trembled slightly, dragon roar transmits, a terrifying pressure fills the air sky over Subduing Dragon City! „......”

These float in the Subduing Dragon City above person, many strength slightly bad elders were shaken the five main internal organs (entrails) completely to disrupt by that strength, was restrained by force pressure maliciously to fall by one in the place, only then these strength very strong Big Shot and some old fellow, can resist that terrifying pressure, but they have to descend the ground! Instantaneous, this group of people had are discarded most probably, this let come from far away, looked especially the person of major drama called out in alarm, Subduing Dragon Sect made the person dread at this time, such does will vent anger without doubt these ancient influence, did the remnant most elder all of a sudden! Subduing Dragon City does not welcome your this crowds not to have the polite fellow, I had warned you before, the Subduing Dragon City banned fly, you have not listened, this is you asks for trouble, get lost to me completely!” Li Baojun was saying, started fierce large formation, unexpectedly can this crowd fall, in the Subduing Dragon City person transfers to the city outside. In the people heart is criticizing sinister of Li Baojun, this Subduing Dragon City large formation are many, can prevent others to fly obviously, but actually intentionally person others fly, then hits the remnant most person with large formation, finally wants to sweep the trash same to sweep, moreover Big Shot and Dan King of these also several influences, these people feel urgently the shame at this time! Elder Li moon, Ha Ha...... Makes this group of rampant fellows come to test large formation intentionally, this group of idiots!” Duan Sanchang said with a smile. Li Baojun came out from Subduing Dragon City, then opens protects city large formation, such one, does not need to be worried that Subduing Dragon City will be in a rage to ruin by that group of people. Subduing Dragon Sect, you plant, you will certainly pay the price for today's matter!” Wu Xu angrily said, the double fist gushes out true wild True Qi. Oh? our hasn't Subduing Dragon Sect annoyed you probably? We establish Subduing Dragon City, is others voluntarily comes here to open the shop! I do not bully like you, forcing others to come in!” Li Baojun said with a sneer: You at the Pill City dry matter, have let many person accumulated grievances for a long time, is you cannot retain the person, now actually blames us to rob your business?”

These dirty matters that you do, who doesn't know? Haven't you idled the person who throw to be insufficient?” Gu Dongchen said while loudly laughing: What nonsense ancient influence, is not depends oneself a little strength, all day bullies the person? Was the past years betrays the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens rebel worthily, the descendant was really this morality moral character, initially hadn't you been destroyed completely? Really the disaster loses the millenniums!” Junior, shuts your dog mouth!” Wu Xu is angry, was shouting to clear the way to Gu Dongchen coldly. Dog mouth? Little Featherhead, his these words in insulting you, I allow you to punch him, can you as Extreme Martial Sect's Dean, how be insulted in this share? Cannot ask for with your fist, you get the hell out to me immediately!” Huang Jintian traces the beard, said. Is only Subduing Dragon Sect and these ancient influence matters, now Extreme Martial Sect unexpectedly must butt , didn't this explain the Extreme Martial Sect plan and Subduing Dragon Sect union? However many people also thought that this is not accidental, the Chenwu Mainland above influence, is these ancient influence eye-sores, thinks that these influences are gruff, does not lower the head like ancient influence . Moreover the strength is not weak, dares to put together that not awfully! Gu Dongchen obtains Huang Jintian's to permit, immediately vanish from sight, the people retreat, float arrived in the upper air immediately, this expert great war, did not joke. Small doesn't Extreme Martial Sect, have supporting of Undead clan?” Wu Xu thinks otherwise: father xiong dominates the Flying Immortal Sect's time, your this little brat had not been born!” Gu Dongchen in the Wu Xu eye truly is young people, but representative Gu Dongchen is not weaker than him. Obstinate argumentative!” Gu Dongchen appears suddenly, a palm pats, palm technique is elegant, looks like very gentle, does not have no strength, looks like very illusory.

Snort, this skill? Also does the plan teach me?” Wu Xu sneers, fist murderous aura explodes wells up, hits to Gu Dongchen. A resounding! How does not know, the fist of Wu Xu hits when the body of Gu Dongchen, actually directly penetrated the past, but Gu Dongchen has also slapped a Wu Xu face, like patting fly, flies the Wu Xu racket, hits in not far away Subduing Dragon City city wall, does not pass to be flown to the ball by Subduing Dragon City formation. Ancient Spirit Clan the body of empty spirit, is really fierce, can turn into the empty spirit condition by own body, the sword and spear difficult wound!” Yao Shumei praised. Gu Dongchen is Ancient Spirit Clan, this was was not already secret, the Gu Dongchen strength was very just surprising, a unexpectedly palm hit to fly Wu Xu, Wu Xu good and bad was also Flying Immortal Sect's Dean! This is insults my Extreme Martial Sect Dean fate, Little Featherhead you comes back, if that fellow dares fight again, I personally go into action to teach him!” Huang Jintian said leisurely that then has swept these ancient influence Big Shot: Heard that you have had the prejudice to Extreme Martial Sect, or explains with the fist today, like this when three territories discussed can discuss calmly.”