World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1029

Shen Xiang this time buys nine Profound Ice all of a sudden, if causes anything to come from inside, then before Golden Sun Building, these that gains, return to Shen Xiang's. The people also understand why Shen Xiang can one time buy these many, to not get back money? This is also very normal, in betting work place, many compulsive gamblers also frequently do, success generally are not many. Elder Wan haughty is extremely unconventional, forgot that the Demon Empress status, remembered him to interrupt the Lu Qinlian words a moment ago, he cannot help but worried. Lu Qinlian at heart is also somewhat angry, she stared Elder Wan one: This Young Master gives in vain your many crystal stones, you now have feared, doesn't dare to bet with others?” Golden Sun Building worry of some people truly this aspects, if Shen Xiang walked dogshit to transport, can cause anything thing to come from these Profound Ice, then they must owe. We comply, since this little friend is so natural, how we can be so petty?” old man of white beard white hair walks, the sonorous voice said. Is Golden Sun Building Dan King, Shi Fengrong!” Finally appeared, no wonder, after all this is the big matter!” If that silly big has dumped tray, Golden Sun Building must cry!” This old man is governs Golden Sun Building Dan King, under the authority naturally no longer words. Golden Sun Building complies with straightforward such, stems from Shen Xiang's to be unexpected actually, he also planned makes Demon Empress go into action, finding the way to make Golden Sun Building gambl with him. Must bet, but you must five 100 billion crystal stones buy these Profound Ice to us first, then showed that you have five 100 billion!” Shi Fengrong said that said, he does not want to bet. Shen Xiang smiled, throws two storage pouch, inside separately is loaded with five 100 billion crystal stones, one is used to purchase that nine Profound Ice, another is the gambling stake. This is trillion crystal stones. If he loses, quite in completely gives in vain to Golden Sun Building, but if he has won, not only can obtain the good thing from Profound Ice, but can also lose before wins, meanwhile greatly gains one.

Good, then starts!” The hand signal that Shi Fengrong has made invitation, making Li Baojun break to pieces these Profound Ice, meanwhile said to Lu Qinlian: And other also has work Demon Empress to be a notary public for us, inspects these fragments.” Lu Qinlian nods assent, she understands many Profound Ice matter, they have one batch not to break, moreover in Profound Ice has antique supreme treasure also really has its matter, many big influences obtain from Profound Ice. Li Baojun his Heavenly Fire condense on the finger, Shen Xiang gave him sound transmission at this time: Elder Li, green Profound Ice of that disc shape remains finally!” Li Baojun understands immediately that Profound Ice definitely has the thing. After first Profound Ice breaks, inside anything thing does not have, disappointing the people, many loose cultivator anticipated appearance that sees Golden Sun Building to suffer a loss. Second is the lavender, still does not have what thing. Third, fourth, fifth...... To eighth, Lu Qinlian long sighed, many people think that Shen Xiang this time was to lose, although also had the same place, but the people do not think that inside had the thing, they listened to Lu Qinlian to mention a moment ago, some big influences broke several hundred Profound Ice, inside did not have the thing. Last! But the Golden Sun Building person is also very excited, because this green Profound Ice cold air is finally weak, will look like will definitely not have any thing, will be quite small, the luster will not have other good, some above also fissures! In many people's eyes, this is inferior Profound Ice, those present does not favor in this Profound Ice to have the thing together, many people sighed. In the lines of sight of all people centralized when Li Baojun finger above, Shen Xiang suddenly gives Lu Qinlian sound transmission: Big Sister Lu, I am Shen Xiang, help me! You immediately chip to participate now!” The Lu Qinlian fragrant shoulder trembled slightly, the innermost feelings are very shocking, but she is calm immediately, has not looked at Shen Xiang, but shouted to clear the way immediately tenderly: And other!”

Li Baojun just put out a hand, immediately stopped, because Shen Xiang had greeted with him. What matter has?” Shen Xiang asked immediately, he knows that Lu Qinlian understood his idea now. This Young Master, I also want to bet with you, does not know that you also do have crystal stones?” Lu Qinlian Youyou said. Li Baojun said with a smile immediately: Demon Empress, your this is not right, others immediately must lose you saying that must bet.” „!” White Tiger said: I also want to join now, but some are insincere!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Is inferior to this, carried on any case final, if I lost, I only compensated to you half of gambling stake, if I have won, I all received you, what kind of?” Little brother, do not make the foolish matter, your crystal stones many cannot such ruined family!” Li Baojun hastily advises to say. What does your old man understand? How will others little brothers reject Demon Empress this peerless beautiful woman?” since ancient times, heroic sad beautiful woman pass/test! Even if must lose, cannot reject the beautiful woman, Ha Ha!” Was only a pity that we are not beautiful women, otherwise can also now the ginseng gambling!” Shen Xiang immediately shouted: Everybody must bet, but I only accept two 100 billion above gambling stakes.” Lu Qinlian smiles: Young Master is really straightforward, I bet five 100 billion!”

Shen Xiang gives Li Baojun and White Tiger sound transmission immediately: Two brothers, make an effort to pound to me, Golden Sun Building certainly maliciously with!” With such of Shen Xiang suspicion, Shi Fengrong and other Golden Sun Building high levels cannot repress, was discussing if wanted with! Little brother, then old man, so long as had two 100 billion to be also OK?” Li Baojun said with a smile: Then I am impolite, artificial wealth dead birds die in pursuit of food, even if the little brother you lost, from now henceforth is also old man's friend, has your this gambling friend rarely! I also come five 100 billion, doesn't know the little brother on you also to have crystal stones?” Also a little, should also suffice!” Shen Xiang laughs, he was plan loses evidently, appearance that was not worried about. Had a point? It seems like I got rid late!” White Tiger shakes the head sighs. The people were frightened one startled one for the first time, these fellows squander money, but these person competent people, this also is very normal. crystal stones, although does not have, but can replace with the thing, I can take grain of Multiplying Pill!” Shen Xiang said. We add trillion again, bets your Multiplying Pill.” Shi Fengrong yelled: Today regardless of the victory and loss, little friend you were our Golden Sun Sacred Realm honored guests!” Regardless of the victory and loss, Young Master is our Bewitching Sound Paradise's honored guests!” Lu Qinlian that charming gentle and charming laughter bewitches, making the person cannot help but envy Shen Xiang.