World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1018
This group of fellows are not concerned about face, others obviously not what kind of! Pill City well was very difficult to give way, but is actually they plays remnantly! Before others had warned obviously they do not fly, they actually very rampant flew, finally was made by others large formation like the fly, bad this!” Others are concerned about face, also will not make that matter out of the ordinary in Pill City, will not say this letting I to listen for the words that they blush, words that others are concerned about face, many years ago will not betray Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! This is others traditions.” They have special practice insensitive divine art to be inadequate!?” The people taunted, at this time the Pill Association member are not many, changed over to Subduing Dragon City time withdrew, not long, entire Pill Association must dismiss. Li Baojun is resigned-looking, said: With the fellow negotiations that your this crowds are not concerned about face is really a very stupid matter, regarding your this fellows, it seems like can only speak with the fist!” On!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man shouted one gloomy lowly, saw only Pill Association more than ten Dan King, fired into Li Baojun with several expert immediately, unexpectedly takes one group of people to collaborate to deal with a Li Baojun person. Shen Xiang sees this, in the heart is angry, hastily gives Li Baojun sound transmission: Draws back quickly, gives me!” Qilin Fan in Li Baojun hand wields, the fan leaves several flame steaming Qilin beasts, prevents person who that crowd clashes, however retreat enters in Subduing Dragon City, shuts tightly the city gate! Above the city gate dragon head of that two opening mouths is not the ornaments, but at this time Shen Xiang controls Dragon Vein strength to emerge in that two black dragon head! Pill Association that group of people flushed, time that wants rumbling broken Subduing Dragon City large formation, they to clash evidently, seeing that two dragon head to rotate suddenly, is aiming at them.

They think immediately perhaps these two dragon head will send out very terrifying attack, but actually already late! Evil Dragon roared, dies!” In the Shen Xiang heart gets angry is shouting, sees only that two black dragon head mouths, suddenly overflows black Qi, sprays two black thick light glow suddenly, the time of almost being half blinking, two black huge multi-colored sunlight, are having and Evil Dragon Burial Ground that black Qi similar terrifying imposing manner, covers Pill Association that group of people! The black multi-colored sunlight vanishes, Pill Association that group of people had almost more than 30 individuals, but now only remaining more than ten individuals, Dan King eight, Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Dry Profound Mountain Big Shot three, other completely vanish from sight! Can live, where now also very to goes, the severe wound, this has made the person dread to Subduing Dragon City that two black dragon head! Dan King in died a moment ago five, Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person only remaining two, Dry Profound Mountain had one, that Pill Association Association Master did not have an arm!” This Subduing Dragon Sect is not really affable, but was then good, Purple Moon Sacred Realm these ancient influence will certainly make Heaven World's expert go into action, when the time comes can Subduing Dragon Sect have a fiercer method?” Three territories discussed have not started, had such dispute, was really unexpected!” Li Baojun comes out from Subduing Dragon City, sneers looks at this crowd already the severely wounded person, this group of people also want to collaborate to tear into shreds him a moment ago, but has not thought that Subduing Dragon City is the defense is not only fierce, the attack so is also strong, this makes their suddenly think that they record that sees from some ancient book, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens time, there is a similar fearful city, that is the Iron Lion Divine Army construction of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! Subduing Dragon Sect, we and you have not ended!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man gloomy and cold said.

Oh? no matter then I do kill you, you do want to retaliate? This is also good, I was intertwining still if wanted to massacre you, you give the reason that I a non- similarly think peaceful principle has resulted in!” Li Baojun Qilin Fan wields, several light swords that five colors flame turns into fly to shoot, is similar to crowded sword rain, penetrates holes the body of this group of people! Five Elements Heavenly Fire, this makes many people expert that watches in the distant place change countenance, moreover releases through fire attribute sacred tool, the might is unable to imagine! „The next generation do not provoke Subduing Dragon Sect again!” Li Baojun wields Qilin Fan, starts strong winds, is blown off by the person who the hot sword pierces the innumerable holes this crowd! Eight Dan King, three expert, unexpectedly such made into the powder by a fan, flutters with the wind! Oh, I am only alchemy, does not want to kill people does not want to fight, this is you compels my!” Li Baojun receives Qilin Fan to walk into Subduing Dragon City slowly. Be careful, is Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Heaven World expert!” Demon Empress Lu Qinlian suddenly shouted, Li Baojun responded rapidly, immediately picked up the speed, broke in Subduing Dragon City! The situation is very thrilling, just entered the city gate in Li Baojun, scalding hot purple light turns into purple Phoenix together, follows close on Li Baojun behind, if Li Baojun on slow little, must be hit! Phoenix that purple fire turns into hits on Subduing Dragon City protecting city large formation, making the entire city shake fiercely, but was not affected much! Person who Ling Feng, you are also one have the status, such copes with a strength to be weaker than these many juniors you, thanks to you can also do!” The Lu Qinlian sound is having expression of taunt, it seems like she knew that person who got rid of a moment ago.

Snort, is that also what kind of?” Hears this sound, knows that is an old lady, really an old lady of wear purple robe appears in the Subduing Dragon City entrance suddenly. This old woman is somewhat short, the camel the back, the wrinkle on face is very scary, that eyes sub- likely is that cat eye in dark night, can look at the whole body to be scared the person, she leans on one to carve the Phoenix walking stick. Your Subduing Dragon City only then this skill? You did not plan to come out, nest in for a lifetime?” Ling Feng shouts, at this time one crowd wore the purple robe old man appears, stands in her behind, understood at a glance that expert that came from Heaven World. We came late one step, died completely, this Subduing Dragon Sect really a little way!” The sound conveys together slowly, sees only side Ling Feng to present white clouds suddenly, puts on tall and thin old man of white robe to appear, unemotionally looks at the giant doorway tablet in city gate, Subduing Dragon Sect that three characters are passing a very ancient aura, although is not ancient character, but makes people think that this doorway tablet had for a long time. Is the city that Iron Lion Divine Army that group of people construct!” Ling Feng expression sinks, the expression said dignifiedly. How can be they? Dragon Vein here, the city is also they constructs, this was too skillful!” That old man complexion suddenly changes. Shen Xiang walks back and forth in the tower over a city gate, two old fellow that this suddenly presents, before strength, by Purple Moon Dean that he kills quite, even must surmount that Purple Moon Dean, only if he uses Primal Chaos Fire Token again, otherwise is hard to kill these two people, but he thought that wastes very much.