World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1030

Now the people understand that at present this silly big intention, loses, but can become friends with these many power and influence characters, that also very value, especially and Bewitching Sound Paradise this crowd of fierce spirits, that was many ancient influence the matter that was hard to achieve. But Dan King like Li Baojun is also very difficult to become friends with! Then I must start!” Li Baojun laughed, on the face full is the haughty smiling face, the people thinks that he must win has smiled such deceitfully. Li Baojun finger some shiver extend, moves on that Profound Ice, in that moment, all people turns very quiet, especially Golden Sun Building person, so long as this flash passes by, can determine that they are lose win! Many people want to stop in this moment, because they also think the ginseng gambling, their crystal stones are just insufficient. The Li Baojun finger is similar to by the heat iron, point gently on that green Profound Ice, in that flash, the people swallows the saliva, in that flash, this green Profound Ice explodes lightens a white light! Saw this Guan Xia, the heart of people as if to stop, this had treasure light that treasure was born very much obviously, the Shen Xiang unexpectedly counterattack, dumped tray on this Profound Ice finally together! Many people are unbelievable, because Shen Xiang won is really too many! After the white light flashes through, the people Profound Ice that waits for that to break to pieces, sees only inside has a palm of the hand big green stone, above has densely and numerously spirit pattern, at this time many person suddenly yelled one, holds to sit down exhausted in the ground! These people spied on this green stone with Divine Sense, does not know that suddenly was very why painful, almost must explode to be the same. Hehe, I won!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, picks that green stone. Lu Qinlian sighed: Wish the gambling to concede, takes away!” She is coordinating Shen Xiang to act in a play, afterward Shen Xiang will give back her.

Two trillion crystal stones!” After Shen Xiang received Li Baojun and Lu Qinlian crystal stones, looks at Shi Fengrong they. Golden Sun Building these old man, are the whole face is pale, that complexion must ugly ugly, they lost thoroughly, they naturally must to crystal stones Shen Xiang, be willing the gambling to concede including Demon Empress this females after all, let alone their this group of big masters? Moreover now also many people look! 10,000 five 100 billion crystal stones are the gambling stakes, another five 100 billion are Shen Xiang purchases these Profound Ice crystal stones, the person silly crystal stones multi- idiots in the people eyes, unexpectedly crazily has gained almost three trillion crystal stones now, that is a big influence mines many mineral lode to dig. Naturally, what now the people are most curious, what thing is that Profound Ice inside green stone? Did not say that these strength bad people, many think strength not weak martial artist, so long as spies on that stone with Divine Sense, can the headache want to crack! What thing is this?” Li Baojun covers to walk, he is unable to escape by luck. Is Great Dao Stone, is called Enlightenment Stone! Is thing that nature Great Dao breeds, can be said as senses the stone that Great Dao has together, itself does not have no strength, but is actually above the average man to the sensibility of Great Dao, even can say that this stone is a nature Great Dao wisp of soul takes possession! So long as grasps this stone, when sensibility nature Great Dao can twice the result with half the effort, be able more convenient society use nature Great Dao strength.” White Tiger said that on the face full is shocking, he has not thought in these Profound Ice unexpectedly to have him to seek for many years of thing in the past painstakingly. After this matter, perhaps the Profound Ice matter wanted famous, unexpectedly can cause Enlightenment Stone this helping other heaven defying from inside, but good thing! In Heaven World, this Enlightenment Stone is the priceless treasures!” Lu Qinlian took a deep breath, she does not dare to look at that Enlightenment Stone again: Person who only then has Enlightenment Stone, can use him!” After Golden Sun Building that group of people hear, the face was greener, they regretted really has not broken these Profound Ice, but sells in this manner, finally gave others almost three trillion not to say in vain, but also lost has this Enlightenment Stone opportunity! Shen Xiang drops blood owner recognition immediately, sees only Enlightenment Stone to release strange green light glow, is covering the entire garden, all people in that flash, very strange feelings, that feeling are beyond description, is this feeling, making them suddenly see the light probably, before they were practicing the above puzzle to be easily solved, many people think one went back to practice, can break through the bottleneck!

This Enlightenment Stone is really a wonderful treasure, if Golden Sun Building knows that Profound Ice has this thing, perhaps 10 trillion crystal stones will not sell, this makes Shi Fengrong these people wish one could to snatch immediately, but they actually do not dare, Demon Empress is here. Some here also these many Profound Ice, you open a price!” Shen Xiang sweeps in garden Profound Ice, looks at his such, knows that he planned the entire second, he just had won in any case these many crystal stones, is in itself an extravagant household, must swallow all Profound Ice definitely is not the issue. „Don't you want to sell?” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles: That considers as finished, if I, I will not sell now!” Lu Qinlian sees the Golden Sun Building person spiritually to be tossed about this appearance by Shen Xiang, cannot help but pū chī smiles: In Profound Ice the treasure possibility is uncertain, this has big luck ingredient, the luck bad words, even if breaks over a thousand Profound Ice, perhaps will not have the same thing.” Profound Cold Ancient Domain is vast, inside Profound Ice by the thousands and tens of thousands, but contains treasure perhaps is also only extremely rare.” Shi Fengrong has spent the big vigor by own complexion attractive, he thinks, said: This little friend, we did not plan to sell, only if you can pay very high price! Undeniably, our Profound Ice can leave treasure, therefore we raise the price temporarily are also very normal.” How many?” Shen Xiang asked. 30 trillion crystal stones!” The Shi Fengrong words make in many person hearts despise secretly, this did not clarify does not want to sell, if Shen Xiang bought can obtain the good thing in other dozens Profound Ice, their Golden Sun Building will also feel better. Shen Xiang shook the head: Five trillion crystal stones, I all wanted, sells?” No!”

Eight trillion!” Shen Xiang also said. Shi Fengrong suddenly thought that Shen Xiang can see in these Profound Ice to have the thing, therefore chases after and never gives up bids. I had said a moment ago, wants 30 trillion!” Shi Fengrong said. Sees Shen Xiang one after another increasing price, people are the same with Shi Fengrong, thought that Shen Xiang has the quality of being worth looking at Profound Ice ability, will therefore plan under the package here Profound Ice. 10 trillion!” Shen Xiang frowned, moreover expression that spoke was slightly anxious, could see that 10 trillion is the bottom line that he withstood, the people in abundance had doubts, crystal stones that this silly big any background, had was so astonishing, even if was these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm perhaps cannot such agile put out these many. Does not sell, moreover we decide to break these Profound Ice now, only if you can put out 30 trillion to come!” Shi Fengrong said categorically.