World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1026

White Tiger explained immediately: I, although obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, but I practice are not many, my learning control Beast Slaughtering Technique, this has been able to study the essence, other has to browse slightly.” This Profound Ice is very strange . Moreover the fellow who releases this cold strength is very very strong, freezes again in inside thing produces strength, making these Profound Ice absorb many cold strength, many years later becomes firmer, this can play the protective function! in other words, inside thing makes these Profound Ice very firm, moreover is unfathomed, to protect oneself.” „Can that inside thing be the strange flowers different grass?” Shen Xiang also inquired, Long Xueyi did not have the sound now, it is estimated that she could not look. „It is not clear, with opened together has a look not to?” White Tiger is very curious to these Profound Ice at this time. That Elder Wan sees Shen Xiang their several to keep silent, serious looks at these Profound Ice, said with a smile: Is very fierce, I know that present wants to open these Profound Ice very much, but I may probably tell you, these Profound Ice are very difficult to break! If you want to open these Profound Ice, but must buy. These Profound Ice are quite unusual in Profound Cold Ancient Domain, using very big vigor to make, even also died many people.” Shen Xiang said: You planned that has Profound Ice that what thing does not know to sell these inside? The price that you pay evidently will definitely not be short!” Right, this was sacrificed many talented people to take!” That Elder Wan said. I looked that is you force others to go, who don't you know at the Heavenly Thunder Purgatory dry these matters? You make such matter in Profound Cold Ancient Domain again are also very normal!” old man said with a sneer, evidently he is expert in loose cultivator. Golden Sun Building Elder Wan has not paid attention to this person , to continue saying: You go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain, cannot guarantee that found this type of Profound Ice, you also saw these Profound Ice fiercely.” Shen Xiang asked: You do not have the means to open these Profound Ice, what has a look inside to have?”

Elder Wan sighed: Must melt is not cannot, Senior that our Golden Sun Sacred Realm Heaven World comes, will use his immortal tool to break, in that will really have the thing, will be scrap Immortal Jade.” Immortal Jade this type of thing, but surmounts the Immortal Crystal rare ore, inside contains very many rich Immortal Qi, are not many in Heaven World, only then has the rich Immortal Qi higher space world to breed these things. Such being the case, why do you also want to take to sell?” Li Baojun is puzzled: In this, but many good things.” Because in some Profound Ice any thing does not have.” Incense stick wind raids, Demon Empress Lu Qinlian leads the maturity females in rhyme of beautiful two wind to walk into this garden, on her face is hoodwinking the tissue, making her elegant peerless appearance partly visible, looks like makes the person be worried. Naturally, many expert choose obturation, filters on Lu Qinlian the delicate fragrance of that curling, in order to avoid being poisoned. Lu Qinlian cannot recognize Shen Xiang, but she dreaded to Shen Xiang very that simultaneously she also thought White Tiger danger(ous), especially approaches White Tiger very much time, on her cannot help but emits cold sweat, although in her heart shock fear, but actually does not dare to look at White Tiger two again. This female has special spirit awareness, she has discovered my point anything probably.” White Tiger gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. She and my relationship is good, person on one's own side, don't worry.” Shen Xiang replied White Tiger, then laughed foolishly was saying to Lu Qinlian: „Does Demon Empress have this Profound Ice?” We obtain more than ten, the fee big vigor have broken, only then in has the thing together, but that is only Immortal Medicine that has not taken shape, pours also a little value, now the major shops are selling this Profound Ice.” Lu Qinlian dreads White Tiger, in heart frightened, but on the face is very calm.

Shen Xiang is stroking these Profound Ice, he wants to give a try to be able these Profound Ice refined into pill, he thought that if can build up, is deviation yin cold attribute pill, is very suitable to practice the ice cold strength person to eat. Elder Wan said with a smile: Demon Empress also said a moment ago, inside may have the good thing, but two visions are sinister, therefore I will recommend you to purchase these things! You should be able to see inside to have any thing from these Profound Ice.” „Isn't this tries one's luck?” Shen Xiang has rubbed rubbing hands, asked: How your here do Profound Ice sell?” Profound Ice matter many people know, but takes to sell first time heard, moreover is in this manner. This two ten billion crystal stone, this 30 billion, this small point 15 billion, this mainly fixes a price by the size, because these Profound Ice forming time has decided the size.” The price that Elder Wan opens, making in many person hearts criticize, tens of billions buy such together broken Profound Ice to go back, but must take the trouble to open, moreover very ensure in has the thing. Lu Qinlian also said a moment ago, breaks more than ten to have the thing, moreover listens to her tone, she thought own luck was good, if the luck is bad, what thing hundred do not have, did that owe? These sell Profound Ice can also gain. Person silly crystal stones many buys!” Is!” Bid goodbye that certainly, if inside had Immortal Medicine or Immortal Jade anything, that gained absolutely overturns the heavens!”

Person who discuss spiritedly surrounds. Shen Xiang looks at blue Profound Ice, traces, felt that the difference ice-cold, he carefully looked, had not discovered that what trace on this Profound Ice has, after being able to see this Profound Ice forming, the deep sleep in Profound Cold Ancient Domain several thousand years, until had been dug to be delivered from oppression, but in frozen what? But these colorful Ancient Profound Ice form? Profound Cold Ancient Domain that place, White Tiger dreaded that what there exactly did have? Shen Xiang, Spirit Slaughtering Technique could help you to see that anything comes!” White Tiger suddenly gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: „Wasn't I and you have said? God Slaughtering Heart is a stone that I pick, I made in the past in that Profound Cold Ancient Domain.” Shen Xiang also wants to do anything to come with Spirit Slaughtering Technique at this time, but he grasps insufficiently to Spirit Slaughtering Technique, lacks the ability to do what one would like. That big white cat definitely has not studied Spirit Slaughtering Technique! The ancestor estimate of our Imperial Dragon Clan founds Nine Turn Dragon God Technique from Spirit Slaughtering Technique, might as well with Nine Turn Dragon God Technique in Primal Chaos Spirit Eye tries!” Silent very long Long Xueyi had the sound finally, it seems like she could not completely understand these Profound Ice to have anything same. Nine Turn Dragon God Technique not only helps Shen Xiang cultivate Spirit, some inside also many profound laws, for example that Primal Chaos Spirit Eye is.