World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1017
Flying Immortal Sect's person short of breath, but is very helpless, had several elders to be given to wound by Subduing Dragon City large formation in them a moment ago, the person but who can also participate in the fight are not many, although Dean has not received the big wound, but if facing the Huang Jintian's words, that did not joke. In the Wu Xu heart is angry, if he early knows that Gu Dongchen has this move, maliciously will not have been slapped a face in that many people, although has not injured to his body, but has actually been harmful to his dignity, what making him most indignant is, Gu Dongchen slapped his to receive the hand, if his fight, were Huang Jintian goes into action again! The Gu Dongchen strength and Wu Xu are similar, if hits, victory and defeat difficult minute, but they cannot hit now . Moreover the effect that Huang Jintian wants has achieved, is shame Flying Immortal Sect's Dean maliciously. The pressure these ancient influence rampant arrogances, such one, three territories discussed while convenient the time, their Extreme Martial Sect will not be despised, can have certain right to speak. Huang Jintian, do not go too far!” Wu Xu is similar to an angry cow, dashes about wildly to come from the distant place, the earth was trod pits by him. The Wu Xu anger soars to the heavens, murderous-looking, is fierce the face, roars, while toward the Huang Jintian rush in the past, that appearance was actually scary. Master Ancestor, you had said this is handled by you!” Gu Dongchen feels a pressure immediately, if he and Wu Xu hits, even though can win, oneself will not feel better absolutely, when the time comes at most is only the hard victory. Huang Jintian wields the sleeve, wields strength, shoves open his nearby Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen. The fist of that Wu Xu also pounded at this time, shook the fiery red ripple, strength was very astonishing, this Wu Xu strength was very powerful. Huang Jintian is calm, stands in same place motionless, waits for the fist of Wu Xu to pound to fall, his five fingers gather, a palm ejects, welcomes to the fist of that fiery red. Bang! The sound shocks, is similar to suddenly simultaneously crack dozens startling thunderclap, starts flame unrest, is bringing boiling hot heat, toward curls in all directions, burns a big stretch of earth!

A fist palm junction strikes, unexpectedly is very intense flame strength, Wu Xu is Flying Immortal Sect's Dean, the strength was very formidable, his anger struck a moment ago, but uses to try, but Huang Jintian actually resembles serene to receive this move, the Huang Jintian's strength must exceed the imagination of many people! „The Wu Xu strength is not weak, he had been hit a palm of the hand by Gu Dongchen before, that is also only because he has not expected Gu Dongchen to practice Void Spirit Body, if Gu Dongchen and he hits, is hard to win, but Huang Jintian is very probably relaxed receives his fist!” Huang Jintian strength is reserved, after taking control, some tight is a potential, the fire intensity overflow like Wu Xu, from this perspective, Huang Jintian is not slightly better, let alone Huang Jintian cultivates Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, is skilled in the strength of Five Elements, he only had used a moment ago the fire!” Many people are exclaiming in surprise! Winds around when Huang Jintian and Wu Xu Qi mist diverges, the people are surprised, Wu Xu left that arm of fist a moment ago, unexpectedly full is incorruptible! A moment ago obviously was two terror flame strength to striking, but now arm of Wu Xu actually by strong ice cold strength frozen, making many people exude the intermittent surprised discussion sound! kā chā...... Wu Xu that by frozen arm, the suddenly disruption, was turned into ice sludge to fall in the place, entire arm unexpectedly did not have! Huang Jintian......” Wu Xu face whiten, the anger shouted one, but at this time ice coldly also one after another since he broke the place spread of arm to his half body. Huang Jintian sneers: Does not want dead to hurry itself to drive out these ice cold strength, I was softhearted, have forgiven your life, can go on living look at you!”

The Wu Xu body trembles, immediately transports the merit to drive out these terrors ice cold strength, but actually at this time, together blue rosy cloud glittering came, from above delimited slantingly, penetrated the body of Wu Xu! People suddenly one startled, the after body of Wu Xu that blue light penetrates, the abdomen and chest unexpectedly presented two big hole, the heart of dantian inside Heaven Dan and chest are ruined, not having strength to resist these ice cold strength, the body of Wu Xu immediately frozen, afterward disrupts, turns into one pile of ice sludge, melts in the ground. Who is!” A Flying Immortal Sect's elder was exclaiming to the sky anger, but responded his actually together looked that the terrifying blue light beam penetrated his forehead. Also is an instance, Flying Immortal Sect's that elder was struck to kill! Many people are scared, this virtually impossible to guard against terrorist attack, is very difficult to resist! Lan Guang, comes out!” Huang Jintian indifferently said. Sees only blue rosy cloud suddenly to dodge together, wears the blue robe, the feature is gentle, the old man emergence of yellow-haired early childhood suddenly, the people were hard this affable old man and killed their blue light killers to associate together a moment ago continually. Shen Xiang sees this old man in the distant place, knows that this old man is the Lan Lan grandfather, Flying Immortal Sect on the same day so bullies certainly Lan Lan, is known by this old fellow, will be very definitely troublesome, now really so! Your Master is really fierce, but this called a Lan Guang old man fiercer person!” Duan Sanchang is also looks at the heart crazily to jump, was worried very much suddenly has blue light together to puncture him. That is the Lan Lan grandfather, Blue Blood Clan Patriarch!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: It can be said that person on one's own side.”

Lan Guang is with smile on the face, was saying to Huang Jintian: Do not misunderstand, I do not help you, I am settling the 1st Stage personal grudge, these fellows once like that treated my granddaughter, I have given them a happiness, that was very sincere!” Lan Guang sweeps that several other Flying Immortal Sect's elders, to their palm, several Lan Guang is projecting gently, instantaneously pierced the head and dantian of that several person! The person who Flying Immortal Sect comes, is annihilated, moreover is not the hand that Subduing Dragon Sect moves. You are insincere, others sons initially had defeated the hall with the pig.” Huang Jintian he he said with a smile. My granddaughter now is missing!” The Lan Guang complexion was somewhat ugly, speaks these words, he turned into the blue light, toward a direction lasing in the past, vanish from sight. Li Baojun is seeing at the same time darkly crisp, he does not have to think one do not need to get rid, the Flying Immortal Sect's person was destroyed completely, but the Flying Immortal Sect's foundation is abundant, is ancient influence, gets down in Dean of some Heaven World definitely also many substitution, cannot be exterminates an entire family completely, only if totally destroys the entire Flying Immortal Sect's entrance, but that need considerable strength is good. Huang Jintian also returns to the crowd. „Do you also want to continue to cause trouble?” Li Baojun looks at Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Dry Profound Mountain these people, their expert has not injured . Moreover the strength is very strong, they will not provoke Huang Jintian this old lunatic now, therefore some people will again then not help Subduing Dragon Sect. Subduing Dragon Sect must result in today to us a view, gets a cut my person, robs our business, but also discredits Pill Association intentionally!” Pill Association Association Master Ye Heng, was shouting fierce.