World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1038
Profound Ice of this Lotus Flower shape is not small, is similar to a bathtub this, many person first eyes see this Profound Ice time, thinks that in has certainly treasure, no wonder Purple Moon Sacred Realm will take the auction! After that middle age sees people that surprised look, immediately said: This is Profound Ice we who forms naturally does not know that in brief is our people digs in the Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place, at that time was this appearance!” Everybody knows that Profound Ice is firm, but may not break by no means that so long as Profound Ice receives very intense stimulation, will crush, turns into grains of tiny ice crystals, many people initially should see in Golden Sun Building. Therefore this does not have the forge suspicion! We do not know that in has treasure, but we will think in this Profound Ice to have, can therefore hit the opportunity of greatly transporting to sell everybody this, price high will result in!” Three ten billion crystal stone!” Some people started the selling quotation. 50 billion!” 70 billion!” „......” Now selling quotation sits the person in hall, can be so intense, obviously now Heavenly Thunder City converged many nouveau riche. Shen Xiang has opened Primal Chaos Spirit Eye secretly, the strength of god eyes in his eyes, he is careful looks at that Lotus Flower Profound Ice, his first sees this Profound Ice time, is thinks that in may have treasure, because this Profound Ice is really too unusual, Highest God different. 390 billion!” In the Shen Xiang unknowingly observation, the price rose dramatically to this top digit, moreover these theater box inside people have not started to bid. Dean, our if wanted selling quotation?” Li Baojun also thinks that in this Profound Ice has the treasure possibility to be extremely high. Shen Xiang had not replied, because he had not affirmed very that he is very careful repeatedly is observing, passes in a minute, he determines in this Profound Ice not to have anything, if any, he can perceive to obtain.

Eight 100 billion!” Theater box inside person finally selling quotation. 830 billion!” This unexpectedly is a voice of female, but many people know this Demon Empress sound. The Lu Qinlian main body is Lotus Flower, words that she gets rid , the people suspected that she perceived anything, this let tender was crazier, especially these theater box inside Big Shot, the person in hall could not meddle at this time, because quick trillion! Moreover the main competitor is Demon Empress Lu Qinlian. Big Sister Lu, you trust my words, do not continue, in this thing does not have the thing!” Shen Xiang gives Lu Qinlian sound transmission. Your unexpectedly here?” Lu Qinlian has not really increased price, she knows that Shen Xiang can see in these Profound Ice to have the thing with Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, moreover she did not plan that increases price in other following Profound Ice, if which Profound Ice have treasure, Shen Xiang definitely will get rid. If my insufficient crystal stones, taking advantage to me!” Shen Xiang smiles responds. Finally, that snow white Lotus Flower Profound Ice was bought by 10,000 three 100 billion prices, was bought by Flying Immortal Sect's Han Kang, this is expert that gets down from Heaven World, Heaven World above does not have crystal stones, but after he governs Flying Immortal Sect, Flying Immortal Sect's all crystal stones are controlled by him. Han Kang arrives on auction stage, after paying crystal stones, making Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man break. This old man flame condense of whole body on the finger, making his finger turn into the purple, purple fire is steaming, the arrogance leaps the dance, looks that is very hot. But his whole body is the perspiration, does not have Li Baojun to be so relaxed. Must start!” That old man purple finger point that bailian Profound Ice, stimulates a gentle white light gently, looks like like has treasure to appear very much, this makes Han Kang excited the complexion to be red, he thought that is not Enlightenment Stone, should be the Enlightenment Stone similar thing, he stares the big eye, looks bailian Profound Ice that stubbornly that is breaking to pieces slowly. Quick, that beautiful bailian Profound Ice turns into one pile of tiny ice crystal pellets on that table, Han Kang wields the sleeve, making these pellets completely float, the unexpectedly anything thing does not have! Excited excited Han Kang, he looked like has eaten fly such now, the complexion was ugly, he in vain gave in vain 10,000 three 100 billion crystal stones to give Purple Moon Sacred Realm.

People in an uproar, in the heart laughs secretly. Thank you, good younger brother!” Lu Qinlian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, giggle smiles tenderly. Is impolite.” That bailian Profound Ice looks like Holy Light is intermittent, beautiful incomparable, but in anything does not have, this makes many people very vigilant, the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person also knows that following tendering cannot have again was so high, no one imagines Han Kang such. Is very regrettable, Han Dean please make persistent efforts.” That middle age compensates comforts to say with a smile. Snort, pit father's thing!” The Han Kang face was green, again how many times but also wants to make him come? The middle age of management auction has coughed two , to continue saying: Then continues, takes Profound Ice.” Profound Ice of second auction missed compared with former that attractive bailian Profound Ice, this made the people criticize Purple Moon Sacred Realm's to be shameless, best put before to cheat. Although this Profound Ice did not compare before that but also was very unusual, was -and-a-half person of high bottle gourds, moreover was the purple and golden light glow back and forth alternately changes, only not good was this bottle gourd surface is bumpy, looked like unattractive. This is second Profound Ice, under a Profound Cold Ancient Domain deep place big crack discovered that is more difficult than to obtain beforehand that bailian Profound Ice, moreover two colors change alternately, has the possibility to leave treasure very much!” That middle age was saying this Profound Ice origin. Then pulls!” Idiot meets again the letter!”

Wastes crystal stones to come, is really disappointed.” Was good, can see some people by the pit 1 trillion, our luck was very good.” Because is unable to see the interior, does not know how should see in Profound Ice has the thing, therefore judges the most basic basis of Profound Ice looks at the semblance, otherwise that beautiful bailian Profound Ice will not make that many people rob a moment ago. This so rough bottle gourd Profound Ice appearance, brings in scolds sound one piece, understood at a glance that will not sell. After the director boasted, including saying with a smile: Base price 100 billion crystal stones, cannot increase price less than 100 million each time, asking everybody to bid!” Sees the people so manner, at this time also has to set the base price, will otherwise owe, had a moment ago that time, many people studied clever. 100.1 billion!” Shen Xiang shouted. Hears the Shen Xiang selling quotation, White Tiger and Li Baojun slightly shakes, they have not thought that in this common bottle gourd Profound Ice unexpectedly has the thing. Lu Qinlian also wants to have a look in this bottle gourd Profound Ice to have any thing. After Shen Xiang selling quotation, an audience silence, although some people want to try one's luck, but there is one that Han Kang had suffered a loss a moment ago, in addition this is 100 billion crystal stones, people who therefore there is an idea has cancelled the thought that tries one's luck, at least must look for together nice Profound Ice, this bottle gourd was really too broken! The director sighed gently, shouted: Deal, asking this friend to pay crystal stones, then broke Profound Ice on the spot!”