World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1028

Saw some people to scold the Shen Xiang brain to be kicked by the donkey, Golden Sun Building these expert were very immediately discontented, immediately with being full of the killing intent look looks at that man, although in their hearts also believes that but that man said such words, without doubt was makes Shen Xiang no longer continue, Shen Xiang in their eyes was human form crystal stones mineral lode, now is delivering crystal stones toward Golden Sun Building. Shen Xiang had bought bigger yellow Profound Ice at this time, 300 five one billion crystal stones, the people thought that he currently in chaotic ignorant, no longer uses that third eye, because that yellow Profound Ice he has not looked. Actually Shen Xiang now to Primal Chaos Spirit Eye grasped has promoted, did not need to open the third eye again, because the third eye was fiercest Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, now originally is enough with his two eyes, he had looked at this yellow color Profound Ice with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye a moment ago, had not perceived that had the unusual circumstance, in in other words this Profound Ice possibly did not have the thing. Old man, fight!” After Shen Xiang throws to that Elder Wan storage pouch, hurriedly said. But that Elder Wan blossomed happily, before that lost that Profound Jade Snow Grass matter to be put behind by him, he thinks now returned this. Li Baojun the finger gently moves that yellow Profound Ice with is similar to heat, pulverizing! Also is one pile such as the sand generally tiny ice crystal, the people see Shen Xiang to push aside that to the sand same ice crystal, immediately sighs deeply, is ridiculing again and again Shen Xiang, unexpectedly in vain has squandered 300 five one billion crystal stones! Dean, you deliver crystal stones to Golden Sun Building, this is not your attitude!” Although Li Baojun knows that Shen Xiang has to be able from these Profound Ice to cause a thing self-confidently, but his heart neutralization is very uncomfortable, because Shen Xiang has given for nothing Golden Sun Building many crystal stones. Relax, waits for me to make them spit completely!” Shen Xiang arrives in front of white Profound Ice, this Profound Ice is very big, seems is similar to a bed, the price is very definitely high, this is Shen Xiang has not seen with third, therefore the people think Shen Xiang now in blind ignorant. This!” Shen Xiang has patted that Profound Ice: Is so big, certainly has thing, how many crystal stones?”

100 billion!” That Elder Wan is excited the sound to shiver, moreover this was he added a price temporarily. The Shen Xiang brow wrinkled the wrinkle, as follows he will not be how able to look at this Profound Ice price, he said: Elder Wan, you know that bets pill's custom that? Plays Heavenly Fate Box that builds up pill to come with inside tattered herbs, you not only bestow herbs, but also exempts to purchase the Heavenly Fate Box expense.” That Elder Wan nod said: Naturally knows, if alchemy failure, but must give us crystal stones!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Is this, or we also like this play now, if in this Profound Ice has the thing, you not only need return to that 100 billion crystal stones I, but must give me again 100 billion! If no thing, I again give you 100 billion!” Shen Xiang puts out storage pouch, loses in the ground, making the people infiltrate Divine Sense, takes inventory inside crystal stones, if really there is 100 billion in inside! The Shen Xiang's financial resource have shocked many young people, moreover now also wants to gambl! That Elder Wan hesitated, he looked at that several expert, sees that several expert slight bows, immediately nods saying: Good, I have played with you, making the guest happy, is the primary intention of our Golden Sun Building!” The people believe that like Shen Xiang this silly big, not pit in vain not pit! Shen Xiang said to Li Baojun: Old man, fight! If there is won, I divide you 10 billion!” Li Baojun thinks that in this huge Profound Ice, certainly has the thing, otherwise Shen Xiang will not play like this! His finger moved that huge white Profound Ice gently, the heart of people mentioned the throat, seeing that Profound Ice to turn into the ice crystal to scatter after the ground, the people turned very quiet immediately.

When Shen Xiang wants to pass turns looks for that to the ice crystal, that Elder Wan said: Wait / Etc., this cannot let you and we looks in inside, this is in the gambling, must the fair notarization! Might as well make Demon Empress come, does not know whether Demon Empress does accept this invite?” Lu Qinlian nodded: „It is glad!” The Lu Qinlian white hands wield, see only that pile to dance in the air after all, float in the air, grains of separate, looked from afar is similar to the sparkling gauze curtain, any thing cannot see, in in other words this huge white Profound Ice is spatial! Sees such one, peerless beautiful woman Youyou sighed: This Young Master, disappointing you!” The people call out in alarm, because this silly big not only spent 100 billion to buy pile of white sand, meanwhile lost 100 billion, two 100 billion crystal stones like this entered in that Elder Wan storage ring, if did not have here, that Elder Wan definitely mindless will laugh wildly, he gained turns! Dean, you are doing anything!” The Li Baojun meat gives Shen Xiang sound transmission very painful. What to be anxious, if wins, only wins a little, you thought that suffices? Our previous pits Pill Association 10 trillion crystal stones thought insufficient! Therefore...... I am intentionally, otherwise, are they willing under more gambling stakes? Demon Empress is my friend, when the time comes you coordinate, our pit dies he!” Shen Xiang to Li Baojun and White Tiger sound transmission, dispels their doubts. In the White Tiger heart smiles secretly, he has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is so cloudy! Li Baojun knows certainly when Shen Xiang initially with Li Shanren this name has played this move, now is brought to the point of perfection. Elder Wan, calculates these that I wanted completely!” Shen Xiang is pointing at that corner ** block quite big Profound Ice. „Did he stop up qi deviation?”

This brat affirmed insanely!” crystal stones many does not use like this, gives me to be good!” Fool has year after year, this year are specially many, moreover is specially silly!” This idiot delivered crystal stones to others!” Elder Wan coldly looks to the discussion sound noisy crowd, making there peaceful, others deliver crystal stones to him, if this group of people talked too much, letting Shen Xiang will renege on a promise. Altogether five 100 billion 20 billion, I give you to give preferential benefit, five 100 billion!” Elder Wan smilingly said that now Shen Xiang is the God of Wealth master in his eyes, he wants to make a luxurious chair to sit down to Shen Xiang now, arranges several beautiful women to pound the back to pinch the leg to Shen Xiang again, entertains Shen Xiang to deliver crystal stones to him! Shen Xiang touches the chin: Really many, does not know that you also just with betting pill's way and I did play?” This Young Master, as far as I know, many influences are to break over a hundred or several hundred Profound Ice can obtain a thing from inside......” Demon Empress, this saying is not right, if this Young Master luck is good, perhaps immediately can obtain the good thing?” Elder Wan hastily interrupts the Lu Qinlian words, but he has not responded to Shen Xiang to bet.