World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1020
Protects Dragon Vein these evil auras to release through nature large formation, forms a giant and terrifying dragon sits cross-legged there, releases the intermittent evil aura, seems looks like a Evil Dragon evil soul, therefore acquired fame Evil Dragon Burial Ground! After Shen Xiang fuses Dragon Vein, can control some Dragon Vein strength, but the control to Evil Dragon Burial Ground is not comprehensive, but enough was used for the person who coped with these to cause trouble, he constructed here Subduing Dragon City, for some future people attacked a city, can to rely on Evil Dragon Burial Ground strength repel the enemy, now lets he tried the Evil Dragon Burial Ground might the time. Subduing Dragon City also has the 1st Stage distance from Evil Dragon Burial Ground, looked at the past words in the distant place, thought Subduing Dragon City in Evil Dragon Burial Ground that huge black dragon head, seemed makes people think that entire Evil Dragon was sheltering Subduing Dragon City to be the same probably. Among suddenly, Evil Dragon Burial Ground these black Qi are turbulent, low and deep dragon roar spreads, as if came from Hell, gloomy fearful. Felt that Evil Dragon Burial Ground has the change, audiences expert changed color immediately, sees only the big dragon that Evil Dragon Burial Ground that black Qi turned into, suddenly moved, then huge black dragon head in sky opened the mouth suddenly, roared, the entire sky was trembling, wild strength, pressed the vault of heaven to buzz, the tremor was intermittent, depressed the murderous aura evil aura to the upper air, might looks like ** turbulent. A Black Dragon that two gigantic eye dodges Hong Xia, under the hot hot sun, that light glow can be incarnadine the trim earth, the air/Qi of withering is very intense. The people look at that angry Evil Dragon frightened, especially these were locked Heaven World expert, they were deterred unable to move by that imposing manner, the heart fear, making them feel very weak! As the big momentum deafening sound comes, the people still when surprised, in that Longzui gush out black Qi, outside that group of people toward Subduing Dragon City sprays huge black light, vast wild strength such as the Tsunami runs out generally, in an instant the bang hits in the ground, the earth was swept across by vast strength, is cracked several fissures, the air wave that arouses such as the flood general four well up, the person of that several influence was submerged by strength of vast terror!

Around Subduing Dragon City was submerged by black Qi mist, but in black Qi mist, has several golden light glittering, expert in upper air carefully looked that then sees several Heaven World expert corners of the mouth to bleed, the body is protected by immortal tool that golden light sparkles, this can make them escape death by a hair's breadth a moment ago. Feng Family Feng Quan, Flying Immortal Sect's Han Kang, Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Ling Feng, these three strength strong Heaven World expert had not died, moreover they can guarantee next to follow them to come old man, but they were seriously injured! Shen Xiang was found a moment ago also time strength, the whole person falls down, although cannot make that three strong Heaven World expert die, but he has killed more than ten individuals. The person who these three influences send adds to have 17-18, now only the remaining six people, this lets in their hearts the startled anger, wishes one could rumbling stretch of ruins Subduing Dragon City, this grade of loss can be said as very serious, even if they encircle an influence in Heaven World, is many people was seriously injured at most, now actually died more than ten individuals, these people in the Heaven World's aloof influence, although is not the top player, but has certain strength, the status is quite high, but in instantaneous was extinguished a moment ago actually by the bang! Li Baojun helps up Shen Xiang that falls to the ground hastily, then loudly said: You hurry to get the hell out, goes back to tell you your above, be not provoking Subduing Dragon Sect, otherwise we will certainly eradicate in the Emperor Heaven foundation you, lives up to one's words!” A defensive power of city, so was terrorist, the person who before these want to hit the Subduing Dragon Sect attention, does not dare to have any thought again! You are waiting!” Ling Feng is distressed at this time, their this time immortal tool split, a moment ago that compaction was too strong, if were not they responds to quickly, they definitely will be annihilated.

After Flying Immortal Sect, Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Feng Family three Heaven World expert walked, other people also in abundance leave, now Subduing Dragon Sect in the hearts of many people, the strength surpasses these ancient influence, three ancient influence Heaven World expert, unexpectedly is unable to shake others city, let alone is that Evil Dragon Burial Ground inside entrance? It seems like when the time comes needs to keep a person to guard Subduing Dragon City here, so as to avoid when the time comes was attacked!” Shen Xiang restored some strengths, borrows Evil Dragon Burial Ground strength, although is not too many, but the effect is big, almost that crowd of person destruction. After several double-hour, outside evil aura diverges, the Subduing Dragon City front door opens once again, outside city a piece in confusion, but in the city actually full is the cheers! Duan Sanchang hastily catches up, said with a smile: That crowd of fellow short time will not come again, if they come again, I go to their grave thorough dig out.”I must close up a period of time, if some people look for me, when the time comes arranged him in City Lord's Mansion that's alright. White Tiger had said before three territories discussed started, can look for Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang enters the deep place in Dragon Vein, he crossed the Nirvana four tribulations, after obtaining God Slaughtering Heart, not well calming down stable cultivation base. Previous time he obtains God Slaughtering Heart, suddenly has sensed Universe Stars Seal this terror Heaven Slaughtering Technique, he thinks that in God Slaughtering Heart possibly has the sensibility of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, now he wants have a good look to look at this fierce God Slaughtering Heart.

„The powerful big heart, should practice evidently after the special way, may is the heart of that big white cat, but looks like not too likely is the genuine heart.” Long Xueyi has doubts very: This heart does not grow in the human body, but is the nature formation!” Nature formation?” Shen Xiang shook the head: Will ask White Tiger next time, he should the clearest this God Slaughtering Heart matter.” Shen Xiang calms the mind to spy on the God Slaughtering Heart interior, discovered that is a piece of white space, making him feel what is most inconceivable, inside these pure white energies, unexpectedly is Slaughter Qi condense! Slaughter Qi itself quite evil looking, but now actually becomes exceptionally pure pure and holy! His Divine sense immerses in God Slaughtering Heart that vast space, when he when is exploring, suddenly discovered that in God Slaughtering Heart presents together the golden light screen, as if has separated the white space generally, when he thinks rush over, was actually resisted by a resistance, moreover made his entire Divine sea shiver fiercely, making his headache want to crack. In this God Slaughtering Heart has the thing!” Shen Xiang draws back Divine sense, gasps for breath in gulps: Very fierce thing, what is that?” God Slaughtering Heart initially after your Slaughtering Heart disruption, by these Slaughter Qi attracting, this present should be your heart, what thing inside has, your couldn't unexpectedly spy on?” Long Xueyi also thinks very surprisedly.