World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1023

Heavenly Thunder City is because neighbor has Heavenly Thunder Purgatory to establish, at that time in that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory has the huge resources, although Heavenly Thunder Purgatory has ruined now, but this city is lively, moreover governs this city influence eastern part four big influences, has Purple Moon Sacred Realm. The Purple Moon Sacred Realm's overall strength is quite formidable, in Heaven World is also so, therefore the region of Purple Moon Sacred Realm control is quite here broad. Purple Moon Sacred Realm loses seriously in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, but not, therefore the status of losing eastern overlord, the reason is Purple Moon Sacred Realm is also very formidable in Heaven World, under can the land send a replacement person some expert to make up for the vacancy the position, now is holds the post of Dean by that Ms. Ling Feng, she just got down from Heaven World shortly, has the person to go to Subduing Dragon City, finally only then two people can or return to Purple Moon Sacred Realm, Ling Feng therefore was also blamed by Heaven World. Hehe, they could not mix in Pill City, entire Pill Association migrated to here comes, they were very wise, has not clung to tenaciously in King Continent.” Shen Xiang from the mouths of some passers-by knew that here suddenly presented several large-scale pills shops, does not need to know that removes from Pill City there. Perhaps they have not taken back these, this group of fellows initially used the 10 trillion crystal stones buy-back we in the land of Pill City purchase, thinks that can drive away us, who knows that we establish a city near Pill City, destroys them thoroughly.” Li Baojun remembers this matter, face Shangyang overflows the haughty smiling face, initially he had to participate. White Tiger smiled: This is lifts the stone to pound own foot, although they by your pit many crystal stones, but they use their strengths, definitely gains the person in other ways.” Right, therefore we must give thought to pay attention to their pills shop now.” Shen Xiang looked at Li Baojun, is hitting the meaningful glance to Li Baojun. „Should you not want to cause trouble?” The White Tiger brow selects gently: We cross the agreement, I ensure lets you, when three territories discussed safe well, do not act unreasonably at this time!”

Fears anything, when the time comes does not need you to get rid that's it, we can handle!” Shen Xiang was in high spirits grand toward a distant place modeling, decorates the magnificent pills shop to walk, that is the Golden Sun Sacred Realm pills shop. Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Golden Sun Sacred Realm are eastern part two Great Saint Realm, the strength are similar, moreover excels with the fire, the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's disciple through their cultivation technique, can practice purple fire, but the Golden Sun Sacred Realm disciple majority are to use the golden flame. This can Purple Moon Sacred Realm be related with Hua Xiangyue? This Little Flower had not said that she came from Purple Moon World? Moreover she also has Purple Moon Fire Spirit! Although Purple Moon Sacred Realm's many fellows can use purple flame, but they do not have Fire Spirit!” Long Xueyi said. I find an opportunity to ask her, always thought that she initially arrived at Mortal Martial World from Purple Moon World is not that simple matter, perhaps also has any secret facts.” Shen Xiang walks quickly, arrives at that Golden Sun Building entrance all of a sudden, stands in the entrance, can feel one that in flutters strongly and burns the hot aura, explained pill majority that inside sells are Golden Sun Sacred Realm builds up. White Tiger and Li Baojun also followed, seeing the White Tiger whole face to be helpless, Li Baojun said with a smile: Perhaps this little rascal goes to stroll, buys to select pills anything, don't worry! Like this, we disguise not to know with him that at the same time is looking, if he has annoyed troublesome, we do not need to get rid.” Shen Xiang turns into one now seems very simple and honest strong young fellow, looks like the human and animals is harmless, a silly dull appearance, how regardless to see that thought is that type has little experience of the world, youth who is easily swindled. White Tiger accepted the proposition of Li Baojun, disguises not to know Shen Xiang, but actually and Shen Xiang is maintaining the 1st Stage distance.

After Shen Xiang enters Golden Sun Building, inside pretty pretty teenage boys and girls throw a contempt immediately the look, because this Golden Sun Building outside, decorates unusual is luxurious, although Shen Xiang puts on is not bad, people but who has the status thought that such fellow should not appear here. The hall by some place transparent crystal counters of wall, inside is placing many spirit herb , some small jade bottles, inside thinks of some low level pill, generally high level pill little suspends, because these pill were used the high price by these nouveau riche decided but not yet announced. Although here does not have high level pill to suspend, but still attracts many people, regarding the juniors of these famous family aristocrats, low level pill was also luxury goods, therefore they gathered frequently here, was discussing herbs and pills, although in them many not alchemy, but actually very knew about the pills aspect. If can eat grain of Beautiful Face Pill every year, eats in 1000 continuously, the appearance will not be old, was only a pity that Beautiful Face Pill herbs is very unusual, moreover is also very scarce, must gather over a thousand grains not to be easy.” A black clothing man looks that a grass said that also follows in his side is putting on the magnificent and expensive tall beautiful woman. That grass is Snow Jade Grass, refines Beautiful Face Pill main herbs, seems is similar to the young girl snow white flesh turns into, although show cabinet inside Snow Jade Grass quality is not that good, but still so is noticeable in this hall. Shen Xiang walks to look immediately that this Snow Jade Grass he has many, Bai Youyou frequently this Snow Jade Grass, when the dish eats, being helpful to her studying Icewind Divine Art. Storekeeper, this does Snow Jade Grass sell?” Shen Xiang suddenly yelled, he discovered that this crystal cabinet inside Snow Jade Grass is somewhat strange, is familiar with him complete different, but seems actually exactly the same.

Suspends is sells here, but looked that you cannot afford!” A red skirt female disdain has swept Shen Xiang one with that pair of charming phoenix. Really is a country bumpkin, bellows to yell that an etiquette does not understand!” A yellow skirt female looked at Shen Xiang, looked at that to discuss the Beautiful Face Pill black clothing man a moment ago, shook the head sighs: Is the men, this fellow and is Young Master Ying disparity so how big?” Young Master Ying? Shen Xiang knows east actually this one of the two big Heavenspan Family, have Ying Family, Shen Xiang guessed this is longer much the black clothing man, should be the Ying Family juniors. old man impatient walks, frowns to look at present this simple and honest silly big, said: Naturally sells, four one billion crystal stones, can you afford?” The surrounding person hears this price, cannot help but secret took a deep breath, Snow Jade Grass takes away the auction in 30 five crystal stones about, this storekeeper clarified said that intentionally was higher. „Can you sell?” That charming red skirt female looks at Shen Xiang with a look of despising, sneers again and again.