World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1025
The Li Baojun flame is truly terrorist, because that is in itself Five Elements Heavenly Fire, Shen Xiang feels ashamed of one's inferiority, if his Universe Fire can evolve Universe Heavenly Fire, that is also very formidable. Sees the Li Baojun so earnest appearance, moreover built up a period of time, that several Dan Ancestor were anxious immediately, if that real Profound Jade Snow Grass, they are hard to ask, because that turned into pill. If before is, perhaps they can also add to select crystal stones to buy again, now they regretted that very much has not prevented Li Baojun. The people very much patiently are waiting, said again can personally see Halting Face Dan to draw a charge, that is also very rare matter, let alone is a very strong alchemy master in alchemy, alchemy masters some on the scene guessed that Li Baojun possibly is Dan King. Li Baojun pill furnace is very steady, that weak heat that releases is steady, alchemy master eyes can see that inside situation is stable, this generally only then that level very high alchemy master can achieve, that at least is also the Dan King rank. A double-hour passes by, Li Baojun that looked like does not have eye alchemic furnace suddenly to move slightly, Li Baojun has opened the eye, said with a smile: Built up, my luck is good, can concentrate two grains! Although that Profound Jade Snow Grass quality dropped, but I use herbal Spirit Qi nurturing that Profound Jade Snow Grass that auxiliary herbs smelts, lets its upgrading, can make me concentrate the pill two grains!” During the speeches, he opens pill furnace, sees only inside to flutter two grains of faint yellow Dan King, looked that luster and rich pill are fragrant, knows that is the excellent quality, moreover this is not Beautiful Face Pill, but is the genuine goods at reasonable prices, Halting Face Dan that just drew a charge! Li Baojun said with a smile: Everybody, you sees now, I have not been mistaken with this little brothers, that truly is Profound Jade Snow Grass, I use this to build up two grains of Halting Face Dan to come successfully!” That Young Master Ying sees the Shen Xiang that whole face haughty complexion, in the heart to hate secretly, his these females are also so, but they want that Halting Face Dan! The Golden Sun Building storekeepers and that several Dan Ancestor were the regret azure the intestines, if this Halting Face Dan took the auction, that was several ten billion crystal stone things, even was higher, but they actually sold by 4 billion prices Profound Jade Snow Grass, this can sell high.

Two please please do not bother to see me off, since you are the people of being able to judge the quality of goods, thinks that should want to earn through your mental perceptions!” At this time, a wear golden robe middle age walked. Elder Wan!” That several Dan Ancestor and storekeepers salute again and again. This Elder Wan nodded, he knew after this news, in the heart is very uncomfortable, their unexpectedly has been mistaken, making others crude, to such convenient price buy Profound Jade Snow Grass, therefore he wants to ask for in another way. Oh? are you make us continue to stroll here?” Shen Xiang buys that bead Profound Jade Snow Grass naturally to not to gain crystal stones, he does not lack, he is thinks disgustingly one this Golden Sun Sacred Realm. Naturally is not, this Profound Jade Snow Grass grows the place year to year to ice the place of cold coverage . Moreover the adolescence condition is harsh, you do not want to know how this Profound Jade Snow Grass comes?” That Elder Wan said. At this time in the crowd had a youth saying: Should from extremely northern Profound Cold Ancient Domain, it is said there in the antique time, be the treasure trove that the strange flowers different grass is in full bloom, because afterward had the day changes, there all were frozen by very fierce cold!” I have also heard, it is said these cold ice named Ancient Profound Ice, there are various colors, even if places under the hot sun to bake is hard to melt, the flame of some alchemy masters are unable to melt these Ancient Profound Ice. But for these years, northern Profound Cold Ancient Domain did not have the snowstorm extremely, many people dig to there take Ancient Profound Ice, in these Profound Ice, on frozen the strange flowers different grass of many antique times!” That Elder Wan nod said: If Profound Ice of frozen strange flowers different grass, majority are different from other Profound Ice, here just obtained a number of Profound Ice, two visions are so good, might as well has a look in these Profound Ice to have the strange flowers different grass!” Must know that these strange flowers different grass are the antique times, but in the past this earth dominated Emperor Heaven above Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, that definitely is not ordinary Hua Hua carelessly, is very likely the Immortal Level Sacred Level thing!”

Heard that many ancient influence send for Profound Cold Ancient Domain digging takes Profound Ice, even also purchases some unusual Profound Ice, probably which influence obtained Heaven Level spirit flower!” Shen Xiang and Li Baojun are the first time have heard this matter, they nod immediately, agreed that has a look at these Profound Ice. White Tiger Senior, do you know the Profound Cold Ancient Domain matter?” Shen Xiang asked hastily. Knows, there truly is strange flowers different grass the treasure trove of being in full bloom, but actually the unusual bad risk, I and Qi Shi also can only force to stroll in inside, afterward does not know why there frozen, we have a look at these Profound Ice, perhaps I can see that anything comes.” The White Tiger response said. In the Shen Xiang heart startles greatly, does not dare to take a walk in inside White Tiger at will, that Profound Cold Ancient Domain truly is the extraordinary place. Elder Wan is bringing Shen Xiang and Li Baojun, behind also with a troop person, they arrived in a garden, here pendulum square shapes or anomalous circular stones, altogether dozens, many colors, moreover after coming, studies many people unable to bear that cold air, has to go out of the garden immediately, stands looks on a corridor. In order to avoid these cold air overflows to affect others, this garden was being covered by large formation. The several females of that Young Master Ying and his side are unable to withstand that cold air, in abundance recession. But Shen Xiang and Li Baojun naturally cannot have the matter, but that type of cold air is very truly fierce, can let their this types the people who has very strong flame feel cold. The person who followed has over a hundred people, person but who can also take a walk in the garden now, only then ten, seeing Shen Xiang this semblance simple and honest silly big whole face to be relaxed, the people know that this is play the pig to eat the tiger goods, didn't the person who can resist that type of cold air, which cross Nirvana Tribulation?

The Shen Xiang forehead concentrates very tightly, tries to see through these colorful Profound Ice with his powerful Divine Power, but he actually received very big hindrance. Dean, I could not completely understand, you?” Li Baojun gives Shen Xiang sound transmission secretly. I am also same!” Shen Xiang replied that then also inquired White Tiger: Senior, what can you see in these Profound Ice to have?” Profound Ice biggest like coffin, smallest also has half person to be high. Cannot!” The reply of White Tiger makes Shen Xiang suspect.