World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1031
These Profound Ice of Golden Sun Building backyard, if according to the beforehand price, at most is also only on trillion, now some people leave 10 trillion to buy, definitely settles on these Profound Ice to have treasure, the person who so long as the brain has not gotten sick, will not sell at this time. This Old Mister, does not know that can help us break these Profound Ice?” Shi Fengrong arrives at Li Baojun reluctantly, said respectfully that he is Dan King, can see that the Li Baojun flame is uncommon. These days three territory discussions must start, many hidden world expert come out not to be strange, after all this day once stood erect Emperor Heaven above Nine Heavens and Ten Earths! Elder Li , helping their one, in these Profound Ice does not have the thing!” The sound that Shen Xiang that smiles conveys in the Li Baojun mind, this makes Li Baojun admire Shen Xiang secretly, such one, lets Golden Sun Building heart pain maliciously. Li Baojun immediately fight, because here Profound Ice are many, therefore his speed is quick, is only in a minute, his Heavenly Fire finger has selected here Profound Ice! All Profound Ice break to pieces completely, turns into piles of ice crystal powder, the Golden Sun Building person is perusing these powder carefully, wants to turn out a bird to come from inside actually, but anything does not have, this made many people cannot help but smile. 10 trillion crystal stones, if sold out a moment ago, owing is that silly big!” Golden Sun Building carried!” They must love dearly died, they definitely very much regretted that initially wasn't they breaks that to have Enlightenment Stone Profound Ice? Why initially completely did not sell to others here Profound Ice......” Lu Qinlian saw in Shen Xiang eyes the haughty appearance, in the heart to spit one tenderly, others said that their Bewitching Sound Paradise's female seemed like beautiful gentle and charming, but actually poisonous like viper! But Shen Xiang now looks like simple and honest honest, but the innermost feelings are black deeply do not see the bottom, she thought that the Bewitching Sound Paradise's poisonous spirit and Shen Xiang compare, simply is one day place. Moreover after Shen Xiang others cloudy, others have not known what's the matter.

Really is regrettable, next time when will have new Profound Ice comes, I will again certainly come.” Shen Xiang looks at these whole face dispirited old man, has sighed deeply, then turned around. Young Master, can accept this invite, sits to girl's dwelling!” Lu Qinlian said in a soft voice that the sound caresses to flatter to arouse, making many people cast such as the envy vision of fire to Shen Xiang. Is honored!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Actually Lu Qinlian must ask for that five 100 billion crystal stones, her some did not feel relieved that Shen Xiang this fellow, she worried that she black had not been responded by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang and Li Baojun and White Tiger have said a hello, swaggers away with Lu Qinlian, destroyed Golden Sun Sacred Realm to track the Shen Xiang's plan. Lu Qinlian lives in a lonesome and quiet small garret, inside delicate fragrance is intermittent, Shen Xiang follows behind to step onto the pavilion in Lu Qinlian, sees many many pretty charming spirits all the way, confuses the outstanding person who the deceased person does not pay with a life, moreover dresses well is very thin, that snow tender body also fragrant lingers, looks at the person the time, that charming look as if can cancel soul of person, making Shen Xiang wish one could to make a long stay this place. Lu Qinlian sees the Shen Xiang that badly bad look, spat one tenderly, was warning Shen Xiang with the look, she may know that Shen Xiang was dealing with woman aspect is not the lamp of province oil, she worried that her Bewitching Sound Paradise's spirit was damaged by Shen Xiang. Initially Shen Xiang was stranded, when Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, she saw the appearance that Liu Meng'er, Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue that worried, she also was very at that time surprised, especially regarding Liu Meng'er, that was Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's Master! After Lu Qinlian the spirits of three buildings all withdraw, extends that beautiful jade white hands: Now can give back to me, although I am Bewitching Sound Paradise's Demon Empress, I also very much lack crystal stones!” „, What person me regarded as? Can I miss this crystal stones?” Shen Xiang has thrown that storage pouch, he now and Lu Qinlian was very familiar, he uses Devil Decaying Death Qi and Lu Qinlian exchanges Sacred Lotus Seed, if this transaction makes the bystander know that can make three realms explode absolutely boils.

„Aren't you now so contented? Just noisy such big matter in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, did not hide well, what did coming out mess about?” Lu Qinlian said severely that probably is an eldest sister is reproving the younger brother to be the same. My coming out messes about, can I have such big harvest?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Lu Qinlian takes off the veil, reveals that simple and elegant elegant jade face, low coldly snorted, then gives Shen Xiang but actually the tea. Although she expensive is Demon Empress, but treats people is always very polite, does not have the big rack, moreover she gives the feeling of person is that type handsome rises above worldly affairs, gentle such as the female of water. Now after she and Shen Xiang crosses that transaction, their relationship depth, possibly are they thought that the own most fatal secret had knowledge of by the opposite party, can so! Naturally, after they know, has a trust! Can make me have a look at that Enlightenment Stone?” Lu Qinlian sits, smiles to Shen Xiang gracefully: Has not thought that your unexpectedly understood Primal Chaos Spirit Eye this type of thing, you whether to use Primal Chaos Spirit Eye to see in these Profound Ice to have what?” Shen Xiang puts out Enlightenment Stone to hand in the jade palm of Lu Qinlian, receives the hand time also gently has traced that gentle and charming creamy white hands, making Lu Qinlian stare his one eyes maliciously. I said that I use Primal Chaos Spirit Eye unable to look, do you believe?” Shen Xiang said with a smile gruffly. Does not believe that you have played that acrobatics in Golden Sun Building, but also counted on that I do believe you?” Lu Qinlian is gripping tightly Enlightenment Stone, looks above these spirit pattern, she seeps Divine Sense, in heart immediately with amazement, because in probably is the limitless spirit pattern sea, each spirit pattern is containing the massive information, that is nature Great Dao strength. My Bewitching Sound Paradise is away from Profound Cold Ancient Domain to be very near, after three territories discussed that can you come Bewitching Sound Paradise one?” Lu Qinlian gives back to Shen Xiang Enlightenment Stone: I will not treat unjustly your!” Shen Xiang understands that the meaning of Lu Qinlian, Lu Qinlian must make him look at Profound Ice, her Bewitching Sound Paradise has definitely gotten so far as much.

Hehe, my financial resource Big Sister Lu you also know, to buy over me not to be easy!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. You shouted that I Big Sister Lu, can't you give the elder sister a face?” Lu Qinlian charmingly angry [say / way]. I can go to Bewitching Sound Paradise, but you also because of help me.” Shen Xiang complexion suddenly becomes serious. You said!” Lu Qinlian show pupil glittering. Regardless of now on what happened, must guarantee that Chenwu Mainland that place will not encounter any influence attack! Even if, your Bewitching Sound Paradise and I am hostile, you must assure there security!” Shen Xiang said. Does not need me to get rid, your Master can also protect there!” Lu Qinlian knits the brows, she does not understand why Shen Xiang must make her such do seriously.