World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1035
Not is only this , an occupation that side Profound Cold Ancient Domain, is called Ice Breaking Master! Breaks together Profound Ice to obtain hundred million crystal stones!” White Tiger looks at Elder Li to say with a smile: Elder Li goes to Profound Cold Ancient Domain words, can definitely gain with ease, is quicker than alchemy!” Li Baojun shakes the head smiles: „The words that Dean goes, definitely earn compared with me much, he can see that in Profound Ice has the thing, now many big influences in blind ignorant, cross a period of time they to know that like this breaks a Profound Ice significance not to have crazily!” Shen Xiang wants with these Profound Ice to come alchemy, Earth Profound Dan to need the devour earth, Ten Thousand Mountain Pill needs the massive mountains, builds up too many words, by scourge, therefore Shen Xiang does not dare such to play now again, in these Profound Ice has many ice cold strength actually, is very suitable he to relate Heaven Refining Technique. Heavenly Thunder City temperature suddenly drops, the chilly weather, this has alarmed many expert here, allow expert thinks that is which cultivates strength that the Big Shot breakthrough of ice cold strength erupts, although causes surprised of many people, but has not actually started the big disturbance. Shen Xiang, White Tiger and Li Baojun just planned that place that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory vanishes has a look, earth suddenly vibrates violently, wells up strength from the city, this is from the direction that beforehand that Heavenly Thunder Purgatory vanishes. This strength is very strong!” The Shen Xiang complexion slightly changes: Hurries to have a look!” Shen Xiang just said that in the sky has many expert not to attend to banning the spatial stipulation, departs the city in abundance, flies in the direction that strength wells up. We also walk!” White Tiger rises with a spring, follows close on that group of people, Shen Xiang and Li Baojun also followed afterward. After arriving at the upper air, many people saw to present under the Heavenly Thunder vortex that place ground, presented one has been similar to urban huge deep hole, a white light spout from below! The people do not dare to approach, because that strength was really too powerful, they were away from count thousand feet (333 m), stood in the air, looks in that huge crater the thing that rose. Shen Xiang saw some ancient influence Big Shot complexions at this time, unexpectedly is excited!

In the crowd, suddenly presented a Shen Xiang familiar beautiful form, is Ji Meixian! Ji Meixian follows in White Sea Sacred Realm Dean behind, at this time she in status very high of White Sea Sacred Realm, she is Heaven World's strong side, the strength promotes the rapidness, she also has Zhao Yixuan this strong female slave to provide the resources, but before Shen Xiang, has given her many advantage, this time strength, is not Shen Xiang can defeat easily. Meixian, is I! Exactly what happened?” Shen Xiang to Ji Meixian sound transmission, making Ji Meixian slightly surprised, she seeks for Shen Xiang in the crowd immediately, but had not actually discovered. Before Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan, knows that Shen Xiang must found sect, is called Subduing Dragon Sect. When Subduing Dragon Sect's becames famous, they feel very accidental, especially that Dragon Vein! Dean, your present situation danger(ous), all ancient influence sent and Ling Feng that strength suitable expert from Heaven World very much, perhaps when the time comes must encircle our Subduing Dragon Sect, if by their you here, you were been more troublesome!” Ji Meixian has not answered the Shen Xiang's issue, instead very cares about the Shen Xiang's safety. Did not fear that says the present matter.” Shen Xiang is displaying Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, wants to enter that to send out white light glow deep hole to find out, but was actually prevented by strength, moreover that huge deep hole inside white light, slowly float. At this time, Demon Empress Lu Qinlian, Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen, Liu Meng'er, Hua Xiangyue and other Shen Xiang familiar expert all arrive, the complexion dignifiedly looks at that huge deep hole. Ji Meixian replied: My present status was very high in White Sea Sacred Realm, but they have retained to me, has possibility Yixuan to know more, but she in Heaven World, I was very difficult to contact with on her!” You said that you know.” I know that this is a altar, named Saint Altar!” Ji Meixian said: I know these!”

Shen Xiang gives White Tiger sound transmission immediately: Senior, do you know the Saint Altar matter?” Really is Saint Altar, do they want to summon Saint Devil to be inadequate with this Saint Altar?” The White Tiger sound is bringing sneering. What thing is Saint Devil?” Shen Xiang hears this reputation, thought that was very fierce. Situated in formidable existence between god and immortal, humanity is called Sage and Demon Beast to be called Saint Demon or Saint Beast and demon is Saint Devil! This is more formidable than Devil Lord time of thing!” Heard the explanation of White Tiger, Shen Xiang was shocked, before that was cut Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord that killed by him, caused heavy losses, the strength so was terrorist, he used the big effort to kill, but if came Saint Devil again, that this piece of Emperor Heaven can be finished? Senior, you were said that these ancient influence can make Saint Devil?” Shen Xiang said panic-strickenly: „Does Nine Heavens and Ten Earths have this fellow?” White Tiger smiles not to speak, Shen Xiang suddenly thought that White Tiger is existence of Saint Beast rank, this thing existence! I will not let the Saint Devil rebirth!” The White Tiger words made Shen Xiang feel relieved. Huang Jintian knows anything probably, immediately to these ancient influence person shouted: Your this group of bastards, you for generations are the bastards, you except for understanding to collude with this type of thing, what will you also make? You such do will certainly bring the disaster to Emperor Heaven!” Snort, we such do not do, suffering disaster is we!” Feng Family Feng Quan said with a sneer.

Person who this Saint Altar makes is really their these ancient influence, Shen Xiang very much wants to know that initially these rebels and who had what to collude? Naturally, he guessed that should be Saint Devil, but that Saint Devil was defeated finally, possibly soon died, now they want resurrect Saint Devil! Shen Xiang looks at the happy complexions of these rebels, the corners of the mouth wriggles, recites the Heavenly Dragon Seal incantation! dragon brat, told me one to be also fierce quickly, can not exposed my Heavenly Dragon Seal!” Shen Xiang hastily asked that also stopped reciting the incantation, because he, once displayed, definitely met exposed his status, now his matter passed to Heaven World to go, his beforehand fight record had, perhaps many Heaven World expert know what he used was Imperial Dragon Clan Heavenly Dragon Seal. You currently use strongest Heavenly Dragon Seal to be also useless, your strength was too weak! This Saint Altar is not easy to destroy, but the Saint Altar damage can achieve.” Long Xueyi sighed gently: I teach you move of me not to teach your Divine Ability again!” Your this little pervy dragon, occupied I such big convenient, unexpectedly had fierce Divine Ability not to teach me!” Shen Xiang said very much discontentedly. At this time that altar float has come up, is huge, looked from afar is similar to a city, sends out the white multi-colored sunlight, the shape is similar to a huge circular tray!