World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1027

The people see Shen Xiang to be interested to these Profound Ice, in outside, this was considered as the silly big fellow, made Golden Sun Building spit a blood, although has the simple and honest semblance, but others can actually recognize that Profound Jade Snow Grass, definitely was a little skill. Lu Qinlian looked at White Tiger one carefully, White Tiger now change appearance, she does not certainly recognize, if appears by the original appearance, Heavenly Thunder City definitely will explode boils, because Shen Xiang had pretended to be Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder with the White Tiger appearance on the same day, at that time Lu Qinlian at the scene. Shen Xiang said to Elder Wan: „Can I have a look again carefully? I meant that with my alone gate secret method, I am interested in these Profound Ice!” Good, looks casually!” Elder Wan recognized that Shen Xiang is one hits nouveau riche, therefore he is glad very much. Shen Xiang arrives at together in front of deep purple Profound Ice, this Profound Ice is shorter than a head him, sets upright is placing there, closes right up against the wall of garden, releases the purple cold air, is here cold air heaviest one. Shen Xiang deeply took a deep breath, closes eye, sees only above his forehead suddenly overflow together golden light, was similar to suddenly has opened an eye, seeing this, in the crowd to send out a tumult, called out in alarm unceasingly. The Elder Wan complexion changed, he worried really Shen Xiang can with this secret method see anything comes, when the time comes they must suffer a loss. Primal Chaos Spirit Eye!” The shock of Lu Qinlian in the extreme, she here just ran into a strength strong mysterious character, at this time saw some people to display this type to cause strange technique of tremendous sensation in Heaven World, making her feel that this Emperor Heaven restored to the prosperous time, various expert successively appear. Shen Xiang, what can you see to come? This Primal Chaos Spirit Eye is in Spirit Slaughtering Technique, the real regret initially had not studied!” White Tiger said hastily. No, I plan to look at several again!” Shen Xiang said that also has changed a place, but displays this Primal Chaos Spirit Eye not to be easy, he had used a moment ago all of a sudden, walks somewhat to swing to fall. Shen Xiang arrives at a square shape by blood red Profound Ice, this Profound Ice looks like looks like a stone table of square shape, he opens that eye of forehead once more, displays Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, projects together golden light. The people can see, after golden light enters Profound Ice, has not refracted light glow to come, making people think that he can see anything probably.

Shen Xiang looked at several continuously, at this time his complexion is not very good, understood at a glance that is the consumption is excessive, this Primal Chaos Spirit Eye is only several, has consumed his many Divine Power. I want this, how many crystal stones?” Shen Xiang points at grey Profound Ice to ask together. In that Elder Wan heart is somewhat disturbed, but before him, had said by the size calculates, he naturally does not dare to open the high price again, but now many people look. 200 eight one billion crystal stones!” In Elder Wan heart hesitant a meeting, said. Shen Xiang flings immediately to that Elder Wan storage pouch, sees this, all people change countenance, in the heart is slightly excited, they have not thought that has this fool to buy Profound Ice, although looks like some ways. The people want to know in this Profound Ice to have anything, but they also understand that this Profound Ice is not easy to open. Elder Li, cuts open this Profound Ice, you flame release on the sword, should not be difficult to open!” Shen Xiang said to Li Baojun sound transmission. Li Baojun said immediately: little friend, this Profound Ice does not open fond of playing jokes, but I actually want to try, if successful, you can see in this Profound Ice to have the thing immediately!” In the people heart is one happy, they saw this old man to be very relaxed to build up furnace Halting Face Dan a moment ago, definitely is a very fierce fellow. Good!” Shen Xiang spoke thoughtlessly to say. In White Tiger, Lu Qinlian as well as this garden more than ten expert, want to know that in has anything, their suddenly thought that this method is very satisfying.

Li Baojun curls up the sleeve, loudly shouted, sees only in his hand suddenly to emit one group of flame, afterward turns into a fiery red sharp knife, but many people could see that this is not builds, but uses strength of condense very strong flame! After Li Baojun concentrates this short sword, cold air unexpectedly in this garden was suppressed, but also is only very short time. This unslaked lime black Profound Ice is not small, the water jar is so big, if inside hideaway has the minimum thing, must result in pulverizes is good, if bakes with the fire, is in very easy to damage the frail thing, therefore this Profound Ice is not very good to break. Careful, do not cut the good thing!” The Shen Xiang reminder said. Relax, I am alchemy, alchemic furnace inside smelts herbs time, must be careful!” Li Baojun said that then starts to cut. His that is really fierce the blade that flame condense comes out, this firm incomparable Profound Ice resembles the bean curd to be the same, had been cut the blade by him very much with ease. At this time, this unslaked lime black Profound Ice suddenly shivered, afterward explodes, turns into one pile of black ice crystals, inside anything does not have! The people have gawked, afterward sends out the intermittent sigh, 28 billion such threw away carelessly. „Doesn't inside have the thing also to dare to buy?” White Tiger has doubts very: „Haven't you seen what to come?” Li Baojun also gives Shen Xiang sound transmission, inquired this matter. Shen Xiang responded immediately: Looked, but actually also exposed my Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, if I looked accurate, what to do later others didn't make me buy?”

Li Baojun and White Tiger understand immediately that Shen Xiang this is makes others think intentionally his that third eye is useless, but false appearance that makes. Shen Xiang whispered immediately: Any nonsense inherited secret method, a point with did not have, to waste crystal stones not saying that but also made me so tired!” The people see this facial expression, in the heart to criticize the black sheep of the family not importantly, sentimental crystal stones general, if the normal person makes this 200 hundred million crystal stones throw away carelessly, definitely the crying father shouted mother. That Elder Wan long implored the one breath, Shen Xiang that Primal Chaos Spirit Eye looks like in present many people, does intentionally the mystery, people to rejoice in other people's misfortune, but on the face of Golden Sun Building has piled up with the smiling face, on the face full is haughty, because they useless broken Profound Ice will sell an incredible high price together. When the people plan to leave, Shen Xiang suddenly shouted: „It is not good, I cannot like this owe, I must gain, the old man you and other, you must help me cut open Profound Ice, these Profound Ice will have probably the gap to explode, how will not need you to take the trouble!” Shen Xiang squats, to turning into Profound Ice of crystal sand received a moment ago that he thought that these Profound Ice were useful, took to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao studies. What? His brain had been kicked by the donkey, suffered a loss a moment ago, unexpectedly also not long brain! Person silly crystal stones are really many, is this fellow the black sheep of the family who which comes?” A man said.