World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1024

Shen Xiang did not respond very much patiently: „ I can sell words, you strip off the clothes to walk in the city, what kind of? The young woman, I buys cannot afford that is my matter, what wind discouraging talk were you speaking at the same time? Can you afford? ” You......” red skirt female shouted angrily immediately. Shen Xiang has not made her continue, flings storage pouch very much agily: Storekeeper, you takes inventory, here is four one billion crystal stones, under I wanted this Snow Jade Grass!” He is Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, has Dragon Vein, crystal stones are innumerable, will he lack these crystal stones? The storekeeper has gawked, immediately permeates in Divine Sense that storage pouch, inside really big pile of crystal stones, even though by Divine Sense of this rank, must take inventory a period of time. The moment passes by, the storekeeper old man nodded, looked that the Shen Xiang's look changed, probably had discovered precious mountain such, does not dare to reveal the contempt to Shen Xiang again the look, moreover hastily takes crystal cabinet inside Snow Jade Grass, on the face piles up with the smiling face, gives Shen Xiang respectfully. Truly is four one billion crystal stones!” The storekeeper is also only a storekeeper, he naturally knows that this type flings four one billion crystal stones people casually, the background is not definitely small. The storekeeper can see one crowd to put on all day very magnificently and expensively, looks like the youth men and women of polite scholarly is strolling in this inside, but looks like Shen Xiang this type such agily buys pills actually few, that group of famous family juniors also come to here to show off the talent of oneself that stuffy show, to win the favors of some females. Taunted that red skirt female and yellow skirt female to Shen Xiang a moment ago cannot speak at this time, the Young Master brother who they knew were many, although looked like very much has the makings and self-control, was rich in compared with the Young Master elder brothers of many small families, but this very meat pain flings four one billion crystal stones fellows likely at present, perhaps these Son of Heaven Daughter of Heaven could not achieve.

Li Baojun collects immediately, carefully looks at Snow Jade Grass in Shen Xiang hand, knit the brows slightly, said: Little brother, this is not Snow Jade Grass!” Shen Xiang knows that Li Baojun and White Tiger disguise to know with him, therefore he also so, asked back: Old man, you are also an expert, unexpectedly can look at this is any thing!” In hall these also in surprised buys in the Snow Jade Grass matter in this youth with four one billion crystal stones at present, actually suddenly hears, this unexpectedly is not Snow Jade Grass! After that Young Master Ying hears, frowned slightly: „Isn't this possibly Snow Jade Grass? I lead many people to appreciate, moreover Golden Sun Building Dan King has also strengthened!” Li Baojun said with a smile: Dan King also has being mistaken time, I you told that this called Profound Jade Snow Grass, seemed like similar to Snow Jade Grass, because this Profound Jade Snow Grass took care improper, therefore Spirit Qi drained much, seemed like similar to Snow Jade Grass!” Profound Jade Snow Grass! So long as is the alchemy master, knows this herbs name! This refines one of the Halting Face Dan main herbs, Halting Face Dan is Earth Level High-Grade Dan. Only needs to eat one grain, can make the appearance of person maintain very long a period of time, compared with eating over a thousand grains of Beautiful Face Pill is effective a lot. Old man your vision is good! I 4 billion buy this Profound Jade Snow Grass, you said that is worth?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, moreover looked at the complexion of that storekeeper, the face of storekeeper was turning green at this time slowly. The people in hall in a low voice discussed that many people expressed do not believe that thinks that Shen Xiang was deceiving the person. Halting Face Dan main herbs Shen Xiang has is, before he in medicine garden that in Dan King Li Tianjun keeps obtains, at that time Li Baojun was also guarding that medicine garden, therefore Li Baojun is familiar.

White Tiger also thinks at this time very interesting, although he not alchemy, but also is very familiar, he also joins in the fun: This Young Master Ying said a moment ago, this is Snow Jade Grass, he should be the Ying Family juniors, will not speak incorrectly.” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, White Tiger clarifies in black that Young Master Ying . Moreover the high-end is black. What is he? He is not the alchemy expert, others this old men are, a flame aura is so fierce, perhaps in Dan King is the outstanding people, he is a junior.” Shen Xiang disdainfully said: My this mountains and plains boorish fellow has also built up several furnace broken pill, quite knows about herbs.” Here has such matter, immediately brings in several Golden Sun Building Dan Ancestor, these can refine three Earth Level High-Grade Dan alchemy masters. Little brother, whether to look at a care to us?” Dan Ancestor said that regarding this they also very suspected, if sells Profound Jade Snow Grass by four one billion crystal stones, that is owes greatly. Does not give, what to do do you want to go back? You are the Golden Sun Sacred Realm people, is a big influence, whom when the time comes do I ask to reason things out?” Shen Xiang has not put in storage equipment, but places the back the hand. This makes that several Dan Ancestor get angry slightly, he wants to snatch very much! Li Baojun smilingly said at this time: Little brother, if your trustworthy old man I, make me help you a Profound Jade Snow Grass refined into furnace pill, I think alchemy technique to be good, can a furnace leave two grains, when the time comes I only needed grain of that's alright, moreover refined Halting Face Dan also to need other herbs to assist! You are fierce, now cannot refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan!” A furnace can leave two grains of Halting Face Dan! This lets present many alchemy masters to have profound respect to Li Baojun immediately, they have not thought that such a common old man, unexpectedly is such fierce alchemy master.

Li Baojun has eaten many Beautiful Face Pill and Halting Face Dan, becomes by oneself very young, but he is the Subduing Dragon Sect's elder, repeatedly with these big influence conflicts, for was not recognized, he dresses up himself an old man. Good, I trust you, the old man you showed that does not understand the fellow who pretends to understand to have a look to this crowd.” Shen Xiang gives Li Baojun Profound Jade Snow Grass immediately. In that several Dan Ancestor hearts sneers secretly, they to the present do not think that is Snow Jade Grass, they are confident to themselves, thinks one will not misread. After Li Baojun received the sequel jade grass, immediately puts out alchemic furnace, processes neatly some herbs, the words that carefully looks, can distinguish these herbs qualities, especially these auxiliary herbs, are the year is very high, with sells can also sell very high. Shen Xiang is confident to Li Baojun, this is that Li Tianjun successor! Li Baojun pill furnace seems very ordinary, but after the people feel fire Qi that pill furnace overflows, does not dare to despise that pill furnace again, because that type of flame overflows some heat, makes people think that was terrorist, but that common pill furnace can actually withstand.