World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1032
Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Chenwu Mainland is not very simple, the secret of hideaway are many! I have not been able to determine that now there hides anything startled is being the Celestial Beings secret, but I can affirm, soon , the formidable will influence know, will have there idea!” On Chenwu Mainland presents Four Beast's Divine Weapons, to enter earth core passage, to have Ancient Fire Beast and Long Xueyi this White Dragon also from there birth, that secular world that he was born, suddenly vanishes into thin air, where did not know! Good, I promise you!” The Lu Qinlian nod said: Alliance that our Bewitching Sound Paradise joined the Huang Jintian leadership, this has the advantage to us!” Big Sister Lu, how long will you stay in this Emperor Heaven? Crossed a period of time you unable to go back again!” Shen Xiang asked. Lu Qinlian Yanran said with a smile: I did not plan to go back, entire Bewitching Sound Paradise was migrated by my secret, we planned that established the solid foundation in Emperor Heaven, headed list of successful candidates in Demon Territory, when Emperor Heaven complete rebirth time, our Bewitching Sound Paradise's strength was also strongest!” This is not good!” Shen Xiang is congealing the brow. Why?” Lu Qinlian is puzzled. I thought when the time comes will have a new Great Emperor birth, when the time comes your strength is strongest, is this Great Emperor most has scruples, either incorporates you, either eliminates you!” The Lu Qinlian complexion is dignified immediately: „Aren't you that new Great Emperor of Ten Heavens?” During Shen Xiang shook the head, is lost in thought that partly after making a sound, said: I, although obtains the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but did not mean that I am new Great Emperor! Because I inherit the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens mantle, even if can surmount Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but cannot become new Great Emperor!”

„Do you understand? New Great Emperor, does not have the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, he has oneself fierce divine art and Divine Weapon, has the fierce subordinate! If he to become new Great Emperor, he must result in all inheritance of actually Great Emperor, he certainly will be when the time comes ruthless to me!” Will have such person?” Lu Qinlian has not thought this issue, many people think Shen Xiang obtains the inheritance of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, moreover now the fame also passes to Heaven World to go, many people think, so long as his adolescence gets down, later was new Great Emperor of Ten Heavens. Has! You think that what influences wanted into Xiong to dominate Nine Heavens and Ten Earths Great Emperor is destroys completely these to suffice? Big Sister Lu you, although in Heaven World is strong side, but you ensure you were very strong?” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles. Before Lu Qinlian has remembered immediately, White Tiger that she meets, she thought that she in front of White Tiger is the ant that rubs to pinch willfully, she little has that dilutedness, even if before her , in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory meets that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, does not have this feeling! „After it seems like , to become Nine Heavens and Ten Earths strong side, but must diligently!” Lu Qinlian sighed: Emperor Heaven, if restored to initially like that Imperial Dragon Clan definitely will come up, this was one can the commander Nine Heavens and Ten Earths formidable tribal group!” The Imperial Dragon Clan strength is naturally highly regarded, is not only Imperial Dragon Clan, that Imperial Feather Clan! Shen Xiang suddenly smiles: Early knows that did not chat these many with you, should go to the major shops to buy Profound Ice, does not know that other shops also do dare to sell Profound Ice!” Sees you, who also dares to sell?” Lu Qinlian said with a smile lightly. I trade the vice- appearance, who also recognizes me?” Shen Xiang stands up: I walked first, after three territories discussed that I will go to Bewitching Sound Paradise's.”

Comes out from the fragrant pleasant pavilion, Shen Xiang changes the appearance immediately, rushes to a nearby big shop, that is the Purple Moon Sacred Realm management, in also had the Profound Ice sell, but knew that some people obtain Enlightenment Stone this type of thing from Profound Ice, these shops break these Profound Ice, wants to try one's luck. Before Lu Qinlian had said that to obtain treasure from Profound Ice, can only try one's luck, the luck was good, several Profound Ice can obtain treasure, the luck was not good, tens of thousands of cannot obtain one well. This matter spreads in Heavenly Thunder City, many people are seeking for that simple and honest silly big, although he went to the Demon Empress place, but will not stay is too long, moreover Lu Qinlian also said that he already left that pavilion. The inn that Shen Xiang arrives at that stopping over that they designate, Li Baojun and White Tiger have also traded an appearance, White Tiger and Li Baojun they look at that Enlightenment Stone, they are taking Enlightenment Stone, seeps Divine Sense, is the same with Lu Qinlian, immerses in a sea spirit pattern world, in addition, does not have other harvests. Dean, you dropped blood owner recognition, only then can you use?” Li Baojun gives back to Shen Xiang Enlightenment Stone. Does not know that I do not know now how to use.” Shen Xiang looks to White Tiger: Senior, you do not know how to use?” „Do I know? Initially I looked for this thing for a long time, but had not found! This thing one is Legend, but truly some people obtain, this must watch the chance!” White Tiger shakes the head: This type of thing are miserable, in Legend nature Great Dao only breeds 9980 same place, entire Nine Heavens and Ten Earths only then a little!” In the past that prosperous time, the strongest fellows went far beyond this number.” Shen Xiang is grasping Enlightenment Stone, seeps once more Divine sense, with beforehand is the same, is spirit pattern sea that sees, limitless, various curving abstruse spirit pattern are leaping up at inside tour, composes a space!

In this innumerable spirit pattern unexpectedly together are not redundant, at this moment, Shen Xiang discovers these spirit pattern, although very disorderly in inside You Cuan, but is actually not independent moving, some are several spirit pattern hovers together, some are several hundred several thousand one hovers, forms communities. This does Enlightenment Stone use? Doesn't make the person sense nature Great Dao strength? Couldn't my how point feel?” In the Shen Xiang heart was whispering, he tried to use Divine Power to control inside spirit pattern migration, but a point with did not have, before he had also attempted several times. But this time he discovered when control alone together spirit pattern, can make that say that spirit pattern moves, he understands immediately, to control inside spirit pattern migration, needs very formidable very vigorous Divine Power! He pours into immediately massive Divine Power, strongly controls spirit pattern to move completely together, is really effective, but slowly is also moving, but also consumes Divine Power! Moved this spirit pattern to move the 1st Stage distance when him, changed the path of this spirit pattern revolution, community suddenly that piece of dozens spirit pattern composed hit, unexpectedly integrated inside that [say / way] independent spirit pattern! Must combine together inside scattered spirit pattern completely, making Enlightenment Stone spirit pattern complete, is the correct application method?” In the Shen Xiang heart moves.