World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1033
Shen Xiang receives Enlightenment Stone, how to use Enlightenment Stone he to have looked at the head, but that needs to make him close up a period of time to be able to complete that vast project. Dean, outside many people are looking for you now, that Enlightenment Stone was really too rare and precious, I looked do not use how for a long time, Profound Cold Ancient Domain there definitely will be dug upside down.” Li Baojun said does not exaggerate, many big influences are stationed in the Profound Cold Ancient Domain branch, has been ordered, must seek for Profound Ice massively. That place is not jokes, made them go, in brief I do not want to go in again a time.” White Tiger shakes the head saying that it seems like he had the shadow to that place, this also lets the Shen Xiang most surprised matter, he wants to know that what is makes White Tiger dread? Seeks for the Shen Xiang craziest influence, perhaps is Golden Sun Sacred Realm, they almost want to dig up to come to see entire Heavenly Thunder City, they have eaten such big owing, moreover does not know that is who makes them suffer a loss, now where they want to ask for not to know others. White Tiger and Li Baojun are strolling in the city, but Shen Xiang studies these Profound Ice powder in the room! These Profound Ice colors, although is different, the cold air that sends out also has the strong and weak, but overall speaking does not have much difference, after turning into the ice crystal powdery, the quality of each pellet is the same! As for can refined into pill, you be able to try, I cannot directly use in any case!” Bai Youyou said that sends out the intense cold air that from these Profound Ice, very has the use, but after she uses several methods to attempt, is unable to use. Shen Xiang throws into one pile of Profound Ice pellets Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, pours into the flame, immediately makes his big feeling surprised, because his flame is unable to melt these Profound Ice! Xueyi is unable to melt with her White Dragon fire! Perhaps is unable to melt including Li Baojun Five Elements Heavenly Fire, makes into the pellet that these Profound Ice breaks to pieces at most.” Bai Youyou sighed: I once attempted with Engulfing Devil Art devour inside ice cold air/Qi, but actually useless.”

I reburn the fever to look!” Shen Xiang uses the strongest firepower, burns down in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace Profound Ice pellet, but also stimulates to movement Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside acceleration formation, picks up the speed to burn to build up. After two double-hour, Shen Xiang stops burning down, he comes out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside ice crystal pellet but actually, a grain had not been melted, after he uses the strongest firepower to burn down two double-hour, the cold air that these pellets overflow was more intense, froze the sultry room completely incorruptible ties! What thing these are Profound Ice? The unexpectedly fever is colder!” Shen Xiang works on one these ice pellets, that type of cold air drills into his body immediately, before this actually, has not occurred. When he thinks can absorb these cold air, the accidental matter occurred, just entered cold air suddenly of his body to return to these pellets, moreover belt some of his strength. Shen Xiang sprinkles these ice pellets in the ground immediately, was only a moment ago that instantaneous, he drained many strength, although these ice pellets send out very intense cold air, but makes these cold air retain throughout in certain range energy, the cold air that the use sends out tows many Spirit Qi, then continues to send out the cold air, so repeatedly circulates! These strange Profound Ice pellet unexpectedly have this heaven defying self- practice way, making Shen Xiang surprised! This is very strange thing, the ability of self- multiplication is powerful, I can guarantee, if you discard granulose, many years later, huge Profound Ice will appear! When this Profound Ice encounters very strong strength attack, returns turns into one pile of tiny pellets immediately, then scatters with the wind, after many years of self- practice, that innumerable tiny pellet will certainly turn into innumerable Profound Ice!” Bai Youyou had the preliminary understanding to these Profound Ice, speculates these Profound Ice multiplication ways: If grain of tiny Profound Ice flutters to some strange flowers different grass on, can let these strange flowers different grass healthy adolescence, meanwhile can concentrate the Profound Ice protection!” in other words, Profound Ice inside has treasure is because past that Profound Cold Ancient Domain suddenly lowered many tiny pellets, then does not know that what happened, causing these finely ground particles adolescence to become huge Profound Ice! Some many treasure were protected at that time also in inside, even might also the corpses of some people, or was the antique strange beast corpse in Profound Ice!”

Shen Xiang initially took away all Profound Ice pellets in the Golden Sun Building backyard, although is unable to use these ice pellets, but he thinks that these are the treasure, but had not discovered at present uses these Profound Ice methods. I did not believe the value these thing!” Shen Xiang looks that these are releasing the cold air the ice pellet, has sent out Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, covers ground that pile of pellets. Heaven Refining Technique can build up all, this strong divine art thinks including White Tiger certainly very terrifying, is makes Great Emperor of Ten Heavens bring in the thing of fatal disaster! The revolution Heaven Refining Technique method, revolution True Qi in the dantian, urges a round of flame, making the specific way of flame by Heaven Refining Technique release, has a strange firepower, pours into Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, burns down these pellets! Just used Heaven Refining Technique in him shortly, these pellet suddenly release light glow to come, looks like looks like pile of golden sand, golden light sparkles, this makes Shen Xiang occur simultaneously pleasantly surprised. Had the effect, Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang is excited , to continue to burn to build up these pellets with Heaven Refining Technique. Has the change!” Bai Youyou is also same, but her actually suddenly saw that pile by the pellet of raging fire roasting was being shrunk together in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang frowned, carefully looks, although he can let these pellet illumination, but has not caused its melting, but makes these pellets fuse together mutually.

The small moment passed by, that pile of pellet unexpectedly fuse granulose, only then grain of rice size! Sees this, he continues to put out many Profound Ice pellets to come out, puts in Illusionary Brilliant Furnace completely, burns to build up with Heaven Refining Technique. He collected dozens Profound Ice particles, piles also to have many, but he has only used half double-hour, melts the refined into grain of rice size all Profound Ice pellets in his hand the white ice crystal! His mother, was busy at being so long, how has not ravelled to use!” Shen Xiang looks at palm that chilly weather the white pellet, cannot help but heaved a deep sigh. He has put out Enlightenment Stone, looks at this different thing reluctantly, these two types of things are equally mysterious, and has very formidable strength, but actually does not know how to use. After he sighed one, just wants to receive these Profound Ice, but that grain of rice big Profound Ice suddenly glittering has light glow to come, that Enlightenment Stone also sends out the weak green rosy cloud. This different thing unexpectedly has produced resonance, this lets Shen Xiang is one startled!