World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1036
I do not teach to you, for hello! Uses this move of humanity, but will be chased down by Imperial Dragon Clan thoroughly, you now this strength, by the words that Imperial Dragon Clan stares, that big white cat treasure you!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Looked in method that in you also a little maintain life, I take risk to teach to you! I explained beforehand, if you therefore stared by Imperial Dragon Clan these Old Dragon, do not blame me!” Rubbish, my your this Imperial Dragon Clan Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor got up, what also fears? My Female Dragon wife, a bit faster teaches me!” Shen Xiang very not bashful happily said with a smile. Who got up by you? That is only on Divine Soul!” Long Xueyi bah: I am Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, how can casual give on human little rascal?” Saying, she has taught with secret method that Divine Ability to Shen Xiang, the stature guessed that these Divine Ability are Imperial Dragon Clan senses according to Spirit Slaughtering Technique and Beast Slaughtering Technique, improves again. Shen Xiang's foundation is very solid, let alone Long Xueyi to pass on merit laws with that unusual secret method, therefore he can understand quickly insightfully! This too terrifying a point, this should not improve from Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique!” The Shen Xiang heart is jumping crazily, after knowing that Divine Ability, he by deep shock. Who knows? I have not used in any case, but your present strength should be insufficient, I borrow you a point! Otherwise is unable to use Primal Chaos Dragon Magic!” Primal Chaos Dragon Magic is that Divine Ability name, after displaying this Divine Ability, can from the strength transformation of all around condense be Primal Chaos Power, then forms an incantation, can erupt very formidable strength. Come, our synthesis!” Shen Xiang said excitedly that simultaneously in mind fast refining simulation several that Divine Ability the law of displaying.

Felt that Long Xueyi's strength wells up, Shen Xiang both eyes fierce opening, after displaying that Divine Ability, True Qi and Divine Power of suddenly his body wells up, penetrates the space, appears sky over that Saint Altar, quick forms Qi ball, around that Qi ball has many space cracks, in these chaotic spaces tyrannical strength well up crazily, condense in that Qi ball. At this time all around Spirit Qi gathers toward that black Qi ball, the speed rapidness, that Saint Altar strength was absorbed the past, but strength and Divine Power of Shen Xiang body by the draw off 90%, only remaining little were already enabled him float in the air. Sees this, the Big Shot complexion big changes of these ancient influence, they have not expected such matter occurrence, moreover they do not know that is who gets rid in that type! White Tiger looks at Shen Xiang, because he recognizes that is Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, that is very strong strikes, even if many legitimate bloodlines Imperial Dragon in Imperial Dragon Clan cannot learn! „......” A low and deep dragon does not transmit howlingly, sees only Saint Altar above suddenly split open, presented very giant black hole, inside is the chaotic space, that inside Primal Chaos strength wells up crazily, condense in that black Qi ball. Ruins that thing quickly!” Startled Big Shot responded that hastily shouted. But is actually too late, because of that black Qi ball split open, has seen only the innumerable black dragon shades to flash before, covers the earth, making the world fall into the darkness, but also very short time, these leap the dance the dragon shade to gather, composes some incantations, the pressure to that Saint Altar, but also is having one low and deep but imposing manner sufficient and stirring incantation, that incantation seems several dragons simultaneously is chanting in a low voice, making the trim earth fall into the atmosphere that one type as if must destroy. Is Primal Chaos Dragon Magic!” In the Lu Qinlian heart shocks incomparably, the thing that she knows are more than other people.

Is the ghost who that brat does, that small White Dragon passes to him Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, isn't this is harming him?” In the Ji Meixian heart blamed Long Xueyi secretly, she was Imperial Feather Clan, fully realized this Primal Chaos Dragon Magic matter. These black incantations as if are bringing destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength, the long jab, hits on that Saint Altar, pounds crazy violently shake to get up that Saint Altar, moreover had some shallow crack in the Saint Altar surface! The people can see some people in secret to this Saint Altar fight, moreover this person of strength is very strong, hideaway here! The Primal Chaos Dragon Magic time of attack is short, but the flash vanished, the airborne space crack has closed, between Heaven and Earth restores the actually appearance, but the people still very much immerse in beforehand shock. Saint Altar revealed completely, stood erect above the earth, that huge crater also by mysterious strength closed, although was attacked by Shen Xiang's a moment ago, but after all this was Saint Altar, moreover Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's strength was too weak, can cause some cracks to calculate well. The words that such comes, these ancient influence repair! That small White Dragon did not fear really you die, teaches this Divine Ability to you!” White Tiger said with a smile. Hehe, is I makes her teach for my!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You were too after all tender, the might is too weak, if Old Dragon displays, this Saint Altar definitely will be split up!” White Tiger sighed: You do not need to care about this Saint Altar, I will prevent their.”

At this time Ji Meixian also gave Shen Xiang sound transmission: But here many old fellow look when, you before with others contended in martial arts, Heavenly Dragon Seal that displays was seen by many people, now passed to Heaven World! Imperial Dragon Clan knows again you understand this Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, perhaps will come this Emperor Heaven to look for you!” Best is sends a dragon to come, I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, specially copes with the dragon!” A Shen Xiang point does not care, moreover this is also the matter of Long Xueyi very anticipation. Snort!” Ji Meixian somewhat angry, she thought that Shen Xiang should the low key promotion strength, go to resist with these Big Shot influences again. Although Shen Xiang mysteriously appears and disappears, but his reputation is big, after slaughtering Devil Lord, Heaven World many high levels noted him, but majority want to catch him, because he had Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, understood Suppressing Devil Holy Power! Shen Xiang is the dead pig does not fear the boiling water to burn now, he already stared in any case by many fellows, for a penny and for a pound, no longer has scruples anything, crisply how to be how dry. Lu Qinlian is taking a fast look around the crowd, wants to seek for Shen Xiang, she knows that Shen Xiang hides, she also knows that Shen Xiang understands Heavenly Dragon Seal this Imperial Dragon Clan secret method, therefore she determined that Primal Chaos Dragon Magic was Shen Xiang displayed a moment ago, this made her somewhat suspect that Shen Xiang was Imperial Dragon Clan one, unexpectedly understood Imperial Dragon Divine Ability that this type almost must be lost. After the white light that Saint Altar sends out vanishes, these ancient influence Big Shot flew in abundance, moreover prevents many people, forbidding other people to approach, only then their these ancient influence can approach.