World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1039
Shen Xiang does not have to think after own selling quotation, unexpectedly nobody and he snatches, can take this Profound Ice by this price, really stemmed from his anticipation. In this bottle gourd Profound Ice has treasure really?” Lu Qinlian, White Tiger and Li Baojun see him to get on the stage to go, immediately gives him the sound transmission inquiry to say. Hidden Jade Ring inside Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also inquiring. My Primal Chaos Spirit Eye cannot see inside to have any thing thoroughly, but can see inside to have a shadow, therefore in may also is not treasure, but is other things.” The Shen Xiang response said that then puts out storage pouch, gives the director of that auction crystal stones. Be responsible for breaking Profound Ice old man to walk, purple flame condense on the finger, extends toward that bottle gourd Profound Ice. At this time many people stand to wait and see, although this bottle gourd Profound Ice looks like not, but this is together Profound Ice, moreover is quite unusual, has two colors to fluctuate mutually. Finger that purple fire winds around on that bottle gourd Profound Ice, Profound Ice breaks to pieces immediately, turns into ice crystal particles, the Shen Xiang eye becomes in that moment very sharp, puts out a hand like lightning, grasps to that pile of particles, many people of being sharp-eyed saw in that pile of ice crystal pellets to have a pale blue stone, although only then walnut general size, but this stone is very unusual to the feeling of person, making people think that is similar to facing facing this stone a mountain. Shen Xiang grasps that pale blue stone in the hand, cannot help but fiercely drinks one, because that stone is very heavy, if not his suddenly responds that definitely cannot grasp. Is Heavenly Emptiness Stone, unexpectedly is so bulk!” In theater box old man is startled to shout. Heavenly Emptiness Stone is divine stone, it is said Heavenly Emptiness Stone of grain of sand size, quite in a weight of mountain, moreover is firm, if joins grain of Heavenly Emptiness Stone in refiner, that very much may becomes quality very high immortal tool, in the Heaven World's Refining Master eye, is supreme treasure in supreme treasure.

Really is Heavenly Emptiness Stone! Sees him to take such to take the trouble, is absolutely unmistakable!” Heard that the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade knife is this thing refined into!” Heavenly Emptiness Stone of sand size can sell the sky-high price in Heaven World, let alone together so is bigger!” In theater box these influence Big Shot were extremely sighing, very envied Shen Xiang, they saw Shen Xiang to be very relaxed receive storage equipment Heavenly Emptiness Stone, knows that Shen Xiang had fierce storage equipment, such person was far from the generation of commonplace. Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Ling Feng, look blue, she stayed in Heaven World at this time was so long, naturally knows that such big Heavenly Emptiness Stone was precious, that was unpriced, especially regarding these big influences, there is such greatly together Heavenly Emptiness Stone, means that can build up quality very high sacred tool! Shen Xiang obtains this Heavenly Emptiness Stone is very excited, but he actually very calm turning back seat, resembles any matter not to occur has been same, old god in sitting there, even if side some people want to try to get close with him, he totally pays no attention. Purple Moon Sacred Realm in the heart is criticizing this mysterious old fellow now, Shen Xiang is to turn into a old fellow appearance now comes, many people envy to him incomparably, because he only used 100 billion crystal stones to buy such greatly together Heavenly Emptiness Stone, this was what kind dogshit transports, why did many people regret not to tender a moment ago? Golden Sun Sacred Realm that crowd of high levels, now finally have balanced at heart, although that Heavenly Emptiness Stone is less precious than Enlightenment Stone, but sees the complexion of Purple Moon Sacred Realm that group of people, in their hearts on the inexplicable happiness, was really good the scabs to forget the pain. Everybody saw, our Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Profound Ice has not used deception, all these must look at the luck to watch the chance, this Old Mister obtained so big Heavenly Emptiness Stone by 1001 hundred million crystal stones a moment ago!” The director smiles reluctantly, he early knows that opened a higher low price.

Profound Ice of second auction causes Heavenly Emptiness Stone this divine stone, making Purple Moon Sacred Realm not want to auction again, but wants to break other Profound Ice completely, but this will certainly be despised by many people, must know but today Big Shot of many influences support! Third Profound Ice was lifted, this Profound Ice looked like compared with beforehand that bottle gourd Profound Ice is much better, has the shape, looked like looks like lies in the tiger of ground, but was the grey, but the surface was very luminous, the cold air was intermittent, looks at some evil looking, the physique was also very big. In Profound Ice has treasure, cannot light look at the semblance, a moment ago that bottle gourd Profound Ice was an example!” The director sees on the people face unable to make up mind , to continue saying: If wants to obtain treasure, must first dare to spell, like a moment ago that Old Mister, stingy crystal stones, did not buy that common bottle gourd Profound Ice, finally obtains together not estimable Heavenly Emptiness Stone.” Base price 150 billion, cannot increase price to be lower than hundred million crystal stones each time! Now starts!” Afterward, Shen Xiang immediately selling quotation: 152 billion!” The people see are this ascendent selling quotation, immediately fights, because Shen Xiang is very calm to the feeling of person, probably is an expert, the people did not know about these Profound Ice evidently that therefore in blind, seeing Shen Xiang to bid, left. In this Profound Ice also has treasure? I heard that this batch of Profound Ice mine in the Profound Cold Ancient Domain quite deep place!” Lu Qinlian to Shen Xiang sound transmission, because Shen Xiang tendering is fierce, each time is billions in addition, but also has affected many theater box inside expert. Does not have treasure, I play them to play!” Shen Xiang responded with a smile. White Tiger and Li Baojun and Shen Xiang mixed for a long time, knew the Shen Xiang's pattern, therefore they saw that Shen Xiang misled others intentionally, moreover Shen Xiang has said that if presented second to have treasure Profound Ice, he will not buy absolutely, but made them get rid.

10,000 four 100 billion!” expert heavily shouted that Feng Family that Heaven World comes, Feng Quan regarding more looked that more thought in that black tiger Profound Ice has treasure, Feng Quan governs now is tossed about multiple Feng Family by Shen Xiang, crystal stones is also limited, but he also wants to try one's luck. This Profound Ice has surpassed the first price, many people received the hand! Shen Xiang also no longer increases price, after a hammer falls, Feng Quan gets on the stage to pay crystal stones, but he actually somewhat regretted at this time, regretted one are extremely impulsive, but beforehand that Heavenly Emptiness Stone was really too attractive, therefore he will take risk to pat this black tiger Profound Ice! Dean, your pit miserable families, but this also made Purple Moon Sacred Realm gain much!” Li Baojun said with a smile. In any case anything, has not gained is not my crystal stones, moreover this can also let Purple Moon Sacred Realm and Feng Family relationship variation!” A Shen Xiang point does not care.