World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1021

Shen Xiang does not dare to try again, almost let his Divine sea disintegration a moment ago, strength of that aggressiveness is extremely terrifying. I felt that has a very formidable soul in that God Slaughtering Heart!” The Shen Xiang's complexion was better: Moreover in the deep sleep, protects oneself!” Is the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens soul?” Su Meiyao startled shouted. „It is not good, must think means to make that soul, so as to avoid your soul can by Devour!” The Bai Youyou complexion big change, thought that this is not a good matter. „It is not Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens to break to relate with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, made very big sacrifice, the soul should already ruin! Moreover that strength likely is not Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, I contact these Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and Lion Mountain that stele Great Emperor of Ten Heavens keeps, I knew about this very much!” On the Shen Xiang face reveals the thinking expression. Saw that White Tiger must ascertain he, must make him find the way to make God Slaughtering Heart inside soul, always thought that is a disaster.” The Bai Youyou sound is cold, in her heart has not the good premonition. Before White Tiger said that God Slaughtering Heart with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, should not appear in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, after Shen Xiang's Slaughtering Heart was stave, this God Slaughtering Heart suddenly appeared, making people think that this was not a coincidence! First does not manage!” Shen Xiang now is very exhausted, needs to rest well, can meet with White Tiger in any case quickly, when the time comes asked that understands. Shen Xiang stayed for ten days in Dragon Vein, he does not dare to practice here, he worried that can take away massive Spirit Qi, affected Dragon Vein adolescence, the Earth's Core Clan elders has said that this Dragon Vein also very young, cannot extract Dragon Vein strength excessively. I always think that three territories discussed to have the secretive matter!” Bai Youyou suddenly said: Depending on me understanding Demon and Devil World, they should so not be easy to compromise, I thought that you should ask that Demon Empress, or is Ji Meixian! I felt that these ancient influence are planning anything.” ancient influence is not only Human Territory has, Demon and Devil World also has, in three territories, is the ancient influence strength is strongest, if ancient influence of three territories sit to discuss calmly that explained they must carry on anything to plan, then draws in other fierce influences.”

Su Meiyao said: They have not said that in the past Emperor Heaven was complete, does not divide the Human, Devil and Demon three territories, therefore they should have the relation in the past, Great Emperor of Ten Heavens should be Demon Beast, can make many humanity follow, could see that in the past many races were harmonious!” Shen Xiang also thought that this day is also hiding many things, for example, when three territory discussions must start, Heavenly Thunder Purgatory appears, many Heaven World's expert are reckless, has not planned to go back evidently, is the most powerful strengths of Human, Devil and Demon three territories excessively harmonious, this and that several three realms great war in Legend have very big difference! Three territories merge as one, properly speaking great war is more intense is right, now can sit to negotiate calmly, making people think that is promoting in strength secretly. Shen Xiang comes out from Dragon Vein, at this time Subduing Dragon City becomes livelier, to guarantee Subduing Dragon City was not broken through from, Teleportation Formation establishes outside the city. From Subduing Dragon City recent is Pill City, that giant city becomes very peaceful, only then ten large-scale shops in inside, they have not thought on this stretch of earth, will present one to dare with the influence of Pill Association opposition. Had the influence to want near Pill City to establish the city before, but is worried to be extinguished the city by Pill Association, therefore nobody has dared, even if were farther from Pill City is not good. Now discusses close to three territories, all influence in being busy many matters, Shen Xiang heard when the time comes many influences can lead one group of people to go, perhaps also will erupt great war anything, outside Heavenly Thunder City stations many Demon and Devil armies, now many disciples of Human Territory influence also gather outside Heavenly Thunder City. These news are Li Baojun acquired, this makes him somewhat be worried, because of Subduing Dragon Sect now only then that several people, although Earth's Core Clan is very formidable strength, but actually cannot shine the sunlight. In City Lord's Mansion, Li Baojun said: Dean, when the time comes participates in three territories to discuss we only to be able three people to go, but I must remain to defend a city, when the time comes does your person go?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I did not mean we also do have formidable Great Elder?”

Li Baojun some did not feel relieved: If some people can replace me to defend a city were good, I want to go with you.” At this time the tender sweet sound conveyed together: Matter of defense gives us!” After the sound appears, two pretty forms appear, Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran appearance slowly, this in a big way frightened Shen Xiang one to jump! Lan Lan use stealth talent, bringing Yan Yanran suddenly to appear, has not made Shen Xiang not realize! You?” Li Baojun knew about the strengths of these two females, although is good, but must protect the entire city to miss. They are possibly insufficient!” This sound had a scare Shen Xiang, unexpectedly is White Tiger! Moreover White Tiger also led a strong old man to arrive, old man White Tiger Fighting Clan Patriarch, Bai Zhan! Shen Xiang is quickly tranquil, said with a smile: Elder Li, this is our Great Elder, you called him Elder Bai that's alright!” Li Baojun sees White Tiger, in heart cannot help but one cold, although this middle-aged man is very at present ordinary, without any aura, but makes him feel very danger(ous)! Although Bai Zhan the imposing manner is threatening, but he thought that White Tiger is more fearful. Bai Zhan will remain to defend a city, three territories discussed me imagine are more complex, when the time comes will have the important matter to occur, I and Elder Li accompanied you to go.” White Tiger said that in the foreheads brings to wipe dignifiedly.

Before Shen Xiang, guessed correctly that three territories discussed to hide anything, now sees White Tiger so cautiously to treat, he was more definite. Li Baojun transfers something immediately to Lan Lanhe Yan Yanran, but Bai Zhan is only responsible for fighting, this White Tiger Fighting Clan Patriarch is not a vegetarian, Shen Xiang wants to have a look at his strength. Shen Xiang and White Tiger in a secret room, White Tiger let go: I know that you some lot want to ask now, that asked!” „Was God Slaughtering Heart your once heart?” Shen Xiang has considered all of a sudden, decided that from this asking, thinks in own body has others' heart, this makes him feel strange. White Tiger has also thought that said: That is I had used the heart!” Had used?” On the Shen Xiang face reveals surprised color. My heart once grasping has broken to pieces by a dragon, at that time I looked was very long, found the strange stone to replace together.” White Tiger said.