World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1037

After Saint Altar was attacked, these ancient influence expert appear very angry, because this will cause their plans to postpone a period of time, now they toward altar deposited energy. After Saint Altar absorbs their energies, sends out the white multi-colored sunlight once more, voluntarily repair. Senior, if you got rid a moment ago, definitely the meeting can ruin this Saint Altar, but a moment ago this Saint Altar frailest time.” Shen Xiang sighed is giving White Tiger sound transmission. If I get rid, I cannot accompany you to participate in three territories to discuss, even if I, must use very strong strength to ruin this Saint Altar completely, but that also meets exposed my status, now was unable to make hello who hides know that I am also living.” White Tiger said. Except for Peach Blossom Sacred Realm, other ancient influence and these ancient sect arrive by Saint Altar, these ancient influence that now passes, was the past rebels. If I knew that with the altar related news, I will inform immediately your, do not attack this Saint Altar again, useless.” Ji Meixian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Many people see are the things that this crowd of ancient influence make, thinks senselessly, then in abundance leaves, but also many people saw that these ancient influence plans do something, moreover is the to rely on three territories discusses. We walk, they must repair Saint Altar now, in a short time they are unable to open Saint Altar, I want at least after three territories discussed!” White Tiger gives Li Baojun and Shen Xiang sound transmission. Afterward they also leave here, returns to their residences. That Saint Altar must not open easily! Should need some sacrificial offering anything.” Shen Xiang thinks of the sacrificial offering, some not good premonitions, in his cognition, are bloody like the sacrificial offering of this fierce altar. Um, needs some specific things, I think that these rebel influences should have, was the sacrificial offering! If makes sacrificial offering with the human life, cannot forgive them!” White Tiger said: I think them should not Saint Devil resurrect! If Saint Devil arrives, they will also be controlled by Saint Devil, they pass now free, do not want to be enslaved by others.”

Ten days, are the days that three territories discussed to start, it is said approached three territories discussed the time, will also have some activities to conduct. Shen Xiang was using that Enlightenment Stone for serveral days, he now had discovered Enlightenment Stone place of the wondrous use, is he revolves cultivation technique, lets True Qi , in within the body circulation, probably the speed was faster, this Enlightenment Stone can let him in the practice, thorougher integrates in these divine art, letting him to sense when the practice to nature Great Dao. Dean, had the good news!” Li Baojun is whipping the Shen Xiang door, very excitedly shouted. What good news?” Shen Xiang opens the door, asked. Has Profound Ice to come, finally some people sold Profound Ice, moreover in way of auction! Waits to probably hold an auction, sells Profound Ice specially!” Li Baojun said. „Will some people buy?” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat funnily, in these Profound Ice has the thing not to know that unexpectedly will also bring the auction, wins badly beaten, but also loss massive crystal stones, buy pile of ice crystal sand to go back finally, how many people will have to do this matter? Naturally has, many nouveau riche have wanted to try one's luck, opens Profound Ice to try their luck at games of chance together, but you also know that these Profound Ice are not the average person can get so far as, only then these big influences have enough manpower and resources to go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain mining, naturally in also some powerful loose cultivator enter looks.” Li Baojun said. We have a look! Great Elder?” Shen Xiang asked. Great Elder he wrests away seat in inside, we cannot now the exposed status, therefore does not get so far as the theater box of distinguished guest!”

Some White Tiger wrest away the position in inside, definitely nobody dares to snatch, Shen Xiang and Li Baojun rushed to the auction entrance quickly, this auction place in the place unexpectedly is the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's industry, sells Profound Ice unexpectedly is Purple Moon Sacred Realm. The admission is very expensive, needs ten millions crystal stones one person, but before Li Baojun, has handed over, therefore they can go in depending on a sign now. The position that White Tiger wrests away is forefront one row, this can facilitate Shen Xiang to look is more careful. Heard that the auction Profound Ice is not simple, before is not us, in Golden Sun Building has seen that therefore attracted many people to come, Profound Ice that it is said now auctions had in a big way possibly started out treasure to come!” White Tiger looked at all around, said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: That Saint Altar was almost repaired, now these ancient influence Big Shot here, you are more careful, other exposed Primal Chaos Spirit Eye!” Shen Xiang nodded, emits Divine Power, on the alert all around. Was right, a Purple Moon Sacred Realm's elder said a moment ago, if buys Profound Ice here, they will help to break Profound Ice, the elder added that to let their Purple Moon Sacred Realm collects the Profound Ice material, must result at the scene breaks!” White Tiger said. This is not quite good!” Shen Xiang has the confidence to see that with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye in Profound Ice has the thing, Profound Ice that if he buys, consecutively several have the thing, that troubled! Senior, you and Elder Li arrive at the following seat!” Shen Xiang to Li Baojun and White Tiger sound transmission, as the matter stands, they can pat next three Profound Ice, will not stare, the words that otherwise when the time comes they want to leave, will perhaps have the trouble. Peaceful! The auction preparation started.” A handsome middle age gets on stage, loudly said.

The person in bidding block are many, especially sits in the following person, more than 20,000, in these theater boxes have many. Profound Ice that we auction today is unusual, understood with everybody Profound Ice that has very big difference, moreover inside will be very likely to present treasure! However may also not have, therefore everybody must have the preparation, this point our Purple Moon Sacred Realm is irresponsible.” That middle age said. Buys Profound Ice is quite Yu Du, the people who must buy interestingly know. Lifts first Profound Ice!” That middle age said that sees only four people to lift a table of square shape to come up, table above Profound Ice by together the bouquet, is appearing very mysterious. That middle age smiled: Everybody prepares, this Profound Ice very dazzling Oh! was saying, he pulls vigorously, lifts that cloth, immediately explodes lightens white light glow, in that instantaneous, everyone thought that the eye is very painful, some people were even punctured to flow out the tears, moreover does the whole body to be cold. Profound Ice light glow was gloomier, what Profound Ice the people can see that now are together, if is really unusual, even can be said as very beautiful! That unexpectedly is huge snow white Lotus Flower, white cloud winds around, pure and holy is incomparable, is similar to the snow white beautiful jade carving, but looks like likely is the nature formation, lifelike, although is sending out the intermittent cold air, but makes people feel that this white Lotus Flower passes is sending the true life aura.