World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1019
Old woman and old man who this suddenly presents, comes Zitian above expert, now the Emperor Heaven space will become more and more firm, later must leave or get down is not easy, therefore appears now here, had had certainly come to understand that even planned that must long stay here, here was Emperor Heaven, if did not have some strength very strong people to assume personal command, their influences will be very easy to be destroyed completely. That old man is Feng Family, is one has the prestigious elder in Heaven World's Feng Family very much, named Feng Quan, the strength is very strong, and beforehand that Purple Moon Dean is equally fierce!” That Ling Feng is also a Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elder, moreover is a goon, the strength returns stronger compared with that Purple Moon Dean!” Lu Qinlian told Yao Shumei and Gu Dongchen the matter of these two they. Then compares what kind of you?” Yao Shumei asked. They do not dare to get rid to me, I can kill them, but that will also let Bewitching Sound Paradise and they have the deep enmity.” Lu Qinlian said. Huang Jintian in the one side to Subduing Dragon City inside Shen Xiang sound transmission, told him these two old fellow status, in this group of people, only then he understood Subduing Dragon Sect's foundation, he can look, Subduing Dragon Sect only then Li Baojun was keeping up the appearance, moreover made very strong false appearance intentionally, making people think that Subduing Dragon Sect was very strong. But actually this Subduing Dragon Sect is smell of mother's milk not yet dried brat makes Dean, then does not know where has flickered strength good Dan King, draws in his several friends to assemble from Extreme Martial Sect again. Huang Jintian truly has to admire Shen Xiang, Dean has not made an appearance from beginning to end, but makes this Subduing Dragon Sect be regarded as is very fierce sect, because this also Shen Xiang obtains the Dragon Vein reason. Now the defense of Subduing Dragon City is very strong, Huang Jintian was not worried that two Heaven World expert can break through, moreover he also somewhat anticipated how Shen Xiang will solve such difficult problem, but now many people look.

Dean, rumbles with that two dragon head directly they!” Li Baojun sees Shen Xiang to walk back and forth, urged. „It is not good, you ran away a moment ago ugly, had to expose to help, if we again constantly depend upon formation anything now, others definitely will be able to see us not to have no foundation!” Shen Xiang suddenly grinned to smile: We cannot use a moment ago that move again, that two dragon head could not cope with these two old fellow, you also saw these Dan King to shoulder a moment ago!” You were......” Li Baojun have also smiled, he understands that Shen Xiang must do: That why also not fight?” Shen Xiang said: I also think now on fight, the person but who comes are not enough. Ms. Purple Moon Sacred Realm's led several old men to come, however the Feng Family person had old fellow! We wait again, perhaps also has Flying Immortal Sect and Dry Profound Mountain fellow! Elder Li, you must know me, if transfers Evil Dragon Burial Ground that strength, is very laborious.” „Hasn't a Subduing Dragon Sect stronger person come out to accept a challenge?” Ling Feng earthquake sounds recording tape incomparable taunt. You are too not concerned about face, is disinclined to hit with you, before you planned that the group attacks my one, now you want to come this move, does not have the gate! I acknowledged that my strength is inferior to you, naturally, this is only because our Dean and Great Elder go out, when they come back, how you die does not know!” The Li Baojun response said. Really is timid!” Feng Quan ridiculed. Always, the shameless and inexpensive standard is much better than your despicable and vulgar!” Li Baojun said with a sneer: How your people were a moment ago shameless, those present see!” Ling Feng is somewhat angry, no person dares to say her, the walking stick in her hand raises, the above purple phoenix carves purple light glittering, the purple Phoenix cry eats delicacies, flies to hit toward that city gate, is bringing purple roaring flame, as if can burn down the entire city.

Bang! Slight shaking hits Subduing Dragon City with very resounding sound, inside person was very terrified, but after Duan Sanchang told the people in city outside situation, making many people relieved, knew Subduing Dragon Sect alone war many ancient influence, moreover occupied completely the winning side, killed these ancient influence important personages, many people admired to Subduing Dragon Sect. hōng hōng hōng...... Afterward, Feng Quan and Ling Feng they collaborate, is attacking Subduing Dragon City crazily, moreover flies the upper air, from the air attack, releases purple fire Phoenix, throws to strike Subduing Dragon City, but was protected city large formation 11 to resist, now Shen Xiang feels to here protecting city large formation shocking, many people are also so, this degree of defense capability, making many ancient influence feel very weak. Dean, they are so fierce, do we participate in three territories to discuss court death?” Li Baojun was sees Heaven World expert to have was fierce, although they now are very safe, but was still frightened. Relax, our Great Elder is very fierce.” Shen Xiang was not worried when the time comes White Tiger in one side, who to their fight who courts death. When Shen Xiang , etc. impatient. The horizon broadcasts together the sound: Two come really quickly!” Han Kang, you come intentionally late! However your Flying Immortal Sect's Dean and some people and others turned into the ash completely.” Ling Feng coldly was taunting.

Now the people know that this asked the Han Kang person to be comes Zitian Flying Immortal Sect expert, was one must steadily the middle age, after he heard the Ling Feng words, has not gotten angry, in his opinion, Flying Immortal Sect Dean wanted many to have many, did not have to be able from Heaven World to call one to get down, more importantly Flying Immortal Sect's foundation, so long as foundation also in that's alright. He does not get angry, will not represent him not to Subduing Dragon Sect fight, moreover they probably early deliberate, planned that must take to be the same Subduing Dragon City! Now these can guess correctly in expert of distant place that they come to Dragon Vein, Dragon Vein can provide Spirit Qi now, but Dragon Vein meets adolescence, later can turn into Immortal Crystal and existence of Immortal Jade this type of thing, on Heaven World attaches great importance to. Feng Family and Flying Immortal Sect's other arrive from Heaven World's expert one after another, they come in view of Dragon Vein, the strength is good, although in Heaven World is not strongest that but they think that coped with Mortal World Subduing Dragon Sect one startled to have more than enough to spare, after all they separately sent out a strength in the Heaven World also very strong person. Li Baojun hurriedly said: Dean, the person came similarly, if they gathered the strength attack, can broken the Subduing Dragon City large formation bang?” Comes ten not to fear again that I feared they do not come!” Shen Xiang has closed the eye, starts to transfer distant place that Evil Dragon Burial Ground strength, that black Qi is most fearful. Your this ancient influence, really go too far, such being the case, we are impolite!” Li Baojun sees Shen Xiang fight, immediately coldly shouted. Hears the Li Baojun sound, the people are in high spirits, Subduing Dragon Sect wanted fight!